Baltimore Animal Control Saves the Life of a Badly Abused Puppy

“Robin, sweet girl, you are not trash. You are a beautiful soul, who deserves the world and more, and we promise you nothing short of that for the rest of your days.”

4.25.16 - Animal Control Saves the Life of a Badly Abused Puppy1


For the first time in maybe her entire short life, Robin is feeling loved.  But she very nearly died.  She was left tied down in a backyard, her muzzle and legs bound with rope.  She was emaciated and dehydrated.  She has a long way to go, but because of her heroes at Baltimore County Animal Control and BARCS, she now has a chance at a full and happy life.


This comes from BARCS, an absolutely fabulous rescue group in Baltimore:


It’s hard to write these animals’ stories without putting ourselves in their situation, humanizing their feelings, thought process… their terror. We see a lot of difficult things at BARCS — tragic cases of abuse and neglect, right at the hands of our neighbors here in Baltimore. It never gets easier, and today is especially hard. This is Robin; she is only six months old.

Robin was seized by Baltimore City Animal Control from a backyard, where she was tied down. Her extremely painful, swollen face is the result of rope being tightly tied around her muzzle for a significant amount of time. It was embedded in her skin, leaving painful open wounds on her face. Because she could not open her mouth, Robin was unable to eat or drink water for an undetermined amount of time — she was dehydrated and is emaciated. The inside of her mouth has large, gaping wounds, dead tissue and painful infection. When she yawned, she yelped in pain. Her feet are also swollen, leading our medical team to believe that they too were tied together in recent history.

Animal Control brought her immediately to BARCS, where she was examined by our staff veterinarians and rushed to one of our Franky Fund partner clinics for round-the-clock emergency care. She is now at the foster home of one of our amazing BARCS staff members, who is caring for her and keeping her comfortable while we come up with an extensive treatment plan to save as much of her facial tissue as possible.

Because of the dead tissue and extreme infection in her muzzle, Robin is going to need multiple surgeries and MANY veterinary appointments. It is possible that she will need reconstructive surgery and may lose part of her lips in the process. That is why getting her healthy is going to be very costly for our shelter.

Robin, sweet girl, you are not trash. You are a beautiful soul, who deserves the world and more, and we promise you nothing short of that for the rest of your days. There are humans who will treat you as family, and keep your needs close to their heart. Once you are fully healed, we are going to find them for you. Thank you for trusting us in, what will be, a long journey to getting you healthy.

Robin has seen the worst of our city, but we here at BARCS along with our friends at Animal Control — who have an open investigation on this case — are determined to show her the best. Her care is going to be expensive, and this is all happening as “kitten season” begins, a time of year where our shelter is VERY tight on money and resources. If you are able, please help us pay for Robin’s care by making a donation to the Franky Fund:

Thank you, as always, for helping us save dogs like Robin, so that she may live to understand real love.



To follow Robin’s progress, or to adopt one of BARCS’ many awesome critters, click here.  To save a life by adopting an animal, click here to see who you can bring home from Baltimore County Animal Services.


463 thoughts on “Baltimore Animal Control Saves the Life of a Badly Abused Puppy

  1. Thank you for saving her life I wish I could help but australia is a long way , bless you guys,…. and get the scum who did this. Xx

  2. Where do we send donations to help with her medical bills? Vet direct..if so please provide phone # to call so can add money to her acct. I pray the SOBs responsible are HELD RESPONSIBLE and made to pay all medical and housing bills in addition to substantial jail time.

    1. For all of you nice and decent people that are commenting on what you can do and how to donate please see the end of the story.There is a link to all of her donation info.Please donate if you can it looks like its going to cost $$ xo

  3. Que poca eso habla de la calidad de gente estúpida por no decir otra palabra y k bueno k ahora es feliz con una personas buenas , hay justicia divina

  4. Im shaking in anger, i cnt imagine how ……. i want to kill that person who has the most abnormal behavior to do such thing to the poor dog.

  5. If i had to save a life of a dog or a human who abused dogs , it would be the dog all the way. Cannot stand cruelty to animals.

  6. I’ll never understand the pure evil of some humans. I’m sending loving speedy recovery vibs this beautiful baby girls way. She deserves a happy loving home and I’m so sorry for everything she’s had to go through 💔😢

  7. Sending you love, gentle head rubs and hope for swift recovery and your new forever family. Hang on little girl. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  8. If you don’t want the dog then drop it off at the shelter, leaving her tied up and starved is just cruel, whoever did this should NEVER be able to own an animal and should be in jail, it’s heartless beyond words.

  9. I don’t understand why people want animal when they have to abuse them keep them tied up in the backyard and never get to enjoy the love they give having them around in the house. When all they want to do is give you love

  10. There’s plenty of positive things out there to post that will generate just as much activity on your Facebook page that would lead people to the Life with Dogs website.
    90% of the post here are horrible.
    I understand you’re going to say that you are just trying to make people aware of Animal cruelty. But this is no different then news channels & newspapers using shock & awe headlines/news clips to get people interested in watching their program or buying their newspaper.
    Life with Dogs will still make $$$ from advertising on their website.

    1. This isn’t about Life with Dogs making money, this is about this poor pup that some heartless so-called human being severely abused. It is about asking for help paying for her care. It is not to shock and awe to get people to like their page or anything. Where is your compassion for this innocent pup who barely had a start at life before the only life she knew was cruel and hurtful. Yes there are plenty of stories that are positive and many have been posted, again this is to get financial help for this little girl.

  11. Thank you so much for saving her life! I wish I lived closer, I would totally adopt her to keep my 10 year old lab company. Hawaii’s impossible to ship animals to though. Get better soon!❤️

  12. Wow some ppl are just plain evil and there’s a special place in hell for whoever did this to this poor baby. Sending lots of healing prayers for this sweet baby. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😥❤️❤️😡😡😡

  13. OMG!! This is beyond heartbreaking. I hope this sweet baby makes a full recovery. Did they get the asshole(s) who did this to her or had they moved out and left her? Either way, they deserve the same hell they put this poor pup through.

  14. I absoliutely hate humans what the hell did they get a fur baby for in the firsty place – get hold of these bastards bind theirn legs and wire their bloody jaw shut and lets see how they like it

  15. Heartbreaking but if these are the people behind Hope for Molly, then Robin is in very very good hands. Come on little girl we are all behind you <3

  16. SICK SICK PSYCHOTIC WORLD WE LIVE IN! THANKS TO ALL who are helping this sweet innocent baby! May the POS who did this choke on their spit!

  17. This calls for a visit from my alter ego, Animal Avenger, in which I wear a red catsuit, cape and mask and wreak havoc upon the abuser.

  18. what kind of people do this to animals????? they must be so diseased in their brain???? people who this cruelty are not humans!!!

  19. Who could do such a horrible thing & why get an animal in the first place if your not going to look after them, oh it makes me so mad 😡😡😡😡😡lock the bastards up !!!!

  20. You only have to look into her eyes to see that she has a beautiful, loving soul. How could anyone do this sort of thing to a defenseless wee puppy??!! I pray she survives her treatment and finds a new & loving furever home. God Bless those involved inher rescue and care.

  21. I haveno problem wishin these cancerous humans death..they are useless filth and waste of space and are dangerous..shoot out OD whatever just die. And to those loving this pup to health…you are the stras and moon of the universe.

  22. I despair of the human animal. This is so very very sad poor little dog. Thankfully the only way is up now for you . Thanks for caring xxx

  23. I can & will never understand how someone can do this. Breaks my heart to think of the fear & pain this lil one ensured. Whomever did that is a piece of shit coward

  24. I cannot even put into words how much this angers me, bring back bloody hanging for evil scumbags like this!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  25. Poor baby! I don’t know how anyone could do a thing like that. I hope whoever did it has the same thing done to them but without being rescued, so they die a slow, agonising death!

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