48 Dogs Seized in Wisconsin Puppy Mill Bust

Forty-eight yellow labs were removed from a heinous puppy mill operation in Wisconsin on Friday. The bust came as a result of one concerned citizen’s complaint.


Officials rescued nearly 50 dogs from a backyard breeding operation in Elmwood, Wis. on Friday morning – 35 adults and 13 puppies – all of them yellow Labrador retrievers.

Director of Investigations for ASPCA Investigations Kathryn Destreza told Madison’s Channel 3000 that what she and other field workers saw is no way for any dog to live

“The puppies at breeding facilities are sold for profit, but many people don’t realize that their parents are often kept there for years, subjected to incessant breeding and usually lacking basic care and socialization.”


Several deceased dogs were also discovered on site; officials said it was a large-scale operation. Its owner/operator was booked by the ASPCA and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office after they searched the property on a warrant.

“Large scale animal cruelty cases are not something that we encounter often here,” said Pierce County Sheriff Nancy Hove. “This case started with a complaint from a concerned citizen who was appalled by the conditions these animals were exposed to.”


The dogs seized are considered evidence; they will be cared for by Animal Humane Society responders until their custody is determined by the court. The ASPCA is collecting forensic evidence and providing legal support in order to ensure the best outcome for the dogs.

79 thoughts on “48 Dogs Seized in Wisconsin Puppy Mill Bust

  1. Instead of a court date, I think the puppy mill owner should probably just get a nice bullet to the head. Each and everyone who does this.

  2. This is so sad, but with a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel — I’d like to see them pay BIG TIME — whatever way hurts them the most!

  3. Kudos to whoever spoke up. Yes, it’s reprehensible, but instead of a tirade, we should focus our collective energies toward education and promotion of spay/neuter programs. Do YOU speak up? Donate? Adopt? If not, you are a part of the problem as well. And before anyone decides to get riled up, YES, I do, all of the above.

  4. Death is to good for them cage them for life in the same conditions as they left these poor animals. Monsters thats what they are. Really glad this good citizen paid attention and got something done for these innocent babies.

  5. No use for jackasses that cause harm to animals NONE. They’re is no place in society for them….my only wish is that they burn in eternal hell. The judicial system needs to make a statement with these jackwagons….

  6. Everyone needs to get involved, It can be done anonymously via the ALDF free app. That’s all it takes, and click and it’s done, and you’re “not involved”.

  7. Prison is the only way to stop these horrid people the dogs look so unhappy bless them in those terrible cages I hope they all find good homes quickly

  8. One person CAN make a difference and these little lives were saved because of it. Just like with Terrorism if you see something say something ! Lets put animal abuser in jail where they belong and end the suffering of these defenseless animals who can’t protect themselves.

  9. Thanks for sharing the story. If you have no ability to take care of your puppy, you may ask people for adaption these puppies.

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