Rescued Fox Is the Perfect Mix of Cat and Dog

So while Vixey is still very much a wild animal, her behaviors are very much like those of our cats and domesticated dogs (cats can hardly be considered tame).



You really want to adopt a pet, but you’re having a hard time deciding what to get – a cat or a dog.  They each have really great qualities, and bring so much joy to life.  You’d really love to get one of each, so you know what you do?  Adopt a rescue fox!

You see a lot of cats who are really just one of the dogs.  You occasionally find that dog who really seems to be a cat just trapped in a dog’s body.  But then you have foxes, whose adorable antics make them equal parts dog and cat.  This is especially true of Vixey, who was rescued from a fur farm in the Czech Republic when she was just a kit.


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Sadly, in many parts of the world, most notably Eastern Europe, fur farming is still a highly lucrative business, as there are millions of people who do not care about the suffering of the animals they wear.  Vixey was fortunate to escape the fate that befalls her brethren.

She was rescued when she was young, and has grown up in the care of Martin Mirejovsky.  He strongly speaks out against the fur trade, and works tirelessly to promote animal welfare.


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He has raised her much like a house pet – given her toys and cozy beds – but he still feeds her the raw meat that her body is designed to process.  So while Vixey is still very much a wild animal, her behaviors are very much like those of our cats and domesticated dogs (cats can hardly be considered tame).

There are many behaviors that are (generally) very distinctly cat or dog.


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  • Slapping dogs and each other.
  • Sproinging eight feet in the air when things like cucumbers are unknowingly placed behind them.
  • Spending three hours grooming, then horking up a tube of wet hair.
  • Begging for your attention and desperately trying to entwine themselves around your limbs, then growling at you and taking off after you’ve pet them exactly four times.


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  • Can be easily trained to learn commands and tricks.
  • Not understanding that you’ve literally only been gone for a minute, not a week.
  • You can move under the blankets around dogs without having your feet clawed.
  • Can detect cancer and seizures, and save their families from fires.


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Here are some things that you’ll find dogs and cats have in common.  They both:

  • Steal treats off the table.
  • Play hide and seek beneath the blankets.
  • Cuddle, especially when they know their human needs it.
  • Love getting chin, neck, and butt scratches.
  • Get the zooms and tear around the house.
  • Play fetch by themselves.


4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog8


And by watching the video of Vixey, it is clear that foxes also love all of these things.  They are related to dogs, and like their relatives, love to dig, gnaw on rawhides and squeaky toys, and roll around in smelly things.  But they are also very much like cats.  They have sensitive whiskers, climb trees, some have retractable claws, and they enjoy pouncing and hanging out in cardboard boxes.  Could foxes be any more adorable??



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4.11.16 - Fox is a Cat-Dog15



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If you’d like to learn more about Vixey and can read Czech, or don’t mind translating entire web pages, click here.  To see more of her cute photos, click here.


73 thoughts on “Rescued Fox Is the Perfect Mix of Cat and Dog

  1. Wow! If it were April 1st I’d think this was a joke! It’s not like wildlife need to be saved by humans as pets. Let’s keep focused on the many “pets” that need a loving home…??

  2. they ARE adorable and beautiful and amazing… but I’m very surprized and disappointed that this page would promote foxes… they are NOT a domestic animal and promoting them like this one is irresponsible.

    1. They are just like dogs. If you raise The from a kit, then you won’t have to worry as much. I have raised a WILD coyote pup because he was dying. Is that any different?! Cody is just like a dog to me! I did have to pay 246 dollars for him, but I love him. And that’s what matters. Cody is my best freind. Best.

  3. Foxes are not like dogs, and they’re not like cats. They mark anything and everything they want to and the pee STINKS, their favorite thing to do is chew everything, they bite, they’re not going to behave like a fully domesticated animal. They’re expensive to care for (a proper diet, stimulation, medical care, replacing what they wreck), and illegal to own in most places-you need permits and the department of natural resources will do check ins. They are possessive, often food aggressive, and there is no real way to train the dominant attitude out of them if that’s their personality. This makes them a not so great addition of you have kids or other pets. You can’t board them because there aren’t recognized rabies vaccinations for foxes (wanna travel? You’re gonna have to call every state DNR to get authorized to import your ‘exotic animal) and the vets that are qualified to treat them are most likely going to be exotic animal vets-so more $$$. If you’re going to bring s fox into your home, do your research!!

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    Tks ad with post: You really want to adopt a pet, but you’re having a hard time deciding what to get – a cat or a dog. They each have really great qualities, and b…

  5. Youd better know how to handle a fox! Its not exsctly Fluffy or Fido. Not good advice to have a feral animal of any kind unless you are trained and licensed…and if you are you know these are not pets.

  6. No. No no no no NO.

    Unless you are an educated and qualified person please do not get a fox. They are not like a mix between a cat and a dog but they are a fox. To encourage the sale and keeping of wild animals is irresponsible. There are domesticated foxes but they are few and far between and they still require a lot of attention and care. Let’s stick with dogs and leave the foxes in nature.

  7. I’d adopt one but only if the fox couldn’t survive in the wild. I’m not sure it’s legal in the US. I really wish that the fur industry would disappear and that hunters would give up the cowardly pursuit of killing them as “sport.” It’s not a sport, in a real sport, all parties involved are consenting participants. All participants are given the same equipment. I an not even fathom why killing an innocent animal is entertaining to some. It makes me ill that these beautiful animals die as a result of some humans’ sense of entitlement.

  8. Foxes are NOT like cats orr dogs. This is a completely ridiculous suggestion. Foxes can be adobted and bought in places it is not illegal, but they are NOT domesticated by any means like cats or dogs. They are wild animals! They bite hard, they stink horribly, they need to have a big enclosure, they destroy your furniture, they cannot be left alone for a long period of time, they nwed a very specific diet or they can die and many more

    For an animal lovers page, this is a really stupid post. If you want to educate yourself, look up @juniperfoxx on Instagram. This fox owner will tell you how it is like to have a fox. She has made it her mission to educate people about foxes.

  9. Shelters are full of dogs and cats that WANT to be pets. A fox is a wild animal, and does not want to be a pet. It is irresponsible to encourage people to force foxes to be pets.

  10. So very Sad to promote foxes as PETS
    Most people are not responsible enough to handle domestic dogs and cats
    SHAME on anyone who promotes this

  11. I cannot say this enough DO NOT buy a fox. Is this cute? Yes. Is it good that this fox is not a fur coat? Yes. Are foxes good indoor pets? NO. Please do not read this article and then go buy a fox or grab one out of the woods. They are WILD animals and the majority of people are not able to spend the needed time with a fox and handle it when they act like a fox and not a cat or dog. Again, please do not run out and buy a fox!!!

  12. Good God! Can’t you people just be happy for that fox which was rescued and seems very happy in his new home?! Jeeezzzz…..

  13. I wish we could rescue them all. Also, he is strongly against the fur trade if you read further and I feel it’s a horrible thing that people kill these beautifu creatures just to have a fur coat. Disgusting.

  14. It is extremely irresponsible to compare fox ownership with cats and dogs. Foxes are not domesticated pets, these are exotic animals.

    1. Yes they are foxes but comparing their habits to other animals is not promoting anything other than his own observations of the situation. Go eff yourself and your condescending confessions of stupidity you overbearing jackass. You people can’t even properly raise your own bratty children yet you think you know what’s best for complete strangers? I can’t stand people like you and how you think you know what’s best for everyone else when in reality they are probably much smarter than you will ever be or could even possibly conceive of being. I think your biggest problem is that you assume everyone is just as stupid as you are.

      1. I agree. I I have a pet coyote named Cody that’s 6 months old. I haven’t had any problems with him since he was 1 month old. And, Cody is a very good pet. He is just like my dog Bleu! And all of my pets get along other that Bleu and Colt. He was dying when I first got him, and I had to pay a fee, but, it was worth it! ? And I love foxes. Absolutely love them! ?

  15. They are not pets. Rescued foxes belong in proper, accredited wildlife rescues or sanctuary, not in people’s homes. This isn’t the first time you promote this kind of crap. Please stop!!!!

  16. wow… never thought of that… we could easily manage a fox here with our other rescues… and the fox woukld get good training (and fixed)

  17. I absolutely hate 95% of all people who comment on animal videos. In order to domesticate animals you have to start somewhere as it takes generations of selective breeding and handling. Nobody cares what you wanna-be overbearing parents think about owning any animal. Quit trying to micromanage everyone on the internet’s life and opinions and worry about your own. Shouldn’t you busy bodies be watching Oprah and talking crap about your neighbors behind their backs while you feed your little miserably existing rat dogs ice cream and other junk?

  18. Not the smartest article. Fox isn’t a mix of a dog and a cat, that’s simply miss believe. Fox is very difficult to maintain as a pet, if you can’t believe me check #livingwithjuni in Instagram.

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