Horrified Onlookers Save Dog Being Dragged Behind Horse & Cart

“We all sat with her for more than an hour and when she eventually perked up she had a good drink and a little bit of food which we had bought.”

4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses5


An emaciated dog nearly met a grisly end at the hands of a pair of monstrous men and a boy being commanded to kill the dog, who was being dragged behind a horse-drawn cart.  But a group of witnesses banded together to stop them, and got her to safety.

UK shoppers in the city center of Cardiff were shocked and appalled to see a poor dog collapsed and being dragged helplessly behind the cart.  Rachel Lansdown told WalesOnline what happened:

Basically there were two men driving carts with ponies attached to them and the cart at the back had a dog attached to it. The men were smacking the horses to go faster and the poor dog could not keep up so was pretty much just being dragged along behind.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses4


As the man got just outside the Admiral building by the Motorpoint Arena the carts had to stop in traffic and the dog just collapsed.  At this point people were shouting and I started to run over.

A man driving the cart sent another boy off to try and get the dog up.  He was pulling at the rope and the poor dog was just lying there lifeless. It was horrendous!  As I got to the dog a few other people started to come to help but the guy with the cart was shouting ‘kill it, kill it!’

A woman started shouting at him saying he wasn’t having the dog and at this point the boy got back on the cart and a man carried the dog to the side of the road.  I unattached her collar so she could breathe as she lay on the road. My boyfriend put his coat over her.  Another girl was also trying to get water into the dog’s mouth.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses1


After about five minutes someone lifted the dog up and took her into the Admiral building while we all waited for her to catch her breath.  Another woman phoned the police and the dogs’ home.  We all sat with her for more than an hour and when she eventually perked up she had a good drink and a little bit of food which we had bought.

The dogs’ home eventually came to get her and before she went she gave everyone a kiss and a cuddle.  It was as if she knew we had helped her and she was saying thank you.

The dog, now called Baby Girl, was taken to Friends of the Dogs in Wales.  She has been seen by a vet and is now being pampered by staff.


4.12.16 - Dog Dragged Behind Horse & Cart Saved by Witnesses4

194 thoughts on “Horrified Onlookers Save Dog Being Dragged Behind Horse & Cart

  1. Fuck. Arsehols aren’t even hiding it anymore.
    I want to know what happened to the arseholes that were doing this?
    Someone visit them at home. With a bat.

    No compassion and teaching the future generation that this is how you treat innocent souls.

  2. Let this be known, people won’t tolerate this so don’t do it in the first place! You are drawing negative attention to yourselves and your community treating animals like this. Don’t have the animals in the first place. Makes more sense than what you are doing!

  3. Something like this happened in a big modern day city!?! If I was there, this story would include a couple of dead guys being dragged behind a wagon!

  4. Things such as this burn me a new butthole. There is not one freaking excuse for this behavior, except stupidity and evil. Hells waiting for ya.

  5. While I’m glad that the dog was rescued and is getting help, why isn’t anyone concerned about the boy as well? If the men will abuse an animal that much, they will likely abuse the boy as well. I can’t believe people calling a child ‘evil’ when he is probably trying to survive. Maybe I’m wrong but I’d like to know.

  6. They are seen often on.horse and cart near to lamby way in Cardiff , they usually have the kids out rabbiting with lurchers etc, and they have been seen to galloping horses on.the carts down the roads . It’s obv as the poor dog in the story collapsed she was no good to them.any more hence why man.said to kill her . I wish someone Had dealt with them , and made them suffer like they did to this.poor dog

  7. Seriously, these people need to be dealt with on a personal basis. No photos of the guys and the kid? I’m sure you will see them again if they are gypsies. They are lucky I don’t live there, I would hunt them down.

  8. What causes people to be so cruel ? Are they born evil ? I don;t know. I don;t care. Give me 5 minutes with these rotten son of a bitches, just 5 minutes. God bless those who save the animals.

  9. Tks all for standing up…Unity is strength , never turn away from any animals cruelty. Hope justic can be done to help many more suffering animals.

  10. Wow, unbelievable! I would have beat the crap out of those responsible for torturing this dog, maybe would have dragged them behind something so they could get a feel of what they were doing to that poor dog. The human race disgusts me sometimes.

  11. I used to be a member of a cat forum that was based in the UK. Some of the European members were very snooty, they repeatedly said they considered the US to be backward because a lot of Americans (including me) keep their animals inside and because of the animal abuse cases here. They claimed “That type of thing doesn’t happen over here because we are more civilized than America.” I call BS on that one. I’ve lost count of all the animal abuse cases I’ve seen over there. And let’s not forget the serial cat killer in the UK who is hacking cats up with a machete. More civilized? I think not.

    I hope Baby Girl gets a decent forever home. After the hell she’s been through she certainly deserves it.

  12. human race is in the wrong path!!!!!we disrespect everything!!!! ANIMALS!!!NATURE!!!HUMANS!!!!Beings like them make ME fill ashamed for being a human!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. This is for Kirby…
    A corrupt California DEA poisoned my dog to death because I called the San Francisco Attorney General’s office to complain that the FBI and DEA where fabricating evidence and stealing from me. From the time I noticed something was wrong to the time he died at the vet, it took about 30 hours for my dog to die. Kirby suffered tremendously.
    The FBI and DEA are smelly piles of dog s**t.
    Will those people that poison defenseless pets also poison humans? YES.
    Time to leak this…
    Many years ago when I was writing software for the NSA and DIA there was a rumor that several DEA employees had been giving their drug addicted informants needles tainted with HIV and Hepatitis viruses.
    What is worse, Russian FSB employees poisoning a former employee with Polonium or the DEA infecting informants and suspects with the HIV virus?
    Audio confirmation of Department of Justice employees joking about committing crimes came from the warrant less wiretapping after 9/11. After 9/11 the NSA was ordered to and began data collection on local, state and federal police agencies.
    These days the DEA is not much more than a proxy force for the Defense Intelligence Agency.The Defense Intelligence agency oversaw and instructed on the use of torture at Abu Graib.
    There are multiple instances of other crimes, but this is the most egregious. Another one , involved using gang members to break into their suspect’s homes and steal items and plant evidence.
    Do you know that former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger before leaving office dissolved the California BNE (Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement) for the same reasons that plague the DEA…. ineffectual, rampant corruption, etc…
    The decision was supported by many respected law makers/enforcers in California including Kamala Harris, the then California Attorney General.
    The BNE was California’s DEA clone.
    Another leak…
    It was about two weeks after the Waco Texas siege, I was at a software conference and a group of our software “users” said they had heard that the Department of Justice had requested the use of incendiary rounds for Waco.

  14. Well done to everyone coming together and saving this dog I commend you all. It’s good to hear of people making a stand against these animal abusers enough is enough!

  15. This Pos is why’ Conceal & Carry’ isn’t such a bad idea. They could of saved the dog and kid and got rid of some crap at the same time.

  16. For some reason, my browser won’t let me open this gut wrenching article all the way. Can someone please tell me what became of the dog after onlookers fed her?

  17. Gypsy scum stealing people’s much loved pets and doing this to them or worse, they use pet dogs as bait in fighting, sight hounds for racing and hare coursing, terriers for badger baiting the list goes on, hate them for what they do to people’s pets…

  18. I hope the sick bastards were dragged down the street for about 10 miles with the horse at a gallop. Then kicked until they can’t stand.

  19. should place the abuser behind the wheels and drag him 20 miles away and then dump him taken away the horse from him cuz he probably abuse the horse too

  20. so what happened to the scum who were torturing this dog? Was the kid removed from them because they sure show that they are not teaching this kid any kind of compassion much less morals. Why didn’t someone punch the lights out of these “people”. Makes you furious to think there are such savage barbarians in this day & age.

  21. What is wrong with some of these people! I really wish they received the same treatment that they dish out! Disgusting!! I’m glad good people intervened.

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