Neighbors Save Dog Locked Outdoors on 16th Floor of Building

Residents and neighbors of the Liberty Village Condos work together to bring dog in from the cold.

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In Toronto, Canada at the Liberty Village Condos, someone left their dog locked out of their apartment on the 16th floor of their building.  It was really cold outside, and the dog was clearly suffering, as neighbors said you could hear his howling from blocks away.  The dog was brought indoors when the police finally arrived, but the dog is still with this person or people at this time.

Neighbors and residents said the dog could be seen on the 16th floor balcony of an apartment.  It was very cold outside, and witnesses said that the dog was trying frantically to get back into the apartment.  Apparently, the dog’s human was not in the apartment at the time, but decided that the balcony was going to be an OK place to keep the dog, despite the frigid temperatures.

Someone put pictures and information about the dog on social media website.  That set off a domino effect that lead to tons of posts all over social media outlets about what was going on.  It was only a matter of time before someone called the police in.

They did show up to the apartment, and finally did get a hold of the person living there.  The people that live in the building and in the surrounding area relentlessly called law enforcement of every kind, trying to get someone to at very least let the dog in.  The dog was put back in the apartment, but that was as far as law enforcement could take things.

The police filed a report, and advised the person that should something of this nature, or anything that could be considered neglect or abuse will be very bad for them, legally.  At this time, the dog is still there, but that hasn’t stopped people from commenting on social media.  Many believe that the dog should have been removed, but given that there were no prior reports of animal neglect or abuse by the resident in question, the warning is the best they could do.

Todd Hofley is the president of the Liberty Village Residents Association (you can click the link to view the Facebook page).  Since the incident occurred at the complex, he has proposed a new set of regulations.

“I will bring forward a potential template for pet owners that stipulates if there is reasonable belief that their pet is in immediate and life threatening danger because of getting outside that the condominium corporation has the right to enter the unit and bring the animal inside,” said Hofley on Facebook.

What do you think?  Those of us that live in colder climates would assume that not putting your dog outdoors in the cold for hours while you leave is simply common sense.  How far would you go to save a dog’s life?  Have you, or has anyone you know had to call law enforcement because of someone else’s neglect?  Share your stories with us and your fellow Life With Dogs fans right here in the comment section below, or on our Facebook page, which you can view by clicking here.

Special thanks to The Dodo for sharing the story.  To see their article on what to do if you see a dog chained up outside in the cold, click here.

101 thoughts on “Neighbors Save Dog Locked Outdoors on 16th Floor of Building

  1. I don’t think they should have left the dog there. Obviously, if people blocks away could hear him, the people inside could as well. Why, & how, could you leave him knowing he was in distress? I really hope Animal control investigates, & the person who took this pic keeps an eye on him.

  2. Why in hell would they leave that poor baby there, not a good move at all, I would’ve took him, clearly the owners are heartless assholes that don’t deserve to have him

  3. I think their names should be published to be shamed. Maybe that way they will think twice before putting their pup in harms way.

  4. This person/persons don’t deserve any animals, I can’t figure out why people get pets if they don’t Love them and take care of them!

  5. What a a cruel thing to do to leave a dog on the balcany of 16th floor bldg. If they though it was o.k. and figured they won’t be long gone. This a no! They should have brought their dog indoors and left him food and water so he would be fine until they came back home.

  6. aww.. poor pup :'( wth is wrong with people.. that pup could have jumped or hung himself if leashed….. the owners should be arrested……. and the pup placed in a loving home where animals belong.. & thank you… officer ~ for your rescue…

  7. What’s the point in having a dog if all you are going to do with him/her is keep them outside? Even if you are not home I’m sure these people can buy a crate or something, or even a small bed, anything rather then leaving them out in the cold and up so high like that!

  8. i hope the owner of this poor pooch doesn’t take this complaint out on the pup. when people complain about a barking dog and officials are notified, there are some owners that will tape the dogs muzzle shut, to stop the barking. obviously, this dog is outside for a reason. perhaps it soiled the carpet and this was punishment. we sometimes have to think a bit ahead per situation and follow through carefully so as not to ‘tick’ the owner off. the dog is the only one that will suffer.

  9. they should have removed the dog, adopted him out..and then charged the people for the time spent in police salaries for the rescue. If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me

  10. Having lived back east, I understand even if the sun is out and there is no snow or ice in sight it can still be freezing. I also know what cold feels like having been locked out once or twice in winter as a child. It is painful. Don’t assume an animal can’t feel the same.

  11. Do monsters really think we kind people are just gonna pass by and not be this baby’s voice? Ha they got another thing coming!?

  12. My dog has sneaked around me to go outside and I didn’t realize until I heard her crying. She has several places in the house where she likes to snuggle alone. I have yet to leave her out there when I leave or go to bed, but conceivably I could. She’s small, crafty, and doesn’t constantly need to be under my feet. I don’t think it’s fair to assume this was malicious or intentional. Shockingly, sometimes mistakes do happen. We don’t know the whole story, nor do we know if, in fact, the owner did this. I love animals more than I like people, but there have never been any other complaints. My guess is it was not purposeful.

  13. Nice way of twisting this story Life With Dogs The dog got out accidentally due to a sliding door that wouldn’t allow Duck back in. The owners were beside themselves when contacted and a local rescue is going to “dog proof” the condo for them so that it never happen again.

    I think this calls for an UNLIKE. So bye!!

  14. According to the news report the owner said that the wind blew the door shut and they didn’t know the dog had gotten stuck outside. And a lot of the downtown condos in Toronto are built with almost soundproof materials due to the close proximity of the highway and the downtown traffic.

  15. It’s sucky, but we don’t even know if this was an accident. My dog figured out how to open the balcany door and once trapped herself outside, poor thing… Fiannly figured out that the lock on my door was busted and she could get out, luckily my neighbour had a key and heard her. Fixed that lock quick!

  16. shit.. should taken away the dog from idiots.. whats more its not safe for the dog left alone 16th floor patio.. gosh.. dog could have jumped over.. my gosh.. owner should be ticket , dog don’t belong that idiot anymore..

  17. Doesn’t matter the story is, the dog is the one that sufferd being in the cold!!!! No one else. Just fix the problem so that the little sweetheart doesn’t have to suffer again!!!

  18. So a few comments indicate that this was accidental. I live in Toronto and I know that condos have great soundproofing. And those doors are heavy, and will close on their own. Don’t be so quick to judge.


  20. No excuses acceptable.

    You don’t leave your house until you’ve checked that all is good, that includes the whereabouts of your dog!!!

    Before I leave my home, I ensure my fur babies are okay, they’ve been feed, gone out too pee, they have water and are settled in their area before I leave.
    They are the last thing I see when I close the door.
    They are my babies and that’s what a good fur-mama does!!!


  22. If this was a genuine mistake then I’m sure the owners were mortified and I feel for them. If not, then they deserve to be locked outside in freezing temperatures.

  23. I had a renting neighbor once who adopted a puppy from a no kill shelter who really took care of the dogs that they adopted out. After watching this women leave the puppy tethered to a tree for almost three months, I called the shelter and reported her. It was a hot week when I called it in and no shelter, no food & water dish was around. The dog was so use to being tethered that he would constantly stand on his hind legs begging with his front paws waving in the air to go inside. When the shelter people came to take him back he wouldn’t walk right on the leash, but kept walking on his hind legs. He actually conditioned himself to walk that way. A lot of rehab would have to go into that pup to teach him to walk right and be socialized.

    A couple of months later she had another puppy. She got her father to adopt the dog for her at the same shelter, and guess what?……….you got it……….she did the same thing to this puppy, but this time I reported her the first week and they came and took the dog away. Unfortunately there wasn’t any laws in those days against tethering even if there is no shelter or water, so she was never fined and will probably keep doing it. I fail to understand why any one wants a dog just to keep it tethered all the time! Where’s the fun of having a dog when you do that? The poor animal just suffers from loneliness, and the elements all of it’s life.

  24. I’m a dog lover too I have 3 fur babies but sometimes shit happens that you even want to kick yourself for, but you can’t always plan for every scenario that can happen I say give them the benefit of the doubt this one time and if it happens again you can all go crazy on them then?

  25. This person should not even be allowed to OWN a dog. This dog should have been removed and NOT returned. They need to CHANGE their stupid little stipulation that u need a prior record of abuse to take any action because it only takes ONE time to kill or permanently injure an animal and WHY IN HELL should a dog even need to suffer an abusive incident for this to have been taken more seriously. Thank goodness the condo had more sense than the cops to make a change to the regulations. Just ridiculous!

  26. this s a sliding door. how the fuck does the wind close a sliding door. SLIDING DOOR. anyone else see whats wrong with that. wind cannot close a sliding door. the dog got out. explain to me how the SLIDING DOOR got closed behind the dog. someone closed the door you fucking idiot.

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