Flea-Ridden Dog Ignored by Passersby Finally Gets Rescued

“He was dirty and scrawny and his back end was raw and half bald from the chronic fleas. I told him, ‘You’re just a little monkeybutt aren’t you?’”

4.22.16 - Flea-Ridden Dog Ignored by Passersby Finally Gets Rescued1


Flea-Ridden Dog Ignored by Passersby Finally Gets Rescued

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Submitted by Joan B. of St. Petersburg, FL:

I was walking a husky and a chow mix for a client (I’m a pet sitter) when I noticed a woman in her driveway with a little unleashed dog toodling around at her feet. I asked her to make sure her little dog didn’t run up to my big dogs. She said he wasn’t hers, she was on her way out and he was covered in fleas so she didn’t want him in her house.

By this time the dog had seen my dogs and bolted. He stayed in view for a while and I saw him go up to two other people. He was clearly asking for help but they each shooed him away.  Heartbreaking. Then I lost sight of him.

I got my dogs back to their home, then drove around and around until I spotted him. He came right over. He was dirty and scrawny and his back end was raw and half bald from the chronic fleas. I told him, “You’re just a little monkeybutt aren’t you?”

I put him in a crate I always keep in my car. He put his chin on his paws and heaved the biggest sigh his little self could heave. He was not microchipped. The vet estimated about three years old. I posted him on our local lost/found sites but no one came forward. My plan was to bring him back to good health, get him neutered and then find a good home for him.

I am a cat person and wasn’t prepared to take on a dog with my seven-day a week pet sitting schedule. But Monkey had a plan of his own! He’s been with me for a year now, he gets along with my cats and I wouldn’t change a thing.


52 thoughts on “Flea-Ridden Dog Ignored by Passersby Finally Gets Rescued

  1. Your headlines can be so slanted…. You make it seem like those people did something wrong by ignoring him. Maybe they are allergic, or they don’t like or are afraid of dogs… Or maybe they just simply cannot do anything about it…Everybody has a reason for what they do….

  2. Thank you for saving this little furbaby, he looks so much like the two that I had, 1 for 19 years and the other for 15. ???

  3. Woman, you rock for rescuing this baby who know and trust you and will be your forever companion for life. He so special and adorable and his eyes shine so brightly with lots of loves to give. Good for you. All the best to both of you.

  4. Thank you for being so I industry where obviously others were not. I just hate to think of the bad things that would have happened to him if you were not there you are true ll an angel

  5. Amazing human being, thank you for changing Monkey’s little life for the better, and giving him a home and a happy, secure future – with lots of love included! X

  6. There is nothing like reading cheerful rescue news in the early morning. And the best part with happy endings! Awesome!

  7. Brian Aarrdvaak seems like your on the defensive. Why ? I could never walk past and leave an animal in distress. As people have said. Phone. Do what you can. Insulting people makes you look like a Pratt. ?

  8. He’s such a sweet little dog, really steals your heart. I can’t imagine people just ignoring this precious little dog, they could at least call a vet or a shelter to go pick him up!

  9. Love this story stuff ! Yeah that’s me something I would do. Once I asked my boyfriend if I could pick up this home less man and bring him home and let him shower and feed him . .he said no. So I did it anyway. With the help of two other girls. We had a ball. It felt so good to do this. And guess what ? we gave him some of my boyfriends clothes to take with ! Hahaha lol !

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