Pit Bull Jumps in to Stop Man Beating His Wife

Blitz’s human opened his front door when he heard someone outside screaming for help. Help arrived, in the form of Blitz stopping a brutal attack.

Stock photo obtained from Google Images.
Stock photo obtained from Google Images.

Far too often, one sees a lot more negative stories in the news involving pit bulls.  It seems that for whatever reason, so called “bully breeds” are blamed for aggressiveness, and aren’t lauded for all of the other truly amazing things that make up who they are.  Well, here’s a great PAWSITIVE story, where a pit bull called Blitz stepped in to stop a man that was beating up his wife.

Blitz is one courageous dog.  He witnessed a brutal scene involving a man violently beat his wife, then dragging her across a street.  Blitz’s humans said there was no hesitation at all.  Blitz went after the man, and distracted him enough for the woman to get away, and for law enforcement to show up and take the man into custody.

There’s a very good chance that the woman’s screaming for help is really what triggered Blitz into action.  It’s a good thing he intervened when he did too.  Apparently, those that witnessed the scene said it was a brutal affair.  Had Blitz’s human not opened the door to investigate, Blitz may never have had the chance to be the hero, and show that it’s not the pit bull that’s dangerous, it’s the people that train them to be that way that are the real problem here.

Way to go Blitz!  You’re a hero in our book!