Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

A West Virginia woman was acquitted on charges of obstruction of justice after stepping in between her dog, and a cop trying to shoot it, seemingly for no reason.





A woman from West Virginia has been acquitted on the obstruction of justice charges she was facing for trying to step in between a dog and the police officer who was about to shoot him.  Tiffanie Hupp was arrested for her efforts, and State Trooper Seth Cook claimed that he was just doing as he was trained.

Cook claims that West Virginia state troopers are all trained to kill any dog that approaches them in the course of their duty.  It doesn’t matter if the dog is aggressive or charging, or chained up with a wagging tail, like Buddy was on the day the incident took place.

The police hadn’t even been called to Hupp’s family’s property for anything that had to do with a dog.  They were called in to respond to a heated dispute between her father-in-law and a neighbor.  Also, it was Hupp’s family who called the police in the first place.

When Cook arrived on the scene, he went over to talk to the neighbors first.  After he was finished, he walked over to Hupp’s property and that’s when Buddy started walking to him.  Then the trooper pulled his gun on Buddy and was about to fire before Hupp stepped in between them, stopping the officer from shooting.

Hupp’s husband, Ryan Hupp, was filming the incident as soon as the officer stepped on to their property.  According to Hupp, her husband is all too familiar with issues of police brutality, and wanted to document the officer’s actions.  If he hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any evidence of the incident at all.

“If it wasn’t for him recording, there’d be nothing,” Hupp said.  “He knew about police brutality before I did.  But that’s why the camera is shaking, because of the adrenaline.  When they read those words ‘not guilty’, we were relieved.  It’s hard to describe the feeling unless it’s actually happening to you.  Justice is good, though.”

After stepping between the officer and the dog, Hupp was arrested.  She was put in a patrol car, and that’s not all the officer did that was a little questionable.

“After he put me in the patrol car and arrested me, he just walks up the trailer and up to the phones and, whatever devices were on chargers, he took them,” she said.  “He took my husband’s phone, he took my phone, he took my sister-in-law’s and my son’s tablet.  And we don’t use those phones or tablets anymore.  If my phone leaves my hands and goes into the hands of a cop, I kinda don’t trust that.  Without that video, it’s just my word against a state trooper.  Nobody is going to believe my word over law enforcement.”

It took almost a month of constantly calling the police department to get their devices back.  At first, they were refusing to return any of the devices unless Hupp or her husband gave up the password protection on their phones.  This would have allowed them to search the phones without a warrant, something they are not allowed to do.

At the trial, Cook was the only one to testify on his own behalf.  He claimed that Hupp had a crossbow in her hands, and also raised her hand up to Cook during the incident.  Hupp’s attorneys had a few witnesses to bring, but really only needed to show the phone video of what happened.  At no time does Hupp have any weapons on her person, nor does she make any threatening gestures toward the officer at all.  The whole trial took six hours, and at the end of it all Hupp was acquitted.

Part one of this for Hupp and her family is over, but now they are working to file a civil lawsuit against the state troopers.  They’re working on getting a lawyer to help them with their situation.  Stay tuned to Life With Dogs for more information as it’s released.



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676 thoughts on “Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

        1. Yes, mostly retarded. They’re one of the poorest states in the Union, yet repeatedly vote in Republicans who are NOT looking out for their best interests. Coal mining is their major industry, yet they follow the party that wants to bust their unions, and water-down their mining safety requirements, endangering their lives. But, hey, guns…..

          1. That’s why a fucking Democrat is the one the shut the mines down. Who is the retard now you dumb ass

      1. ‘I BELIEVE’ the following information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. All State Constitutions mandate the Constitution of the United States of America Supreme. This means our private property Rights to love and protect mans and woman’s best friend within our Civil Rights as our private property. This Police Officer is caught in violations of: Malfeasance; Misfeasance; Assault : Official Misconduct: Trespassing ; False Arrest; False Imprisonment; Kidnapping .Thus subjecting that Municipality to a major Federal Civil Lawsuit, by this good woman should she chose. As that Municipality is now in the clutches of Supreme Federal violations under 18 UNITED STATES CODE SECTIONS 231. 242, FEDERAL VIOLATIONS OF CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER COLOR OF LAW.

    1. It’s really hard to believe that West Virginia absolutely promotes and TRAINS their officers to participate in animal cruelty! The reputation that West Virginia is basically a third world country, is now validated! HOPEFULLY, the policy of shoot first and ask questions later, will be changed by the head of the state troopers, or the State Attorney General. The officer should be fired! Hopefully, they will file suit and win!

      1. Larry Martin, in third world countries, cops do not shoot puppies. They do however shoot criminals first and won´t even ask later.

      2. If the officer was following his training he doesn’t deserve to be fired. Their training should be changed. And nothing everything needs to be resolved with a lawsuit? What should they win, money? Enough with the lawsuits.

        1. Really, just following training. There is a thing called common sense. It appears that this new breed of officer can hide behind the excuse of training or just following orders. The same thing Hitlers cronies used as a defense during their trials. That excuse is getting old to say the least. Time to clean it up and get back to old time principles. This new breed of cop is just itching to use their weapons and are getting more than creative to get the green light. Try doing anything (even in defense) to a police dog and get prison time or worst, get plugged full of holes.

        2. Well, they had to go to the trouble and expense of defending against a bogus charge in court. And the office lied on the stand, claiming that she had a crossbow on her, contrary to the clear video evidence. So I think a lawsuit was justified here.

        3. Hey Ted. “He claimed that Hupp had a crossbow in her hands, and also raised her hand up to Cook during the incident.” Lying in court. Could that also be part of his training?

        4. I am usually one to say the same. In this situation though there needs to be some severe punishment for this lunatic. What kind of person would have such disregard… and then lie about this girl having a weapon. I would be incredibly frustrated if I were her.

        5. There are two sides to every story, however was it necessary for him to barge into their home and take all their devices cell phone, pads, etc.? Where was the search warrant? Those actions had absolutely nothing to do with what his was called into do. Was his action reasonable? This woman did not lay a hand on the officer. There is an excessive use of force. I am not one for lawsuits they are expensive and time consuming. I have won two. The officer was either having a bad day possibly. I cannot condone his actions were they reasonable? I would think he needs counseling or a new career. It is a sad situation, a professional that was once looked upon as having reason and the ability to protect are now being viewed as just abusive. Even the most conservative people are now questioning are the police trustworthy?

          As a dog lover and one who owns one I would never tolerate that behavior especially from law inforcement. I would have done the same. As my mother would say what goes around comes around. The dog lover in me wishes him the worst.

        6. Was lying about the woman holding a crossbow also part of his training. He should lose his job immediately for lying during an investigation.

        7. It is not the training or the initial action that is the issue, it is what he did after the girl got involved. He should have put his gun away after she got between him and the dog and asked her to restrain the dog and then moved on with his business. Instead he threw her down and arrested her and lied in court. He should be fired and fined for perjury and sued by the girl for false arrest and the difficulties he caused her..

        8. What about the fact that he lied under oath that she had a crossbow in her hands and threatened him with it… i support our men and women in blue but this officer seems like one of the bad apples that needs to be tossed out of the system

        9. Confiscating phones and attempting to destroy the evidence is reason enough for him to get fired!

  1. Seems if your a dog in West Virginia you’re doomed whether you’re friendly or unfriendly, chained or unchained, wagging your tail or showing aggression………………

      1. Or, if the trooper in WV owns a dog and it approaches anyone else (aggressive or not) that person has the SAME equal right to shoot it, or slit its throat or hit it in the head with a hammer…

  2. Nothing scarier than someone “just doing as they were trained” and not possessing the empathy or intelligence to use reason and do the right thing.

    1. I’d change that to almost never. Most dogs don’t deserve tobe shot, but some need to. But those are very rare, and mostly involve rabies.

  3. The dog was standing there wagging his tail. The police officer and all of West Virginia’s police force needs to be retrained. This is unbelievable, but I saw the video!

  4. I would have done the same thing, simply because the police are the ones to tell us to get dogs for protection,and then they want to kill them for protecting their property. This happens to often these days. SMH! This is one reason why I have cameras all around my property, and for the ones that steal dogs. I hope she wins her civil suit.

  5. The trooper appears to be on private property and just came out with gun pointed to kill the dog …….I WOULD HAVE PROTECTED MY DOG THE SAME WAY…….WHY ARE TROOPERS LOOKING TO KILL INNOCENT DOGS??????

  6. It seems the police in thr USA just shoot anything!!… as for that dog it looks like it was comin over to say hello. There was no danger for that copper! But his first thought was to shoot it! Do none off the police in US have dogs?

    1. Police are required to take a constitutional oath of office. If they violate that oath, they have committed perjury according to 18 USC section 1621. This police officer clearly violated the 4th amendment rights of these people which would not only put him at risk for being sued for PERJURY for violating his oath of office which is a VERBAL CONTRACT, but he would also be guilty of 18 USC section 242 Deprivation of rights by color of law (laws without victims) and since other members the precinct were committing the same acts that would fall under 18 USC section 241 Conspiracy against rights and these people could sue this asshole in civil court under 42 USC section 1983 for Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights. This police officer, among many others that do the same thing and abuse their power, should not only lose their JOB, they should be put in PRISON.

  7. Really… that’s what they are trained to do?? You kill a dog even if wagging it’s tail? Glad I don’t live there, sounds like a bunch of idiots for police. How about using some intelligence to decide if the dogs aggressive vs a wagging happy dog.

  8. I would do this in a heartbeat as well if an officer was about to shoot my dog. I wouldnt even have to think about it. Its a little scary how free willing they are to just shoot anything.

  9. This attitude is why police officers are despised and feared by so many people. I know many officers who are wonderful people yet so many act like creeps especially on the job. They need public relations training and if they treated people kindly our fears would change.

    1. The article doesn’t say anything about the judge getting upset over the fact that he was lied to and played for a fool. Crossbow? Hand in the face? Why didn’t the judge immediately at least find the trooper in contempt, and put him away for 30 days? Story after story about LEOs lying to the court, and the judge does nothing. How many people are in prison because of lies. This isn’t the America where I grew up; this isn’t the America that I enlisted for, and put my life on the line for. Shoot a dog just because? It has reached the point of pure insanity. This will only get worse unless judges and juries start holding lying LEOs accountable. A thug LEO in California told a homeless kid that “these gloves are going to F*** you up” and then proceeded to beat the kid to death. The jury found him not guilty because there was no proof of intent — i would have thought the “these gloves” statement would have proven it, but another jury let another thug skate.

    2. These lunatics in the ranks of the American police must be identified by teams of psychiatrists …and immediatey fired . They are a grave public menace !
      The offending cop in cases like this should also the subject to personal lawsuit and pay massive financial damages to the victim …out of pocket !
      The woman should be awarded one year of this hooligan’s salary , fired and publicly condemned ! !

  10. Just doing what I was trained to do , said every Nazi war criminal!
    You have a brain use it ! Find a non lethal solution first !

  11. ASININE law they have there. I’d have done as the woman did. Most people wouldn’t react kindly to this shit I can tell you I wouldn’t.

  12. This is insane to hear that a police department trains their folks to shoot all dogs, no matter what the circumstances. Cops like that are every pet owner’s nightmare.

  13. Good for you! You are a great role model and brave for standing up for another living creature. I hope this changes how polices are trained. It’s an outrage an animal can’t be safe in its own yard!!

  14. I almost went into cardiac arrest over the anger I felt toward those “protectors”. So much abuse of power in too many places. Suing is the only thing the general public has left as a deterrence.

  15. Wow..talk about police not upholding the law and arresting people and then refusing to give back the property to the people be cuz they didn’t want the cops to snoop thru the phones and erase the evidence against the officer

  16. Wanker. The dog was wagging its tail and friendly. How can any law say that you can shoot a friendly dog. If he tried to shoot any of my dogs I would shove his gun up his ass.

  17. Who cares about an arrest. It’s called doing the right thing. Too many police these days seem to be trigger happy. What a disgrace that she was arrested. She needs to sue or contact the media so that the police department is given a BAD name in the publics eye.

  18. That man should not be wearing a badge, he is no policeman he is a bully in uniform. Shoot the dog just because he is an asshole.

  19. This could have been tragic. Fortunately Ms. Hupp was brave enough to step in.
    More and more departments are training their officers the correct way to handle dog encounters. Hopefully the WV State police get the training soon!

  20. I was trained to shoot people approaching me with a gun. Guess that should go for police as well?
    What kind of morons are they giving that much power to?

  21. Looks like Police over in the USA are about as cruel as you can get…that officer’s body language suggests he was about to get a kick out killing a defenceless dog

  22. I would’ve done the same thing! These damn cops thinking they can shoot on site is getting ridiculous!!! What is WRONG with society anymore??? These are loved family pets!!

  23. Someone needs to beat the shit out of that ‘cop’. And they wonder why so many people hate them..try being a human being assholes. That shit is disgusting.

  24. Good for her and this is a nationwide issue our boys in blue need some sensativity training and to be held accountable for their actions this is why the public has such and issue with police because too many abuse the power of their badge. Not all are bad but this is far too common and every police force needs zero tolerance on officer misconduct.

  25. This officer needs to be charged with perjury, theft for taking their personal items and trespassing for entering the home without a warrant.

    I so hope the civil suit includes the officer personally and he is taken to the cleaners.

    This is NOT protecting and serving. This is flat out police state tactics and they must stop!!!!

  26. Good for her! The dog doesn’t even look aggresive. I support our police officers, but I’ve seen police officers shoot dogs w out Even thinking about it!

  27. And then the officer went into the house and confiscated all phones and cameras. Why because he knew he was wrong?

    I’m not sure how I would’ve handled a situation like that, if an officer shot my dog for no reason. I’d probably shoot him back or at least make it so he can’t pull the trigger ever again.

  28. Instead of letting the lady put the dog away the trooper wanted to kill the dog. Common sense from the State police gone wrong. I see a trooper being the aggression and I see a woman trying to not have her dog shot. What was the reason they were there to begin with? Sad to see let alone watch.

  29. These officers all think as alot of these other stupid bustards do. Always afraid that a poor little furry dogs going to attack just because the dog barks at home., so what the hell they decide to shoot the poor animal.

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