Pit Bull Jumps in to Stop Man Beating His Wife

Blitz’s human opened his front door when he heard someone outside screaming for help. Help arrived, in the form of Blitz stopping a brutal attack.

Stock photo obtained from Google Images.
Stock photo obtained from Google Images.

Far too often, one sees a lot more negative stories in the news involving pit bulls.  It seems that for whatever reason, so called “bully breeds” are blamed for aggressiveness, and aren’t lauded for all of the other truly amazing things that make up who they are.  Well, here’s a great PAWSITIVE story, where a pit bull called Blitz stepped in to stop a man that was beating up his wife.

Blitz is one courageous dog.  He witnessed a brutal scene involving a man violently beat his wife, then dragging her across a street.  Blitz’s humans said there was no hesitation at all.  Blitz went after the man, and distracted him enough for the woman to get away, and for law enforcement to show up and take the man into custody.

There’s a very good chance that the woman’s screaming for help is really what triggered Blitz into action.  It’s a good thing he intervened when he did too.  Apparently, those that witnessed the scene said it was a brutal affair.  Had Blitz’s human not opened the door to investigate, Blitz may never have had the chance to be the hero, and show that it’s not the pit bull that’s dangerous, it’s the people that train them to be that way that are the real problem here.

Way to go Blitz!  You’re a hero in our book!

110 thoughts on “Pit Bull Jumps in to Stop Man Beating His Wife

    1. It is so great to hear a good story about this breed. I have 4 (they were dumped on us by my daughter who thinks she has to rescue all animals) and they are harmless except when you try to walk in my door and they don’t know you. If we walk in first and you are behind us they have to sniff you but they don’t bite. If you try to walk in alone they might. I don’t like it but don’t know how to fix it. When they are outside in the yard (they get lose once a year or so when the kids forget to close the door) they only bark. They do not even bark at the mailman. They are mostly lazy and want their bellys rubbed. We have a friend that stays over at our house once a week when he works a double shift. He comes in around midnight and the dogs don’t even bark. He said they lift their head off the couch and give him a woof and that is all they do. They know the car I guess. He scrounges around in the fridge before going to bed and nobody even pays attention to him. LOL


    1. Unfortunately, if the dog had done that, he could have been taken by Animal Control and might well have been put down as an aggressive dog. The dog did the best thing which was to distract the man until his wife could get away and get help.

    2. I’m glad he didn’t. If he had killed the guy, no matter what kind of monster the guy was, The cops that came to arrest the guy would have shot the dog.

  1. Now they will say he attack for no reason
    Sorry but I have a pit he protected his property an now he is in animal control for that until hearing to see if he is dangerous
    No justice in the world for dog’s

    1. Sorry to hear your dog isn’t with you. Have you tried to contact your local TV stations to put your story out there? Also it might be a good ideal to contact local dog rescue people, maybe do a write up or something in your local paper. I’m just suggesting things that might help your situation . Maybe you’ve done all this. Hope it works out for you and your pooch. Your right dogs as well as others animals are done very wrong in this Country.

  2. Stupid human. Blitz could have been killed by the scumbag or the cops: subject the owner to a lawsuit, or get Blitz in trouble for being an aggressive dog.
    I would have gone after man, with gun, and defused situation.

      1. Your name calling is uncalled for. People can expressed being upset and don’t need attitude or name calling from YOU.

    1. U R so rite. Looked over comments. Pits can be the best lovers of their owers & the most loveable dogs around.

  3. And yet you chose a stock photo for this article of a scary looking pit with a collar that looks like it has bullets attached to it. WTF?

      1. Actually, if you look at the caption directly under the photo, it says it’s a stock photo obtained from Google Images.

  4. Yeah they’ll say the beautiful dog did something wrong I hope he ripped his damn hands off no man should hit a woman and vis versa ….good dog I’m sorry he was protecting his family

  5. I think it’s irresponsible to put a spiked collar on any dog, especially pit bulls. The don’t need “clothing” that reinforces the dangerous dog stereotype. That sweetheart should be wearing a floral collar or one with little hearts <3

  6. Doesn’t erase all the children’s throats pits have ripped out. I’ll never have my kid around a pit. Too unpredictable.

  7. Blitz pulled a blitz move, now, someone needs to buy him a steak or the best dog food on the shelves.

  8. i say great dog. not very many of you have mentioned the man that was beating the women guess that part isn’t important to you none pit lovers. if you dont like pits thats your decision but dont believe everything you read about a pit attacking any animal or person, because the stories get changed the more they are told. great bread i love my brindle and will not give her up for any reason. if it was my dog that fended of that piece of sh## women beater she would get her favorite cheeseburger and ice cream sandwiches. love my pit.

  9. i personally would like to ask for more people to start sending more GOOD stories on pits /their own dogs. so many dogs killed on a daily basis just because stupid cruel people breed,raise them to attack and fight. lets see those GOOD stories people. how bout it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. my daughter & grandson have two pit bulls. I was cautious at first, but now trust the dogs. I’d never been around a pit bull before. These two have turned out to be big lovable babies. It “is” important to train them properly though. My daughter had her pit bull at a training ranch with other dogs for a month. The dog is now very obedient, loving, & affectionate. Give them a chance & you’ll have a wonderful dog.

  11. Why not call the police and make a ruckus in front of the man’s house holding a weapon of some kind yourself instead of putting the dog’s life at risk?

  12. Pit bulls are amazing animals it is how they were brought up whether they’re good or mean same as a child’s environment or a humans. Why does this have to be sad all the time when it is not true about this breed of the dog

  13. It’s 2016 who the hell still beats their wives ? Seriously are they stupid ? If you cant live with eachother get a divorce dumbassess !!!

  14. It depends a lot how you take care of him. I have a pittbul and he is so lovely, so funny,always wants to play .So i’m not agree that they are dangerous . All the dogs can be dangerous if you teach them to be aggressive but if you offer them love they are normal dogs and i would say smarter then other dogs.So I think that not the dog has to be punished.

  15. Good Boy Blitz…I would have made him a big steak…Love animals..have more heart then some people….

  16. Blitz is NOT a pit bull. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/staffordshire-bull-terrier/ They are commonly and incorrectly referred to as “Blue Pits”.

    So called Pit Bulls have such a bad reputation because people don’t have a clue what is and what is not a Pit Bull. In addition, scientific studies have consistently concluded that even experts cannot identify a dog’s breed by looking at it.

    I am a 71 year old man who 50 years ago used to call Staffordshire Bull Terriers Pit Bulls, but then I did research that went back more than 800 years and found that there has NEVER been a BREED of dogs called Pit Bulls.

    Pit Bulls was a term used for dogs used for dog fighting in England in the 1800s. Any breed or mutt that went into a ring (Pit) to fight another dog was referred to as a Pit Bull because some of the dogs used for fighting were crossbred descendants of “Bull Baiting” dogs. All Bull Baiting dogs were referred to as Bull Dogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFwkc2qE35s

    Today, the dogs commonly referred to as Pit Bulls are actually mutts or dogs of other breeds that have been mislabeled. In spite of the fact that there are numerous “kennel” clubs that register so-called Pit Bulls there are no such “BREED”.

    By the way I am writing a book and hope to finish it before I die not for money (it will be free) but to put the real story out for anyone who wants the truth. I also have at least 100 man-years of sheltering American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rat Terriers, Scottish Terriers, etc., but we do not breed (propagate), buy, sell or exchange dogs. We only rescue, rehabilitate, train and find good homes for dogs, cats and any other animals that need help, and we are NOT a 501(c)3.

  17. I love pit bulls and a story like this is great for them. I just have one problem here. The photo topping the story is of a dog on “alert” wearing a spiked collar. By placing studded spiky intimidating collars on pit bulls, people are only REINFORCING the stereotypes that pit bulls are scary dangerous dogs. Do your pit bull and the entire “breed” a favor, Stop portraying an image that says “my dog is scary and ferocious and will tear you to shreds”.

  18. good thing blitz didnt hurt the clown,they would of said look a pit bull hes dangerous lets put him down,asshole people who make this happen should be shot

  19. All dogs are very protective when it comes to those who love them! My little dachshunds would rip someone’s leg off if they raised a hand to me or my child! Pitbulls are no different, Good dog!!

  20. I used to be against these breeds but I have softened due to the overwhelming good reports said about them. I think there is more humanity in animals than in mankind

  21. It is pretty cool to finally hear just how great a pit is however, I know firsthand, All three of my pits have always made excellent decisions when being in and or around a bad situation. Great job Blitz.

  22. Yea for Blitz. So nice to see a good story. Then I start reading the comments. Gees. Everything from praising this dog, to condemning the breed. Arguing over breeds….
    Hey! What about the guy beating his wife? It’s not dogs that are so dangerous, it’s humans. SO what happened with the wife beating (insert cuss word of your choice) man? Forget what dog breeds are dangerous, what about people?

  23. I don’t get why most people say that pit bulls are agrresive dogs. I had the opportunity to play with one pit bull and she even didn’t mind me playing with her pups. She and her pups would jump from joy when I would come to see them, they just wanted to play. Even now when her pups are all grown up they are playfull and nice like they were when they were just pups.

  24. Does anyone out there know that pitties were once used as “nanny dogs..”? That was because of their
    sweet nature, but also the protectiveness of these dogs for their small charges. Dogs are much like people in that they tend to respond in kind. If a man is mean to a dog of any breed,he will attack you,
    or someone he perceives as you. The same can be said of many different types of animals that have
    come to work for or assist mankind..

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