“I don’t remember much about the rescue – the last thing I remember was that it was getting dark and then the next thing I woke up in hospital,” Kay told The Daily Mail. “I hadn’t walked that route for about two years and when I came across the mud, I tested the ground at the side and it felt firm, but as I walked into the middle the ground began to sink.

When the Kay got stuck he called out for help, but the area was desolate and no one was around to help him. He didn’t want to panic and his thought was to conserve energy because it was too cold. He later drifted into sleep while hoping to be found.

When rescuers arrived, Kay couldn’t believe he was safe. He held his rescuer’s hand tightly and wouldn’t let go, but had to, as his rescuers were also stuck. Back-up was called and soon Kay was placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

No one suffered any serious injuries, and the hospital visit was just a precaution. Holly Blue was in excellent health too, and all she wanted was to get back home and be warm and safe next to her best friend.