Some Companies Now Offering Paid Bereavement Day for Pet Owners

“It’s really very difficult to function, and if you can’t function, you certainly can’t function at work You need the time to get back to some sense of normality.”



Many companies are kind enough to provide paid bereavement days for people to mourn the losses of immediate family members.  Recently, some companies have stepped it up a notch by noting how important our furry family members are, and by giving days off to people who are mourning the loss of their pets.

Erica Lee was completely devastated when her dog Chief died.

“Chief was the best dog ever. He was very sweet, loving. I was heartbroken,” she told CBS Miami.

Her company was generous enough to give her a day to spend with her son so they could mourn Chief together.

“Being able to stay home with him and grieve with him was invaluable. It was so, so important to me,” she said.

Pet insurance company Trupanion gives workers one paid pet bereavement day, and Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants allows employees to take up to three days.


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“We allow people to actually do that grieving process and just, just be able to heal. I think you need closure when you lose a pet, and it’s important to have the time to do that,” Trupanion’s Dani Kahn explained.

Nearly a third of surveyed pet owners reported grieving their pets for at least six months after their death.

“It’s really very, very difficult to function, and if you can’t function, you certainly can’t function at work, and you’re really not the person you were before. You need the time to get back to some sense of normality,” said pet loss counselor Janet Zimmerman.

Lee is grateful to her employer for being so compassionate.

“This should absolutely be the norm for many businesses if not all,” she said.


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100 thoughts on “Some Companies Now Offering Paid Bereavement Day for Pet Owners

  1. It may not be popular to say, but it is nevertheless true: sometimes our dogs are more important than family – they ARE family.

    Any idea which companies……?

  2. Christopher Löfgren dreading the day I’ll ever need this, but hoping my company follows suit when the time comes- I’ll need those days

  3. They are our children and we are their everything. When we helped our boy Gabe cross the Rainbow Bridge 6 years ago I was devastated. I was a wreck for at least a month. Luckily for me I had some vacation time left and used a couple of days, my boss was good about it and did not berate me by saying “it’s just a dog”. I wish more companies were this compassionate. ??

  4. I think it is a wonderful idea❤️ I wish more companies follow suit. When I lost my beautiful lab I had to take a week off due to emotional stress I couldn’t stop crying

  5. My bosses gave me a week off. I had to deal with John Q Public, and after my dog of 17 years passed in my arms I was devistated. I will always be grateful to them for their kindness.

  6. That’s just wonderful. I know when my babies passed, I was a wreck. Companies have to relearn that if they take care of their employees, the employees will be loyal to them. Somehow with the almighty buck taking priority over everything else, employers have become vampires who suck every ounce of blood out of them.

  7. some people, our bosses or even some human family members, just don’t get it. But to love an animal and receive that love in return is a blessing, and grieving for them is a real, painful, and NECESSARY process. When our boy passed, a stranger who just moved in next to my parents gave us a card after hearing about it. It meant so much to us. I hope more people realize that pets are not “just” a dog, cat, etc, but are our family members, too. Those who don’t have never had the honor of unconditional love. How sad for them.

  8. Pets are family members who teach us unconditional love, true empathy & understanding, happiness & hugs… while watching over us while we sleep.

  9. The company I used to work for when I lost my furbaby gave me three days off without pay but they said they would not use it against me if I wanted the days off. So I did not have points or have to use any of my vacation. I thought that was real nice.

  10. I would’ve liked at least a day. My ass had to go into work the same fucking day I put my dog to sleep. I spent the entire shift crying my eyes out. I would’ve used my sick time or personal time, hell I would’ve taken no pay…

  11. Now that I think about it: My little guy eats with me, plays with me, sleeps with me, waits for me to come home…He’s my son! He doesn’t ask for money, a computer, a car, or a cell phone…he wants my love. <3

  12. When God didn’t give you the gift of motherhood, and you have your doggy, which makes you feel just like a kid of yours,,,YES you want to die too along with your baby..I have lost 5 of own furry kids,,and each time is very the point of not working…I totally agree……

  13. I lost my pet 3 days ago and it’s so painful.. have never cried so much for any family member who has died. . But after loosing him something has died inside me

  14. Thats a really good idea. I remember a few years ago when my puppy died, it was so hard for me to concentrate at work and deal with ppl. Everytime someone would say “Im sorry about your dog,” I would almost burst into tears.

  15. I could have done with that kind of support a few months ago :-/ Glad something is beginning to change little by little.

  16. I think it is a wonderful idea❤️ I wish more companies follow suit. When I lost my beautiful lab I had to take a week off due to emotional stress I couldn’t stop crying

  17. After losing two dogs in 3-1/2 weeks my boss sent me flowers and gave me a week off of work. A truly wonderful caring man, or he was tired of seeing my tear-soaked face. Maybe both

  18. I think this is a wonderful idea. I am glad to see Trupanion is one of the companies. I am proud to say we have pet insurance through them. When one ours dog died last August, Trupanion sent a sympathy card in the mail.

  19. I lost one of my babies 21 weeks ago and still cry each day. I was a mess for weeks so I do understand people need time off when losing their babies

  20. Especially for those of us who never had “human babies”, our pups are our “fur kids”. I get really frustrated when those who have human kids get tons of time off/flexibility for them, but when I have vet appointments etc or need to take care of them, I always have to take vacation. Never has felt good/right. Glad companies are starting to recognize the importance of pets to people.

  21. This should be the same way as when someone loses a family (human) member. Thanks god my bosses know how I treat my dogs and they will respect my time off if something happens I don’t know if it will be paid but in my case I don’t care. Anyway it should be a law for companies to allow employees to take time off (paid)because their pets death.

  22. Awesome idea. My dog is my child. I did not give birth to him, but I have been his mommy since he was about 10 weeks old. He is my baby. If he were to die, I would mourn him just as strongly as any parent mourned their biological or adopted child.

  23. I had a boss who made me come into work after putting my dog to sleep that morning. He had the whole office hating him, because everyone asked why I was crying

  24. My company didn’t have this but I was such a wreck, so nonproductive, that my boss asked what was wrong. I told her and she said I was silly to have come in, they would have given me the day off, no questions, then sent me home.

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