Idiot Tries to Steal A Dog and Gets What’s Coming to Him

Yeah, this is why you DON’T do things like this! What a moron!

Surveillance video caught this man trying to steal a dog from among a pack of what could be just street dogs.  He’s wildly unsuccessful, as you can plainly see.  This is exactly why you DON’T do something like that!



176 thoughts on “Idiot Tries to Steal A Dog and Gets What’s Coming to Him

  1. I’m really glad the dogs were able to fend for themselves… that man’s determination to grab the dog is really scary despite everything that’s happening to him.. what’s wrong with this guy? Plus, the second person who came to help the first guy probably will only think the dogs were aggressive and attacked this man for no reason… I hope the dogs are okay..

  2. That should teach that SOB….most likely trying to steal a dog to engage it in dog fighting and the “pack” knew it…BRAVO!!

  3. Hope the asshat doesnt try that again! Hey dude youd have better luck going to the local humain sociaty and adopting one! Leave street dogs alone they watch out and protect one another!

  4. No sympathy for this guy. I’m glad the other dogs were trying to help out their furry friend in crisis and I hope they are all okay.

  5. Regardless of the mans intentions, I’m fascinated watching the pack mentality at work. They were really “playing” with him weren’t they. When you know that one-well placed bite and shake of the head could have finished that man in moments, those dogs gave him plenty of opportunity to get the hell out of there. They were nipping for sure, and no doubt landed some good bites, but mostly they grabbed his clothes. Makes me wonder how the dogs would have reacted if he’d gotten more aggressive with them – or the opposite, if he’d curled up in a ball, would they have wandered off?

    1. are you kidding me? anybody can tell he was trying to STEAL the dog. If the dogs were violent they could have finished him off in no time. The dogs are better than that idiot. Dogs are wonderful!

  6. Fascinating to watch the strategic actions of the dogs. I hope that they continue to be ok – that the humans don’t come back later for revenge. The dog nabbing may not have been for altruistic reasons. Could have been intended for dog fights or sexual abuse.

  7. I only wish 1 of these dogs would have gotten ahold of this A**hole by the neck! I hate to even think about what they were going to do with these dogs. ?

  8. To bad fthe dogs didn’t do more to him shit makes me sick these people that take dogs over sea to sell for food or god know what aweful end awaits them
    Makes me sick

  9. S O BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAP ASS HOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOULD OF BEEN ALOT WORSE!!! THAT WAS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! I AM LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dianne E Newport That’s what I found fascinating. The mentality of the pack. They really really rounded on him. It was amazing to watch. M

  11. This man actually broke into the house, stole a top from the dogs’ owner to smell like him, and tried to steal one of the dogs but failed thanks to his brothers and sisters.

  12. Looks like this happened somewhere in Asia, probably he was taking the dog home. So he can eat the dog. Glad the dogs got on his ass. Poor dogs hope they found good homes.

  13. hope the guy get caught and also rescue organization be able to rescue those dogs off the street to take care of them till find a home.. I wonder if he try steal the dog to sell for meat.. wish the dogs bite off his balls off !! he asked for it..

  14. too bad it is in black and white, would have liked to see some blood. Good dogs, bad people. From the background it looks like one of those evil dog eatin’ countries.

    1. Are you kidding? These dogs were only ‘dangerous’ to the unmitigated idiot that would attempt to STEAL one of their pack-mates. Good for this dog that his buddies loved him enough to help keep him safe from some moron thief.

  15. actually im a bit confused by the comments, on here. 1. how is he trying to steal a dog that is a stray on the street? 2. What makes you instantly jump to the conclusion he is up to ill will or a dog meat hunter, as that isnt what the story is saying? 3. Are you just projecting the hunting on the street for dog, for meat because he is a male? I mean lets be honest he could like many, have seen a dog and thought I could take them dog home and give a place but I have to get it from these others, like many in rescues do daily. But it seems if its a male suddenly he must be up to bad.

  16. I was so hoping he would get his arm ripped off! ?????
    And I was praying the dogs would go for the jugular! ! That would’ve been justice.

  17. those dogs were not intending to let him go!! they went gangster on his ass when they realized he was up to something! I’m so happy they stuck together! Fucking loser, scumbags!!! he was almost a meal!!

  18. seriously look how fast you all jump to the worst conclusions, yet I have seen this same exact scene when we go out and get a dog on the street to rescue them, this is also what animal control see’s daily so are they evil, should they deserve to be attacked? These are large breed dogs that are street dogs in a pack you cant get more dangerous for elderly and children if you tried. If we see this in any of our areas we call the cops, but we think well they are males so must be bad, and asian so the racist in us pulls meat merchant out of our butt’s. Seriously do any of you ever do street rescue work? the bias on here is toxic

  19. If you guys really look at the video, this took place in some Asian community. I can assume where ever they do the dog meat trade. I bet the dogs have seen enough to know that he didn’t have good intentions. Poor dogs, glad they fought back and helped each other.

  20. It’s not the man tried to steal a dog, but he’s the owner of them. Two Rottweiler and two Doberman but he didn’t know how to teach them properly and the dogs went rebel. The dogs had bitten some neighbors before and neighbors were scary while passing his house. This happened in Vietnam. Anyway this serves his right!

  21. First thing I thought of was Yulin Dog Festival. It this man intended to steal this dog simply to eat it or torture it, then he got what he deserved! I wish every dog would fight back those fuckers who try and steal them.

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