Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

A West Virginia woman was acquitted on charges of obstruction of justice after stepping in between her dog, and a cop trying to shoot it, seemingly for no reason.





A woman from West Virginia has been acquitted on the obstruction of justice charges she was facing for trying to step in between a dog and the police officer who was about to shoot him.  Tiffanie Hupp was arrested for her efforts, and State Trooper Seth Cook claimed that he was just doing as he was trained.

Cook claims that West Virginia state troopers are all trained to kill any dog that approaches them in the course of their duty.  It doesn’t matter if the dog is aggressive or charging, or chained up with a wagging tail, like Buddy was on the day the incident took place.

The police hadn’t even been called to Hupp’s family’s property for anything that had to do with a dog.  They were called in to respond to a heated dispute between her father-in-law and a neighbor.  Also, it was Hupp’s family who called the police in the first place.

When Cook arrived on the scene, he went over to talk to the neighbors first.  After he was finished, he walked over to Hupp’s property and that’s when Buddy started walking to him.  Then the trooper pulled his gun on Buddy and was about to fire before Hupp stepped in between them, stopping the officer from shooting.

Hupp’s husband, Ryan Hupp, was filming the incident as soon as the officer stepped on to their property.  According to Hupp, her husband is all too familiar with issues of police brutality, and wanted to document the officer’s actions.  If he hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any evidence of the incident at all.

“If it wasn’t for him recording, there’d be nothing,” Hupp said.  “He knew about police brutality before I did.  But that’s why the camera is shaking, because of the adrenaline.  When they read those words ‘not guilty’, we were relieved.  It’s hard to describe the feeling unless it’s actually happening to you.  Justice is good, though.”

After stepping between the officer and the dog, Hupp was arrested.  She was put in a patrol car, and that’s not all the officer did that was a little questionable.

“After he put me in the patrol car and arrested me, he just walks up the trailer and up to the phones and, whatever devices were on chargers, he took them,” she said.  “He took my husband’s phone, he took my phone, he took my sister-in-law’s and my son’s tablet.  And we don’t use those phones or tablets anymore.  If my phone leaves my hands and goes into the hands of a cop, I kinda don’t trust that.  Without that video, it’s just my word against a state trooper.  Nobody is going to believe my word over law enforcement.”

It took almost a month of constantly calling the police department to get their devices back.  At first, they were refusing to return any of the devices unless Hupp or her husband gave up the password protection on their phones.  This would have allowed them to search the phones without a warrant, something they are not allowed to do.

At the trial, Cook was the only one to testify on his own behalf.  He claimed that Hupp had a crossbow in her hands, and also raised her hand up to Cook during the incident.  Hupp’s attorneys had a few witnesses to bring, but really only needed to show the phone video of what happened.  At no time does Hupp have any weapons on her person, nor does she make any threatening gestures toward the officer at all.  The whole trial took six hours, and at the end of it all Hupp was acquitted.

Part one of this for Hupp and her family is over, but now they are working to file a civil lawsuit against the state troopers.  They’re working on getting a lawyer to help them with their situation.  Stay tuned to Life With Dogs for more information as it’s released.



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676 thoughts on “Woman That Stepped Between Dog and Cop About to Shoot Acquitted

  1. How about using common sense and your own brain officer? I would have done the same for a pup. It’s one thing if the dog is attacking you at will, another just to shoot rather than restrain or move away from the dog. Trigger happy pricks need a wake up call.

  2. I have been a state trooper for almost 20 years and have never felt the need to shoot a dog. I know there are times when it might be necessary but this definitely wasn’t one of them. Either they are training them wrong in West Virginia or this guy has a problem with dogs. (Or the family).

  3. this cop needed trainng to put the gun to his head, oull the trigger and see if it was loaded… what a scumbag piece of shit he is

  4. They need to change their training. I realize common sense doesn’t exist anymore. If they are wagging their tails they’re probably not going to do you any harm.

  5. This made me so angry. Too many cops are trigger happy, and they get away with it too many times by lying about the situation after shooting people or animals.
    If not for this video, this brave girl might be in trouble because the police lied that she was holding a crossbow.
    Camera on our phones is one of the best things in today’s world!
    By all means, use it, it’s not a crime.
    Media these days has a big part to play towards getting justice.

  6. Fucking disgusting. Sthat cop (Seth?) should be fired right on the spot for lying in court!! Thats….a…fucking….CRIME right???

  7. Shooting animals and pushing girls? Well ain’t you a real man and hero… Tiffanie – you are the real hero here!! 😀 Proud to be a woman too! 🙂

  8. Yep Scott Carson..cops just shoot anything. That was the most ignorant thing to say. If u ever need help don’t call them.. cop hater. Even tho you probably will. Ignorant f-in ppl. And too, ppl keep your dog in a fence and not running loose so shit don’t happen

  9. Something fucked up with this, don’t read it. Crashes your phone and then asks you to participate in some sort of shady survey!

  10. Trained to shoot dogs no matter what the situation? Wtf is wrong with people? Specifically police in the US. I’m so glad she was acquitted for stopping a police office from shooting and killing her friendly dog. Unreal.

  11. That’s bullshit! Good for her!!! I would have done the same!! And not to mention they are on private property. Light those motherfuckers up.

  12. Why the hell are cops trained to shoot a dog that comes up to them for any reason? That is so ridiculous. It’s time for law enforcement to be trained with some kind of judgement and compassion. Killing animals for any reason should not be part of the job description.

  13. This make me livid. I hope karma gets this lying POS. Cop or not, he’s a person who has no morals – he was willing to kill a completely innocent animal, then lie in court. Wow. Why hasn’t the police department charged this cop with perjury?

  14. What wrong with those deputy this day try to shoot the dog while his tail are wagging happily come to
    Toward him for greeting ?so sad , luckily the dog not time to go yet thanks god

  15. Trooper Seth Cook you’re a disgrace and have discredited all the hard working troopers in your state. Trying to covered yourself by confiscating all their devices without a warrant shows how crooked you are.

  16. That cop should go to jail for almost shooting that dog that’s why I really don’t like cops I am proud of that girl for protecting that poor innocent dog which wasn’t doing anything at all

  17. Yes this officer is completely wrong BUT…How about ALL the LEOs saving animals everyday?? I see cops actually saving dogs from abusive homeowners, saving animals trapped, caring for injured pets, saving pets from motor-vehicles, and so on. Please save the “all cops are bad” to your baby self…trust me: it is a better world with cops. Based on the comments here, its safe to say that if you dislike and chose to downgrade ALL law enforcement, is because you gotta a problem with the law. Just saying! And if you wanna discuss this with me go ahead!

  18. I think America is a very scary place to live now, with all your “make America great again” nonsense; that “I was doing just as I was trained to do” reminds me to “befehl ist befehl” or “orders are orders”; the defense argument used by nazi concentration camp guards during the Nuremberg trials

  19. Wow, look at that … a cop pointing a gun at a defenseless dog…. this is absurd……don’t need “ignorant” in the PD…..smh……

  20. What is this world coming to when a dog isn’t doing anything but being a dog and the cops thinks its alright to shoot it! Is this our justice system? Than we need to change IT!

  21. Totally rediculus. But their dogs are hero’s and given outrageous funerals if killed while in the “line of duty”. While our pets are killed for wagging their tails and chained up!?

  22. Sue trooper Seth Cook separate and personally from the department for your rights violation. Take all those devices was for one reason only, to hide his own negligent. His knows he was wrong.

  23. This cowardly cop was going to shoot this dog that is standing there. I would get in between too. This is a cop who needs to be removed – don’t need trigger happy cowards in uniform carrying a gun!

  24. Corrupt cop right there. Claimed the girl had a crossbow in her hands and was pointing it at him. Then confiscation of their phones and other peripherals. Afraid of a video with the real event on them. Thank god for password protection on the phone, else she would still be in jail today.

  25. Why are people like this are granted guns? They should be put away not put in a position where they are supposed protect the society

  26. Holding gun one handed is that part of his training too? I doubt police departments are telling their employees to shoot all dogs, if they are we have bigger problems.

  27. Shoot that damn stupid fool with the 1st grade education! Just because someone wears a badge definitely doesn’t make them intelligent by any means !!! Tom

  28. I cannot believe it!!!! You stupid cop, go and kill the children / animal abusers!!! Do not kill that poor dog, no wonder why some people hate the cops. Use common sense and be little bit more sensitive, it’s a doggie for God’s sake!!!!!!!!! ???

  29. Wow. This sort of thing is infuriating. Its nice to see that the kids didn’t have to witness their family dog being gunned down in cold blood though. Brave girl, hope she sues them and wins!

  30. Another example of why it’s hard to trust the police! I have friends who are law enforcement officers, good people, but these jerks ruin it for everybody. That trooper should be on suspension and receive training in non-violent interactions.

  31. thats really fn messed up.”trained to shoot dogs even on chains”? What kinda Barney Fife cop is this guy.Its assholes like this that give cops a bad name.

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