Red Cross Rescues Dog Stranded in Port

Red Cross volunteers rush to rescue a dog stranded at sea.

We love it when people work together to rescue animals in need. This past weekend the Red Cross from Ereaga, Spain,  rushed to aid a dog stranded at sea.

Photo credit: El Correo
Photo credit: El Correo


Locals enjoying the beaches called authorities when they spotted a dog struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the port. The Red Cross received the distress call and immediately mobilized a rescue unit to help the canine.

A team of heroes did not hesitate to navigate the area until spotting the pooch and pulling him out of the sea. The dog was suffering from hypothermia and rescuers quickly wrapped him in a warming blanket, then he was taken to safe land. Thanks to the Red Cross, the four-legged beach visitor is alive and doing well today.

5 thoughts on “Red Cross Rescues Dog Stranded in Port

  1. Did not know the Red Cross handle dog emergencies but am I so grateful that they do the Red Cross needs to get a lot more credit for what they do then what the news gives them none of us realizes how much the Red Cross impact those who are victims of catastrophic events until one of these affects us thank you Red Cross you do a tireless thankless job

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