Officer Drops Everything to Soothe Scared, Pregnant Dog

Officer Bryan Taylor stopped traffic in two directions, to rescue and soothe a lost, pregnant dog.

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Police Lieutenant Bryan Taylor works with the Oklahoma City Police Department.  On Monday, while out on patrol, he came across a very scared, and very pregnant dog wandering about.  He dropped everything he was doing to try to calm and assist the scared creature.

Officer Taylor could have just passed by.  However, he didn’t, and decided to help out.  Someone managed to snap a photo of Taylor mid-rescue.  It truly is heartwarming, especially in today’s day and age, where it seems like we have no shortage of police officers shooting family dogs.

Officer Taylor stopped traffic in both directions in the park to make sure that if the dog bolted into the road, she wouldn’t be hit by a vehicle.  He then exited his police cruiser, and using a soft, loving tone of voice, and the always helpful bit of food, he managed to rescue the dog.

It wasn’t too long after the dog was gathered up by Taylor when the dog’s human, frantic from searching all over for her, turned up.  The dog was overjoyed to see her human, and jumped into her arms almost immediately.

So, not only was Officer Taylor able to make sure the dog was not in traffic so her life and the lives of her pups were no longer in danger, but also made sure the dog was returned to her human.  Way to go Officer Taylor!  Good show!

58 thoughts on “Officer Drops Everything to Soothe Scared, Pregnant Dog

  1. That is absolutely, AWESOME!!! Kudos to you, Officer Taylor…you were there to help her at the right time & thankfully, she was reunited with her owner!! 🙂

      1. How bitter of you to say such cruel things
        If all dogs in the world where spayed and neutered then those that come after us would never have the joy go a dogs love

  2. Finally a good cop who understands dogs and have compassion for them. So glad that he do not shoot her in the face or drove over her.

  3. Thank goodness for a police officer who understands, has the patience and intelligence to help this dog sadly not like the police in Wales who deliberately drove at and murdered a dog who was frightened on a road, well done officer Taylor!!!

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