Horrid Woman Who Taped Puppy’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated

Parker also brazenly claimed that dogs who pooped in the house would get it stuffed in their mouths & taped shut.

3.2.16 - Horrid Woman Who Taped Dog’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated5



A Washington state woman foolishly thought she’d get some likes on Facebook by posting a photo of her puppy, Ludo, wearing the “Peepee Hat” she made for him after he had an accident in the house.  But instead of shaming her dog, she only shamed herself, and is now being investigated by police after hundreds of complaints were made against her.


3.2.16 - Horrid Woman Who Taped Dog’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated4


In mid-February, Lisa Parker (ßlink to her Facebook page… just in case you’re interested) posted a photo of her five-month-old puppy Ludo wistfully wearing a urine-soaked pad that had been taped to his head.  The photo has since been removed, but some who saw it took screenshots.


3.2.16 - Horrid Woman Who Taped Dog’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated12


Parker said that five minutes after having been outside, Ludo peed in the house, and as punishment, she soaked up the urine with a pad and then forced him to wear it.  Her friend, Nancy Stonehouse-Poitras, said she loved the idea, and her other friend, Chastity Kribble asked if it worked.  (Both have since made their accounts private).  Parker’s response revealed that she has inflicted even worse abuse on her dogs in the past:


3.2.16 - Horrid Woman Who Taped Dog’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated8


Dozens of people have negatively “reviewed” the Everett Police Department’s Facebook page by demanding that they take action against Parker.  In one of the reviews, someone sensibly commented “This dog could have a UTI, stones, kidney problems, etc. Instead of trying to figure out what’s going on, she decided to ‘shame’ him. She has done nothing but shame HERSELF!”


3.2.16 - Horrid Woman Who Taped Dog’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated6


In a post she made about Ludo, Parker said:  “Reminds me, a LOT, of his Mamma. So smart, so calm, so personable and friendly, so loving.”  Really…. loving.  Loving parents – of humans OR animals – do not punish their kids for having accidents by taping urine-soaked pads to their faces, or forcing them to eat their own feces!

Thankfully, Everett Police have taken action, and just hours ago posted this on their Facebook page:




CITY OF EVERETT – News Release (March 2, 2016)Everett animal control officers investigating abuse allegationsEVERETT …

Posted by Everett Police on Wednesday, March 2, 2016




They made no mention of Parker’s “shit in the house” punishment of putting a dog’s feces in its mouth and taping it shut.  Hopefully they are aware of this as well.  Even without knowing which dog she has done this to, perhaps they can charge her with animal cruelty based on her own admission of the act.

Let us all keep tabs on the Everett Police by posting on their Facebook page that we are watching how they handle such animal cruelty.



1,136 thoughts on “Horrid Woman Who Taped Puppy’s Piddle Pad to His Face Being Investigated

      1. Me too! Precious animal. I am always so disgusted when I hear the police are investigating. This takes a very long time usually. People like this woman and people like Micael Vic should be banned from ever having any sort of animal in their possession. This type of behavior is a definite character flaw that will never change. I have many rescued animal in my care and they all come with so many issues that only patience, love and consistency can rescue them from their fears. Give me that precious dog, please.

      2. nasty bitch should never own a animal ever, and she should have the same done to her, hope she never had kids

      3. Has been successful in the past? How many times has she abused defenseless animals?
        We don’t do this to children, because it’s inhumane. It’s ABUSIVE! She is a BULLY!

    1. I’d like to shove shit in this woman’s mouth and tape it shut 🙁 While she wears a pee soaked towel taped to her face 🙁

      1. LOL… That was EXACTLY what I was thinking. How that trick could think that’s CUTE enough to post is beyond me! Her dumb azz probably thought she’d get lots of laughs and kudos – don’t know WHY she would think that, but I’m glad I didn’t witness it first hand, or she’d probably be described as what you said by the time I was done, and I would’ve caught a court case. UGH… I HATE people like her. She don’t deserve to have that pet!

    2. this bitch is insane. someone do the same to her. what a sick piece of crap she is. there is nothing cute about what this nut job did… the police will sit and do nothing, in most cases. SHE WILL GET AWAY WITH HER UGLY JESTOR. AND MOVE ON TO MORE CRUEL ACTS ON THE PUPPY.

    3. This woman is out of her mind to put feces in a dog’s mouth.. That could be harmful. The peepee pad, not so much. My approach is to WALK THE DOG MORE OFTEN, MORON, change the dog’s eating and drinking habits to coincide with your own ability to walk it.
      Rescue Mom

    1. I think this darling, understanding woman should be taken to a high kill shelter and fed only feces until her mass euthanasia with other dreadful people

  1. Oh thank goodness. I tried to report her several times, and not sure if they went through! I could hardly sleep thinking about that. Then all the posts got removed, so was worried it wouldnt get the follow up

  2. That’s a stupid bitch for you…she doesn’t need to be a pet owner…mentally challenged people don’t need to have kids nor own pets!!

  3. The great thing is these idiots post what they do and get caught! Keep posting your mistakes…so we can continue to report you!

  4. How is that funny? Wtf is wrong with people now a days? It’s a PUPPY, they LEARN when they GROW UP. Stupid people handling poor animals, people like this don’t deserve pets, period.

  5. a esta sicopata mujer estaria bueno le hiciesen lo mismo para q esperimente lo q los cachorritos y ademas jamas permitirle q tenga cercas de ella ninguna mascota castigarla con todo el rigor de la ley y internarla en un siquiatrico x el resto de su vida

  6. Just when you think you’ve heard more than you can handle in a lifetime of the jacked up things people do to animals…along comes this half wit. The thought of her going through the act of taping a plastic lined urine soaked pad around her dog’s entire head or pinning a dog down and stuffing it’s own feces in it’s mouth and then taping it shut is beyond all comprehension. Then to actually post it on social media…under the delusion that she has absolutely done the right thing…it literally makes my head spin.

  7. Put shit in the dogs mouth and tape it shut? What kind of monster is she? I was reading comments from her on her page and she said he put it on his head himself. Even if he somehow did, the whole thing with the shit is terrible. She’s a terrible person and NOTHING justifies what she did. Go to hell, lady.

  8. Oh my……….I don’t even know what to say…….??? This is something that I just can’t comprehend…………I’m so at a loss for words”….?

  9. She needs to have that dog taken away obviously she cant handle the responsibility of caring for an animal, and maybe a piss pad taped to her face

  10. Will she be held accountable for this abuse by law enforcement? The puppy is just an innocent victim with no voice. Thank you to all the folks who reported her.

  11. How about someone soil a depends diaper and make her wear it! I’ve been following this story as I’m here in WA. This isn’t the first dog she’s done this to either! She claims to have done with other dogs she’s owned and she refuses to respond to repeated attempts at contact from the media. -_- She has also bragged about stuffing sh*t in the dogs mouth and taping it shut as punishment! I’d LOVE 30 minutes with this woman. People like this really make me ill.

  12. Would be nice to know how she will be punish! Hope she wears same peepee hat, her photo be bublished too and the lovely puppy finds a family who loves, respects and takes care of him!

  13. She thought she would get likes for being a cruel sorry ass bitch! No you are stupid a stupid c..t and you need your ass whipped and that poor sweet baby taken away immediately! YOU STUPID ASS BITCH!!!!!

  14. If you are that FN Lazy to take your dog out to pee and poop, ,,,, you should we a bit around your FN face B****,,,, ROT IN Hell and never EVER own an animal again!!!!
    All people should be checked before having ANY Kind of animal!! Karma B,,, hope it gets you Quick! Good thing she isn’t near me!

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