Restaurant Manager Fired for Not Serving Woman With Guide Dog

A restaurant manager was fired for denying service to a blind woman with a guide dog.

On January, 28th, Mary Beth Metzger, a blind woman with a guide dog, tried to get a table at the Hana Japanese Steak House.  The manager there refused to seat her in the restaurant, which led her to call the police.  Eventually, she was offered a seat at an isolated table in another room away from the other diners.  She left, but not without filing a police report and informing the owners of the restaurant of what happened.


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Lui Cheng refused to allow Metzger to eat with her dog in the building.  This is a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Metzger says that is highly irregular.  In fact, there have only been two other times where she’s had this problem since she got her first guide dog in 1981.  Both times she made the threat to call the police, but she’s never had to for real.  At least, not until now.


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Once the police arrived, the manager did offer to seat Metzger in another room with her dog, away from the other diners.  He personally feels that people shouldn’t be allowed to eat at a restaurant with their dogs.  Regardless of what his personal feelings are, he still clearly violated the law, and caused quite a problem for himself and his employer.


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The owners of the restaurant made a public apology to Metzger.  They’ve also fired the manager that refused her service.  She was even brought into the same restaurant, and was served without question.  On their Facebook page they posted:  “The manager’s actions were not in accordance with company policy and have caused great embarrassment to our establishment.  Hana Japanese Steakhouse and the manager have since parted ways.”

97 thoughts on “Restaurant Manager Fired for Not Serving Woman With Guide Dog

  1. good…. this isn’t a therapy dog… or a non visible disability… the woman is BLIND! Shame on that manager … good for her, standing up for herself!

  2. NO question that this woman has a DISABILITY and NEEDS her guide dog…. blatant ignorance on the part of the manager… deserved to be FIRED!

  3. That is so sad……..The restaurant will be lucky if this women doesn’t decide to file a lawsuit for discrimination. After all, she is supposed to be protected under the “Disability Act”. Shame on the manager……….smh

    1. Rich

      I have a 16 month old Service Dog for my diabetes and stability. He loves people and likes meeting them. Most people I come across ask to pet him and he always is happy to oblige and it is good for his socialization as well. Don’t be afraid to ask as most service dog handlers like their dog to interact and have a good time when they are able to. Same goes for meeting other dogs to. His greatest feat is keeping me out of the hospital. Dogs Rock!

      1. Horrible advice because when service dogs are working they can’t be distracted. The dog could miss a need to alert or worse. Don’t ever pet or feed a service dog!

  4. And the dog is doing exactly as it should…disappear under the table. For years, our 115 pound Lab service dog came to restaurants with us, and 99% of thetime other payrons never knew he was there, and upon leaving when he’d come out from under the table or booth, jaws dropped that they never knew he was there. A steak could be placed 2″ from his nose and he wouldn’t eat it. Training, good instincts and temperaments make for great dervice fogs. Idiot manager.

  5. That is AWESOME what she did I hope that every Restaurants out there should do that for all the blind people out there and there dogs too*!

  6. My pooch is better behaved at a (outdoor) restaurant than families with kids on the inside!!! Good for her, and shame on that (former) manager…! Adios!!! 😀

  7. What a horrible person….& nobody blind or “NOT” should be treated like that…..”appalled”…… & people that are in customer service should always: go up & beyond of call of duty…..or that job isn’t for you…. so RUDE….~~”

  8. Part of the misunderstanding is cultural as well. I’m half Korean and I’ve lived in Japan. In many cultures, it’s considered rude to have a dog or other pet at the table where people are eating. I’ve been to Japanese and other Asian restaurants and been treated the same way with my Service Dog, even when I show his license. The manager was definitely wrong in how he handled the patron. He should’ve seated her with no problem. I’m glad she stood up for herself.

  9. Considering the fact the ADA law has been around since Jul of 1990…where has this guy been. How long has he been a manager??

  10. She needs to file a lawsuit on the corporation, and find out if she can go after the manager personally. This us the only way to end this BS in the US. This isn’t simple ignorance if the law, this is folks bring defiant to the laws of the land. Democracy breaks down when people believe it means I follow only the laws I like and agree with. Besides, the manager is a douche bag and deserves a lien on his property or forced into garnished wages for a few years…..30 days in jail or at least a $5000 fine would enforce the lesson. Now this ass just gets another job down the street at the Wal-Mart.

  11. A guide dog is the blind persons eyes. Not a pet. It is the same as if they tried to poke a sighted persons eyes out. Shame on that manager.

  12. I wonder what sort of reasoning was behind his decision. Unless he’s fresh out of a cave, he must know that it is perfectly acceptable for a guide dog to be in a restaurant.

  13. I am so glad that the manager was fired!!!!!!!! How dare he treat someone like this. Dogs are better behaved than a lot of people that go to the restaurants. He should be put into a cage and never let out – what a rotten person.

  14. Good. That manger should be. A simple google check would have shown the jackass manager that it is against the law. I can’t stand morons like that

  15. Service dogs are well behaved while a lot of children nowadays are not. I would rather eat at a restaurant with the dog than some people’s children!

  16. To be honest, I don’t think sacking the manager will achieve anything, maybe educating the manager so they could become a better manager/person.

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