This Is EXACTLY Why You Should Never Use Shock Collars on Dogs

Warning: No dogs were harmed in the making of this video.

This video shows exactly why people should never use shock collars – they hurt! Now, we know that most of our fans are too smart and compassionate to ever use these barbaric torture devices, but we ask that you share this to show other people who might not understand just how cruel it is.


Go ahead, it wont hurt…. I promise

Posted by Kraze on Thursday, March 17, 2016


150 thoughts on “This Is EXACTLY Why You Should Never Use Shock Collars on Dogs

  1. and then the poor fucking dog doesn’t know that to stop it to come back. I knew some stupid bitch who had a remote for her shocker. this bitches dog was writhing in pain and she didn’t know why, her fat ass was sitting on the remote.

  2. this is absurd, there are different types of shock collars, most don’t shock for an extended period of time, its like a static shock, a split second of light shock. when used properly shock collars are a valuable training tool. i use shock collars on my dogs, i tried it on myself first, and it wasnt painful at all. this video is ridiculously exaggerated and misguided.
    in the past, you’ve posted an article about a ‘dumb dog’ that ate all kinds of dangerous things its owners left laying around… THAT was something smart and compassionate people wouldn’t approve of, yet you posted it as a humorous piece.

  3. People who cannot tell the difference between themselves and their dog have real issues… I’m sorry, but what an idiot. Go get an education, and try to cut back on the need for public approval… dog physiology and human physiology are not the same.

  4. I actually do not agree with this. As others have said, there are different types. Nowadays, you hear about people shooting dogs, because they are running around and away from their property. Also, lots of dogs like to chase cars. In these cases they save lives. You have to be willing to try it on yourself first and buy one appropriate for your breed and size dog. My dog wears one. It is uncomfortable to be shocked by it, but not painful.

  5. Shock collar, E collar, fence collar…… it’s a collar?! Even if there is no physical pain or side effect, a collar is cruel – would you be okay wearing one???
    I tear strips off any dog ‘owner’ (stupid word – we ‘own’ absolutely zilch throughout the course of our lives – we’ll all die as we were born, even the Pharaohs were wasting their time and the Vikings en route to Valhalla arrived empty handed) I see using them, cruel sub humans!

  6. Dogs and humans are very different… I use one as a training device for hunting dogs. They are very efficient and even save lives. This video is asinine.

  7. I find this post really offensive, I love my dog and he is probably the most spoiled dog ever. He comes to work with me every day is loved by many people and is the most happy, playful, goofball of a dog I’ve ever seen. He is also 120 pound Dane/Mastiff/ridgeback who is pure muscle. I have a e collar on him for his safety, my own and the people around us. I don’t use it all the time and usually only have to use the vibration feature. I have tried it on myself and it is more like a static shock. I agree that people abuse these collars and they should be only sold through training companies. I didn’t just go out and buy a e collar I had training on how to use it properly and effectively. But to label everyone who uses an e collar as abusive and barbaric is wrong and just an out right lie.

  8. this is a great post, really shows who the half brains are. anyone with extensive knowledge on e collars knows its a valuable training tool when used correctly.

  9. I remember my sisters dog first started to wear collars to keep the dog in the yard; the dog actually yelped…it didn’t take him long to figure out his boundaries.and no longer need the does keep a dog safe in the yard; allowed to be free in the yard instead of being chained up. The collar I object too is the bark collar…it gets a shock every time the dog barks….this is torture..because you can teach a dog to bark at appropriate times, like if someone comes to the door. A collar that keeps a dog in the yard, keeps a dog from being killed in the streets, or getting lost; but a bark collar keeps a dog from being a dog.

  10. I use “bark control collars” on my dogs…i live in a townhouse & if i didnt i would be living under a bridge with my dogs. This article is way over exaggerated! ! The collars i have are self adjusting…& my dogs have learned even with the collars ate off not to bark uncontrollably…i only use them when we are away…then i take them off!!

  11. dumb video – why do i need this to know that any kind of “device” to train a dog is wrong. If you are tuned into your dog, and know how to treat him/her with the love and respect he/she deserves, then you become his/her true friend instead of dominant “owner”.. real “training” is done through love and trust alone. Try it – it works

  12. Everyone who seems to defend ecollars of any kind needs to read a *scientific* published journal on the dog psyche with their use. Opinions are plenty but anyone who’s taken time to really be educated is Few and Far between. Not about how much you love your dog, it’s about you not understanding dogs and their psyche on a scientific level.

  13. I have friends who have a deaf great Dane and a shock collar is their only way to be able to communicate with him when he needs correction. They don’t have it set very high, but just enough to get his attention. He’s a sweet, loving dog!

  14. E collars are as dangerous as the person holding the remote. In the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, they are fantastic tools for proofing and off leash work. In the hands of someone who doesn’t have a clue, they can quickly ruin a dog. Anyone who thinks that the primary purpose of an e collar is to inflict pain falls into that second catagory.

  15. E collar is a great tool when used correctly. I used on mine as all other positive methods fails to work on her urge to lunge and chase bicycles and skateboarders (prey drive) and sometimes redirect her frustration on our legs, and also made me end up with a torn muscle due to her strength. I consult a police k9 specialist who taught me how to properly use one and I only use it on very low level and only during walk. I also test it on my arm every time before I put it on her, it felt just like someone taps you with their finger nail. After few months of training, nowdays I hardly use it anymore and just the verbal command is enough.

    1. Police dog handlers in UK dont use shock collars to,train our police dogs. The dogs are all well,trained and perfectly behaved!!

  16. This post is ridiculous. These collars aren’t meant for humans and when used appropriately are great for training. Most dogs only need to be buzzed once for them to learn to keep them safe!

  17. Shock collars work extremely well to train dogs – and no, they do not HURT. In fact once the dog is trained you use the “shock” at such a low level they barely feel it – but mainly you use the buzz reminder.

  18. what a bunch of jerk offs!! This is not funny on a dog or a human. The stupid girl laughing and says “she looks like she’s having a seizure”. What a pile!

  19. It’s good for people to know how these work and what they feel like in order to see that it is animal cruelty to put one on an animal!

  20. Yes, by all means…Instead of educating people on correct use of shock collars, assume they are cruel, torture devices and spew out this nonsense.
    Btw, constantly correcting with a flat or prong collar used incorrectly, can do plenty of damage.
    Please stop misguiding people.
    Oh, and btw, I am a certified K9 Search and Rescue Handler-

  21. This is ridiculous.
    Using a reputable brand, e-collars are a very useful tool. IF USED PROPERLY

    We used them on our dogs. One that was aggressive. And one that was a runner..
    We enlisted a professional trainer to train us on how to use the collar.
    It was also a very useful tool in stopping our dogs from eating food off the ground (in bali there is a huge problem with poisoning of dogs). It means that our dogs are happy off leash- they can play and run and not be in danger or be a danger.
    We don’t need to use the collars as much now-if at all. They both are happy lovable dogs now. We still enlist the help of a dog trainer.

  22. When I got Cope, a young dog, just under a year at the time, they offered me his shock collar as well, and I turned it down flat. I don’t care how little it may hurt, if you don’t have the patience to train them with love and time, then you don’t deserve to have a fur-baby. They are family, your furry kids, would you use them on human kids?

  23. I use shock collars on myself for fun and laugh uncontrollably because it tickles. When used properly shock collars can be a great tool in training.

  24. this is absolutely b.s. no collar shocks for 10 straight seconds. its s split second… most times they respond immediately to the warning buzz and you never have to shock them at all. And I’ve got electric fences everywhere and have been shocked by them. It gets your attention but its not painful.

  25. If u live in Arizona and have not had your dogs snake trained with shock collars, you are being abusive and neglectful.

  26. I live in the middle of downtown…if I could afford all the proper equitment I go with a small zap. My lab is a sweet monster that gets loose and scares everyone on our block. I didnt want such a big dog but he needed saving and my daughter brought him home. We have no fence. We walk him but to allow him to roam free would be awesome.

  27. Sorry guys this video is irresponsible. I have a high drive Maligator and she needed some help. I got a quality collar and it was a huge help in getting her to follow direction. Every trainer that I spoke with that have experience with working dogs all gave me the same rec on getting an ecollar.

  28. If you don’t use means of training and controlling your dog, you are an irresponsible pet owner. The use of E collars is very effective and doesn’t harm the animal in any way when used right. This post has given me all I need to know of why I need to leave this page.

  29. My parents dog got out a bit a neighbor once, it was either shock collar or ? (not to mention thousands of dollars spent on training)

    The entire family and all our friends are thankful we choose the invisible fence shock collar. He’s a great dog but he suffers from anxiety and is very territorial.

    So this post can do one ??

  30. Why put on your dog something you wouldn’t dare to put on your kid? There is other way to train a dog that you consider family other then a shock collar.

  31. Hmmm…if this applies to invisible fencing, I’ve heard that there is a warning sensation or tone that the dog receives. Better than letting your dog out to roam free IMO.

  32. This is EXACTLY why you should research the best training collar for your dog and only use the tone static correction collars. We have two for our dogs on the lowest setting and only use them for training sessions of 30-45 mins while walking or in the backyard. They bother humans more because we have almost zero neck hair and feel every shock through our thinner skin. Don’t worry, a mild static shock isn’t going to harm your dog

  33. My dogs shock collars keep them from chasing the neighbor’s livestock… And wild coyotes. One night forgot to put a collar back on my beloved beagle. He didn’t make it 10 feet off the property before the coyote killed him.

  34. Totally agree with Silvia Arabella. I adopted an older dog who kept in red zone a lot and the collar was the only way to get her to snap out of it. And it was not painful. I tried it on my wrist first. It is an aid to get problem dogs to regular training, and it didn’t take long. No need for the collar when she was focused enough to hear the commands. Now she is a sweetie. I had a private trainer who specifically moved to get off the device once word commands are heeded. I was her last hope for adoption at 7 yrs old and this device saved her. Now she is a 12 yr old sweetie. Please stop posting information that you are not fully informed about. The video was sheer sensationalism and inaccurate. Perhaps the makers had an agenda.

  35. Title of this article should be changed to “This is EXACTLY why I believe Darwin was right.” There’s doing something for dramatic effect and there’s doing something PROPERLY. Guess which category this video falls under?

    I think this page needs a reality check.

  36. I am shocked by reading all these comments here. There is no way i would ever respect a person using e collars, prongs or any other training device or aversive methods that could be hurtful. If you dont have the knowledge to train your dog with time and care, then just get another dog.

  37. I have a rescue who attacks my other males, without a shock collar. The shock collar has saved his life. It would be cruel to my other dogs, to allow him to hurt them and I don’t want him destroyed. It is used sparingly and most often on just vibrate.

  38. This is bullshit. I have used these collars on myself i.e. I would never put one on my dogs without putting it on myself. it’s no worse than static electricity it scares you a little. This video was is intended to be funny and probably did nit even use the collar.

  39. Anyone who uses a shock collar to train their dog is disgusting !!!! Wouldent want anything to do with you , so lazy !!!! Poor dogs , why hurt them just because you can’t be bothered to put in the time and effort training !!!!!

  40. This post shows how different people with high drive dogs see things different than your standard dog. So just FYI until you have a working line shepherd or a Belgium you really have no idea what it takes to train a animal like that. It is 90% positive yes but 10% is still discipline. If you disagree then put a Belgium 1 year old on a flat collar an let a rabbit run across your path. Happy shoulder surgery

  41. Big recent study shows that dogs trained using aversive methods are MORE likely to become aggressive. And 15 times more likely to display symptoms of stress.

    “To use shock as an effective dog training method you will need:
    A thorough understanding of canine behavior.
    A thorough understanding of learning theory.
    Impeccable timing.
    And if you have those three things, you don’t need a shock collar.”

    — Dr. Ian Dunbar

    But go ahead, keep ignoring the science.

  42. I’m a dog groomer and once when I was about to groom a dog, I had to remove her Shock collar. When I removed it,there were 2 deep holes in her neck from it!!!!
    Shock collars are cruel and needless!!!!

  43. It seems most of your followers are retarded and cruel, the comments here make me nauseous, shock collars are WRONG! So are prong collars, if you wouldn’t use on a baby, don’t use it on a dog! Stop being so lazy and invest time and effort into your dog, they deserve that! If you don’t have the intellect to realise that hurting your pet is wrong, you don’t deserve to have a dog in your life! Disgusted.

  44. I have a Jack Russell escape artist. He loved to get out and go visit, roving for many blocks. I live near a very busy street so I had an invisible fence put in. He now knows not to get too close to the fence or front door. I have a safe, sweet fur baby instead of one run over and dead.

  45. Wow. What an ignorant post. Electronic technology has progressed just as far as the trainers that want to know how to use the technology properly.

    A fantastic tool when used correctly. I would prefer to use low level stim (aka barbaric torture) to proof a recall and know I won’t have to ever watch my dog run in front of s car.

  46. If I can train a blind dane and a deaf AND blind dane without a shock collar, you can train your dog as well. While positive reinforcement training requires you to reward every good behavior and can be a 24/7 job, it’s so worth it!

  47. Sucks that this got posted here because now I will be unfollowing. If I didn’t use a corrective collar on the dog I last adopted from the shelter after being there nearly a year… He would have been put to sleep or taken from me and put to sleep or eaten objects that would puncture his insides and killed himself. So yea. My dog is actually protected by his. And no one needs to respond to my post negatively because I’ll just delete it like I’m deleting myself from this group

  48. I use electronic collars on both of my dogs. They were trained to recall by a beeping sound and vibration. I used them on myself first before I ever put them on my dog. Please educate yourself before posting things like this that demonize different tools. My collars operate the same exact way that an electro-stimulation unit does for physical therapy. It is electrical current, not electrical shock. It’s not the same as the shock you would feel if you stuck your finger in a light socket, for instance. Also, it depends how you use the tool, of course. It’s a communication tool for me, not a punishment tool. It’s not about shocking my dog if they do something bad. It’s about signaling to them that they need to be near me. Both of my dogs actually get excited when they see the “shock” collars because they know we are going somewhere super fun, like the beach or the forest for a hike. It’s absurd that shock collars get demonized but you have people all day long misusing buckle collars or “gentle leaders” with their poor dogs airways completely cut off from pulling. Or what about dogs who bolt and get hit by cars. Sorry, I will continue to use my e-collars all day long and I find it way less humane than the way people handle their dogs with “gentle” devices on many occasions.

  49. Started using a vibration/shock collar 10 years ago to off leash train our deaf aussie. When we got our second dog and found out she is selectively dog aggressive. Tried the collar with her. Trying to shame people to not use a tool because their opinion is it is barbaric is not really why I follow this page. My girls love their collars because it means we are going to go do something fun like walking in the woods or going for a car ride to grandma’s. Hardly ever use the shock feature. The vibration is enough to get their attention after all of these years of use/training. Dogtra is the best collar on the market!

  50. BULLSHIT!!!!! Properly used an Ecollar is a great training tool!!! Anyone who thinks they are “barbaric” needs to try one, see for themselves. Iv used mine on myself full tilt just to see. Of the 8 settings #2 is what the dog uses. 3 is to much, one not enough. No different then pulling up on the collar to heel train. It doesnt hurt by any means.

  51. I give thousands of dollars every year to the MSPCA. I give a good deal to several other animal charities too including The Gentle Barn. Why??? Because i LOVE animals. The idea of anyone treating them cruelly is extremely upsetting to me.

    But you just called me an animal abuser…. Let me explain…. I purchased a shock collar on the dog after 1 broken collar bone and 2 shoulder surgeries on my OTHER shoulder when we finally bought a small farm with 5 acres of land. What happened to my shoulders which are now ruined by the way??? My dog happened. He ripped my shoulders apart multiple times. And here on a small acreage, I wanted to give him as much freedom as possible so I don’t have to walk him, because I can’t walk him anymore he pulls so hard he has literally ripped my arms out of their sockets repeatedly. So yes, I put a shock collar on my hyper powerful VERY LOVED dog. I got him the safest model on the market with over 100 levels of shock. I keep it set very low.. In addition, there are safeties built into the collar and the shock thingy so that he is as protected from the shock as is possible. I spent a fortune for this collar. Because I had to set boundaries for my dog on our small farm. For his safety from the road, as well as to teach him to respect the other animals here on our small farm home. I don’t enjoy using this collar. I try to avoid using it as much as I humanly can… But you know what hurts a lot more than a small shock to the neck??? Getting hit by a car. Oh I know what that feels like first hand. I know what a pelvis fractured like a wine goblet dropped off a 20 story building feels like, I know what being treated as burn victim over 2 thirds of my body feels like, reconstructive plastic surgery, I know what severe trauma to the head feels like and the internal injuries that go with getting hit by a car. I know what all that feels like including the 8 years of extremely painful rehab that follows surviving something like that including the agonizing physical therapy. So when you tell me how cruel I am to my dog understand, I am trying to protect my dearest love in my life from going through what I went through at 5 years old. And understand that he is very very strong and he is spoiled and often disrespectful. Understand that over the last 9 years, I have tried every other training method on the books with NO results. And after that yes, I turned to the shock collar and guess what? It works. And it keeps him SAFE outside and it keeps him in control of himself inside so that he isn’t wacking people in the face because he is just soooo happy to see them. He is a problem child. And he is the one I love. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. But I must protect him from hurting people by accident. And I must protect him from chasing deer into the road out here. So if I am cruel to animals for using this collar after every other method has failed, then I am fine with that.

    I would also point out, that I worked with a trainer for over a year to learn how to use this tool for best effect, and least pain for my dog. I bought the collar she a highly rated professional in the area liked best because of the added protections built in for the dog and the many levels. So in addition to the high cost collar I was paying $120 a month for a YEAR to make sure I was using it as safely as possible with my dog. I think it is a bad idea to get a collar like this without working with a certified trainer with experience with this tool. But, when you go about this method of training properly it works wonders and for some of us, it is the only thing that does work. It is about keeping the dogs safe. I am sorry you find that cruel but you can go screw yourself.

  52. Bullcrap…..That is NOT a training collar, it is a border collar and IF the dog is trained correctly on it they will never hit the stim part…..Because she was to stump stupid to go back when she hit the warning tone is her problem..

    And even IF a dog decides to go that far a few second stim is WAY better than being hit by a car….

    If anyone would take a few minutes to get educated they would find a good e-collar is one of the best training tools out there…

    I can teach a reliable off lead recall even to your delicate Greyhounds with one…..You know the off lead Hound that actually comes when it’s called….

  53. I use e-collars on my pits at the dog park so if a fight breaks out they will come back to me and not go to the fighting… So I too don’t like this article at all it’s a valuable training tool when used properly!!

  54. This is horrible. If people actually think I do this to my dog there nuts. My remote collar gives my dog all the freedom in the world. He is off leash 99% of the time we go hiking, swimming, play ball all off leash in public. People me my dog and are amazed on how happy he is because they thought what you guys think that these collars cause pain and aggression and shut down dogs but actuality idnt the complete opposite. With proper training and use remote collars give dogs freedom. I feel bad for all the dogs who have to be leashed all the time and can’t have any fun.

  55. This is an invisible fence, good grief! There are no levels involved in some of them, mine has 3 levels. Having said that, my double coat Border Collie only remotely feels it! My GSD’s could care less if there is a deer in the field. Geez….smdh??

  56. This is NOT a remote collar demo, this is an Invisible Fence set up. As I posted on the site itself, this is misleading propaganda and you should be ashamed of yourselves for posting this in a deliberate attempt to brainwash your readers.

  57. Ugh uneducated idiots make me angry!! Do your freaking research before you post BULLSHIT. I’m unfollowing this page! I’m an E-collar trainer! My dogs are all happy and healthy!!! This is NOTHING like what we do!!!

  58. Life With Dogs you really should be ashamed of yourself. I didn’t even bother to watch your video because I know you only posted it to create controversy. And this is your opinion, not fact. I also didn’t realize that you were an expert on dog training with a formal education in all types of training styles and training tools. Please tell me exactly how many dogs you have trained on “shock” collars? It’s your ignorance and bias options that end up hurting dogs. Should e-collars be sold to just anyone, ABSOLUTELY NOT. Do I agree with invisible fences and no bark collars, NOPE. But I stand behind high end E-Collars such as Dogtra and E-collar Technologies as the greatest training tool ever created to help both dogs and owners. IF you took any amount of time to understand what you were fighting against you would hopefully be embarrassed by your ignorance. Collars are meant to be used as low level stimulation. What that means is just enough for the dog to notice. Most dogs I work with are between 15 and 35 out of 100. Most people can’t even feel that in the palm of their hand. And when properly trained the collar goes away but the training sticks and isn’t a life sentence like other training tools. But you are right, dogs choking themselves out on flat collars, choke chains and slip-leads, or being forced to spend their life in a restricting gentle leader or no-pull harness is way better. Not to mention the dogs that never get to be off leash because they are unreliable once cut loose or are too much for an owner to physically control and spend their life in a backyard . That sounds so much better. I will leave you with this. I have a rescued, working line, high drive Malinios that was born with a deformed face and extreme breathing issues. So bad that he can not have any pressure on his neck/chest or it immediately starts to cut off his ability to breath. Because of e-collars and the ability to teach without physical pressure (he works on a dogtra level 20 place it in your hand and check it out) here are JUST A FEW of the obedience awards he has won. My dogs love their collars and get excited when they see them because it is a positive thing to them. If you want a more realistic view on what E-Collar training looks like feel free to view a pet dog being trained on one of these, as you call it, cruel devices. I am also more than happy to personally teach you how to use these correctly if you would like to learn. 🙂

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