Adopted Pit Bull Refuses to Leave Shelter Without Best Friend

How could anyone NOT want to bring this matching set home?

4.26.16 - Pit Bull Refuses to Leave Shelter Without Chihuahua1


A pit bull in Australia who had been adopted couldn’t go home with her new family.  Try as they might, they couldn’t get her to budge.  At least, not without her Chihuahua best buddy.  So her new family adopted him, too!

Unfortunately, there really isn’t much else to this story.  But sometimes the best things are the simple things.

“This beautiful pit bull wouldn’t leave the pound without the frightened Chihuahua she had protected. So the new owner adopted them together,” Mornington Peninsula Dog Lovers wrote on Facebook (the post has since been removed).


435 thoughts on “Adopted Pit Bull Refuses to Leave Shelter Without Best Friend

    1. I truly believe that dogs have souls that are more pure than humans and I’m certain that all dogs go to heaven!

  1. This did not occur in Australia. It occurred in California, United States. The dogs were saved by Rocket Dog Rescue based out of San Francisco and their names are Merrill and Taco. They were adopted by a wonderful family and have their own Facebook page.

  2. Great story but this wonderful pair is not in Australia! They are in the Bay Area (California) taken in by the amazing Rocket Dig Rescue and adopted by a fabulous family. You can follow them – Merrill and Taco – on Facebook!!

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