Paralyzed Dog Whose Owners Didn’t Care Saved by a Complete Stranger

All it takes is one person’s love to completely change a dog’s life.


Leo’s hind legs became paralyzed after he was run over by a motorcycle, and his owners did nothing to help him.  He was developing sores from dragging his legs around, and was covered in parasites.  But one dedicated traveler went out of her way to get this baby saved and loving his new life.


4.27.16 - Dog Dragging Legs Gets a Rescue14.27.16 - Dog Dragging Legs Gets a Rescue2


111 thoughts on “Paralyzed Dog Whose Owners Didn’t Care Saved by a Complete Stranger

  1. What a wonderful person to save this dog! Just to see the picture of him with his new wheels and that big smile touches my heart!

  2. Rock on man, thank you. That is an adorable pup and deserves the best. To the original owner: i hope you are tortured to death. Sorry, not sorry.

  3. awww thank you for saved dog new wheel lift up for walk that is wonderful dog make a happy lift up than crawl hard work push for walk thank you beautiful dog bless <3

  4. Thank you for saving this babies life .how can people do that to such a prersiouos life . This woman has a heart of gold to save this guy

  5. It’s incomprehensible how this dog’s owner could just sit back and watch this precious dog suffer like that. The first picture breaks my heart into pieces. How could it not affect anyone that is human? God bless the stranger who saved Leo. His face shows so much happiness and joy now. I love this happy ending <3

  6. I can’t understand how anyone can be that cruel to a dog. It just blows my mind that people can let this happen, and not do anything about it.

  7. Put the owners under house arrest, fine them the cost of care for this adorable guy, and forbid them from ever having another dog, period.

  8. Thanks Megan. I’m sure you two will be so happy together. He looks like such a love bug and that smile makes my heart smile. His humans should never have put him in harms way to be hit by the motorcycle anyway. He’s so much better off with you and I’m happy that you now have each other.

  9. I’m so glad there are those who step in to help but I’m getting very overwhelmed by the terrible people who do nothing and leave animals to suffer and die. Very overwhelmed.

  10. You know Life With Dogs, your headlines are totally misleading. You say the owners did nothing to help him but you don’t say what country he is from. Maybe they had no money to help him and you are needlessly stirring up sentiment…

  11. What a kind loving person she is.
    Delighted Leo’s horrific situation was turned around in such an amazing & positive way.
    Bless them both.

  12. Helping an animal like this truly is next to godliness. Blessings to Meagan for saving Leo and giving him a new lease on life. He looks like he is such a happy boy now!

  13. You have a heart of gold you really did every thing you could for this dog and I do admire you well done you both look so happy and pup loves you so much he has a smile on his face

  14. Poor precious Leo.. Thank God he was sent an Angel!! Thank you!! As for the ” owners” .. can we break their legs and sit back and look at them .. doing nothing.. Disgraceful human beings..?

  15. Unconscionable. If you can’t afford treatment, give them up. Give them a chance. Looks so happy. So sad that a stranger cared and his family did not. Neighbors of these creeps should pile dog do on their doorstep everyday!!

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