UPDATE: Quad City Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Police in Illinois have released new information on the dog fighting ring bust that took place yesterday in the Quad City area.



Yesterday, we brought a breaking news story about a dog fighting ring bust in Illinois’ Quad City area.  To see the first story, click here.

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Police have released an update to the yesterday’s dog fighting ring bust in the Illinois Quad City area.  Local law enforcement, along with the ASPCA and a federal anti-gang task force served 11 different warrants, and seized 64 animals, a large quantity of different narcotics and some weapons.  There are now two more arrests in the case.

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According to police reports, 41-year-old Ryan Hickman and 34-year-old Willie Jackson have been arrested in connection with the bust.  Hickman is being charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and Jackson received an unlawful possession of marijuana.

4.15.16 - bustFEAT

These arrests came along with many others, to quite a few people.  The FBI worked with local law enforcement as an anti-gang task force operation.  They worked together for a little over a year, and together pulled off a raid spanning several properties, and involved many people, many of them gang members.

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The idea behind the task force is to cut off the money that gangs get by holding dog fights, dealing drugs and the buying and selling of illegal firearms.  If the gangs aren’t making money, hopefully they’ll just fall apart.

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Police also said that this is simply the beginning, and they believe that there are to be many more arrests on the way.  The dogs that were seized in the raid were first moved to temporary shelters, where as of now many of them still are.  After a medical evaluation, the dogs will move onto various forms of long term and possibly even permanent housing situations.

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55 thoughts on “UPDATE: Quad City Dog Fighting Ring Bust

  1. My hope is that ALL the dogs will find good and loving forever homes and that the fucktards who were involved in this end up taking a dirt nap!!!

  2. Thank you to all who saved all these precious innocent fur babies from these evil heartless rotten prick bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. poor babies!, the sad thing is some of these dogs will be put down because of agression ;( its not their fault its the idiots who run this type of B.S! My heart aches for these beautiful doggies!

  4. Now it’s time to start taking the people’s assets for repayment FINES of dogfighting and cruelty to animals. Illinois needs money and who better to get the money from … from Thugs. Leave them penniless

  5. Call POLICE, FBI, animal shelters, humane societies, rescue groups if you ever see, hear or suspect illegal dog fighting, abuse, torture, murdering. ” Do unto others what you want done unto you. ” Everyone involved in any aspect of illegal dog fighting should be held legally and financially accountable. They are telling society and the justice system what they want done unto them. Death sentences! ! !

  6. Hope they throw them in jail for life!!! That’s the judgement they give to the poor innocent dogs!! THEY are Not innocent! they know exactly what they’re doing!

  7. Please don’t let those bastards responsible for this be jailed! Find a violent way of killing them all before they are even jailed!

  8. Thankyou for helping. This makes me sad im glad people are helping they deserve a loveing home with lots of love they will be your friend for ever. I love animals. We haveto pray to stop this dog fighting its making me very sad.

  9. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to shut this ring down. Thank you for not just automatically putting all of the dogs down. They will get a chance to see what life can actually be like…what it should always be like.

  10. SIXTY FOUR?? Makes me sick. People giving pets away had better make certain it’s to a good home versus a fighting ring and bait ring!!

  11. Thank you guy so pleased you got the dogs out please find good homes for them make sure these people that are guilty of treating these poor dogs go to prison only way to stop this happening God bless you and all that helped in you rescue

  12. If the Federal, not state government would impose mandatory fines and JAIL sentences, no exceptions of 10 years no parole and siezure of all assets of anyone in attendance at the house the raid was conducted I can almost guarantee there would be a lot less of this type of thing. This crap of a year and 1,000.00 fine is nothing to these people who have made thousands of dollars having these disgusting exhibitions. I know if I was one of the participants, which anyone who knows me would know it’s an impossibility, the threat of 10 years just for being there would keep me away let alone losing everything I have. Make it a law and make certain everyone who can read and write knows about it. Yahoo, the news[papers, radio and Television for a solid month so as there’s none of that, “I didn’t know”. The defendants wouldn’t even need an attorney. No matter what they would say, it’s 10 years no parole or 15 with parole but I want these disgusting people behind bars for at least 10 years or until you can take a train from Los Angeles to New York in 30 minutes, whichever comes first, or last.

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  14. Throw the book at them. Better yet, throw them in a ring with a bear, like in the game of thrones. Dog fighters are human garbage, should be stomped on, and wiped from the rest of the world.

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