Horrified Onlookers Save Dog Being Dragged Behind Horse & Cart

“We all sat with her for more than an hour and when she eventually perked up she had a good drink and a little bit of food which we had bought.”

4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses5


An emaciated dog nearly met a grisly end at the hands of a pair of monstrous men and a boy being commanded to kill the dog, who was being dragged behind a horse-drawn cart.  But a group of witnesses banded together to stop them, and got her to safety.

UK shoppers in the city center of Cardiff were shocked and appalled to see a poor dog collapsed and being dragged helplessly behind the cart.  Rachel Lansdown told WalesOnline what happened:

Basically there were two men driving carts with ponies attached to them and the cart at the back had a dog attached to it. The men were smacking the horses to go faster and the poor dog could not keep up so was pretty much just being dragged along behind.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses4


As the man got just outside the Admiral building by the Motorpoint Arena the carts had to stop in traffic and the dog just collapsed.  At this point people were shouting and I started to run over.

A man driving the cart sent another boy off to try and get the dog up.  He was pulling at the rope and the poor dog was just lying there lifeless. It was horrendous!  As I got to the dog a few other people started to come to help but the guy with the cart was shouting ‘kill it, kill it!’

A woman started shouting at him saying he wasn’t having the dog and at this point the boy got back on the cart and a man carried the dog to the side of the road.  I unattached her collar so she could breathe as she lay on the road. My boyfriend put his coat over her.  Another girl was also trying to get water into the dog’s mouth.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses1


After about five minutes someone lifted the dog up and took her into the Admiral building while we all waited for her to catch her breath.  Another woman phoned the police and the dogs’ home.  We all sat with her for more than an hour and when she eventually perked up she had a good drink and a little bit of food which we had bought.

The dogs’ home eventually came to get her and before she went she gave everyone a kiss and a cuddle.  It was as if she knew we had helped her and she was saying thank you.

The dog, now called Baby Girl, was taken to Friends of the Dogs in Wales.  She has been seen by a vet and is now being pampered by staff.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses4

194 thoughts on “Horrified Onlookers Save Dog Being Dragged Behind Horse & Cart

  1. I believe there are more of US than there are of THEM – where is the word ’empathy’ in the lives of these cruel bastards!

  2. Where’s the other half of the story? You know, the part where those assholes on the carts were dragged down to the street and had the living piss beaten out of them…

    1. There is no other half of this story because it is completely bogus! Just another horrendous story made up to play upon your emotions. I am an advocate for animal rights. I just don’t believe in using outlandish tactics as this to play upon people’s sympathies.

      1. Dearest Lottie, you are a bogus troll, If you click on Wales online you can see video and more of the story. An elderly woman had to be hospitalized, she was traumatized seeing such cruelty. Outlandish accusations on your part. I am worried that these men abuse their ponies also. Hope they get a terminal disease or die lonely and forgotten. That boy will grow up to be mental. Wish the crowd had done vigilante justice and beat the crap out of the cruel ol coot.

    2. if only Sheree, if only! that would make my day….the human scrap that are allowed to live. someday soon i hope that will change.

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    1. It’s not only UK that treats their animals bad. I’ve lived in Hawaii for 40 years and the locals treat their dogs like shit. They tie them up and never exercise them. You drive by homes and it’s all the same. I don’t think they ever have clean water daily.

  4. Thanks for helping this sweet dog. What about the jack offs that did this? They got ponies and a young boy teaching him to kill. Sickos.

  5. Thank you for stepping in, you guys are awesome. I hope they take away the child as well as the ponies. Teaching kids to be cruel I believe turns children into abusive adults and maybe killers. Thank you again .

    1. Farshid, are you stupid or what ? People do many things in daylight time which is horrendous & even no one reacts. Thnx to nice people around to help this nice dog. IRA P.S. Why do you think is fake when many people think it’s perfectly normal or you don’t know how people behave. Where are you live, in isolation or what ?!

  6. Thank you to those that stepped up to help the helpless dog. I hope that what goes around comes around to the cart men. Karma is a bitch guys.

  7. Horrible people that would do that to her. I wonder if she was a lost dog before those people tied her up and dragged her. It said in the article she was emaciated, I sure hope her original owners weren’t neglecting her.

    1. @Angela, she looks clearly to be part sighthound so while she may be underweight, I wouldn’t call her emaciated unless there are other health indicators found that haven’t been publicly disclosed. Many sighthounds are as thin as she is and they’re perfectly healthy. Glad she’s not around those guys anymore, though!

      1. Thanks for the the reply. I’ve never heard of a sighthound before so I’ve learned something new 🙂

  8. What is the punishment for the abusers, don’t tell me they just left.
    Pity the poor horse or any other animal at their hands.
    Get those bastards arrested evidence is clear, it was broad daylight with the public at large. Come on Justice please.

  9. Thank you for saving this dog from these evil men and boy! I hope you called the police on them! These men need to be put in jail and the boy needs to be punished too, they all know right from wrong!! They need to b taught a lesson and if that means they rot in HELL so be it!!

  10. Thank you to those stupid so calls humans to show this boy that it’s ok to kill and torture an innocent animal..don’t worry you scumbags he probably learn his lesson So good that when you are old you will get the same or worst treatment from him..I hope this scumbags rot in hell!! They deserve to die !!

  11. While I’m glad the dog was taken away from those people, I’m a little irritated at the click-bait article title I saw. The title on Yahoo referred to the dog as ’emaciated’. Possibly underweight, but that dog is clearly at least part sighthound and those guys are generally rib-cage showing THIN. Just use Google Images for ‘sighthound’ and you’ll see several examples. Some breeds are more muscular, but you’ll see plenty that some people might consider alarmingly thin (and they’re fine). Again, glad the dog has a better chance at a better life, but clearly someone either can’t identify dog breeds or was hoping to add facets to the story that don’t exist.

  12. I’ve had my fill of child and animal abuse for one day, it is all I am reading. We don’t have to worry about ISIS, our children and grandchildren are growing up and learning this crap from their parents and/or peers. Thankful for those who stepped in and saved this poor dog.

  13. Why it happens… even in Cardiff! it is just disgusting and what wrong has the dog done? Some human are sometimes so heartless

  14. When will people stop being so cruel!! Thank you to all the caring people with big hearts who come to the rescue for poor animals like this dog needing help.

  15. Geez. I just am sickened by the acts of these douche bags. Different story, same result = animal abuse. What compels people to do this? How do they sleep at night? Oh, that’s right….monsters don’t sleep. I hope Karma comes to them full-force and the slap, severe. Hell awaits thee with great anticipation. 😛

  16. If I had seen those guys doing that, Id have first saved the poor little that was being abused y those guys. Then second, I have grabbed the first of guys’ that I could have and stomped the living daylights out of them. Then thirdly gone for the second guy and done the same. Grabbed the boy and had others help me get their id’s and hold them until the police showed up

  17. yes someone must know, the ones who rescued the poor baby, tell me where it was, where those bastards live, i have a group of people who would only be too happy to do the same to them

  18. I literally feel sick to the pit of my stomach. Why isn’t there harsher laws for this. FFS I can’t drive 2mph over the speed limit without getting a fine..where is the justice in this godforsaken country…

  19. I was there helping the dog, the guy who was dragging her had left by the time I got out of work (I work in the building next to the incident) but I spent over an hour helping make sure Baby-girl was OK. The perpetrator is from a “travelling community” or gypsy camp. We are hopeful the justice system will stop them and help the countless other animals they get their hands on. They have, as a community, many many dogs, horses, probably cats and other animals that suffer at their hands. By Baby-girl going through to the shelter we hope this can start a new investigation into removing other animals from these “communities” who fail to care for their animals – to say the least.

    1. I’m glad the dog was rescued and is being taken care of properly. I wonder if any one stood up for the boy as well. If the men would abuse the dog that badly the boy may be abused as well.

  20. DEATH PENALTY !!!! TO ALL WHO ABUSE ANIMALS and CHILDREN, NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS KILL ALL UN-CIVILIZED PEOPLE (its MOSTLY MEN) because they aint human to begin with so don’t feel sorry for those monsters adult and child KILL ALL THREE!!!!!

  21. Can we please start drowning these assholes at bieth, surely there must be a gene to identify sociopaths by now?…
    In the mean time can we castrate dickheads like this lot so they cant breed!!

  22. The more I hear what some humans are capable of, the more I am embarrassed to be one. Love animals , especially dogs. Those sickos need to be prosecuted.

  23. Thank gid someone helped the poor dog. I would of bashed the absolute shi# out of the mongrels doing it in the first place ?

  24. B’strds proper f’n B’strds. Pity someone didnt drag them along the street and treat them as they did this poor girl. So please lovely kind people stepped in and saved her. Hope she gets a forever loving home.

  25. What the fuck is wrong with people these days??? I’m afraid to open Facebook because there’s so much animal abuse reports. My heart bleeds for Baby, the bulldog and Diamond, the pit bull … Both precious lives lost at the evil hands of humans.
    Thank goodness there are still good hearted people out there saving our furry friends … Prayers for those who never made it.

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