Vigilantes Torture and Disfigure Man Suspected of Breeding Fighting Dogs

A man people apparently suspect of being a fighting dog breeder is tied up and tortured by three men in masks.





A man from Detroit suspected of breeding fighting dogs is reported to have been found tied up, beaten and tortured, and having had one of his ears cut off.  Police say that a group of men attacked him wearing masks, and were punishing him for raising dogs in deplorable conditions.

A local Fox News affiliate counted 16 dogs total on the man’s property.  They all appeared to be malnourished, and living outdoors in filth.  This doesn’t take into account the dozen or so dogs that the man had in his basement.


4.1.16 - ears2


According to reports, the man went out to the back to feed the dogs when the other men attacked him.  The man said they were wearing masks, and that they forced his other family members back into the home.  The three men then tied him up, along with his two tenants.  They beat the property owner up, demanding money.

“My cousin’s not a small man, you know what I’m saying.  They knew what they were doing,” says Marty Johnson.  Johnson is the property owner’s cousin.  “They tied him up; they beat him up pretty bad; broke ribs; broke fingers; stabbed him with ice pics; cut his ear off.  It was just messed up.”

The police are confirming that the man was targeted because of his dog breeding operation.  Apparently, many people believe that the man breeds the dogs for fighting purposes.  He also owns other properties where dogs are bread and raised.  Taking that into consideration, and the conditions the dogs on this particular property were living in, it isn’t difficult to see why someone would think that.


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The man’s family is denying any and all accusations that he is raising dogs to fight.  They say he’s just a simple breeder, and loves his dogs very much.

“No, he don’t [sic] fight dogs. He breeds dogs,” says the victim’s brother, who did not wish to be shown or named. “He has a lot of dogs. He’s been like that since we were kids.”

The people that attacked the man are still at large, and police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.  Keep checking back, as Life With Dogs will be following this story, as it unfolds.


4.1.16 - earsFEAT

1,611 thoughts on “Vigilantes Torture and Disfigure Man Suspected of Breeding Fighting Dogs

      1. Perfect??This is a start??? Torture and disfigurement, I don’t care what it’s about, is horrific and wrong. You are just as bad of a monster as the person who is training fighting dog if you think this is a good thing. Fucking idiots.

        1. Animals are helpless. It was up to this man to provide a safe place for them to be. He chose not to be a responsible pet owner so he got what he deserved. period.

          1. I totally agree with you. Let this be a warning to all other dog “breeders” who are breeding for fighting. The police should charge every adult who lives at that house as accessories to torture, dog fighting and dog murder. Of course they KNEW what he was doing. The so called dog “owner” is Guilty as charged – I hope the people who attacked this one dog fighter comes back to teach the rest of the adults there a similar lesson.
            Any human who would keep another living, breathing animal in such deplorable conditions is a sociopath. A sociopath doesn’t have a conscience at all. If you look into his home life, you will certainly find other types of animal abuse, child abuse, complete disrespect for rules, authority figures and more. Therefore, this person is a danger to all of the rest of us-and obviously very dangerous to all animals. Lock him up for life.

        2. Youre the ducking idiot do you know how these poor animals are tortured on a daily basis. By this piece of craps

          1. I especialy liked the part where they used an ice pick on him. Gives tha sadistic bastard a little sample of how a dog would feel having sharp teeth tearing into its face and unprotected soft belly. He got what he deserved, Actually, people who hurt, torture, and abuse sweet animals need to die and not on this planet. Hope he didn’t have insurance and hopefully he had to pay his medical bills out of pocket.

        3. An asshole torturing innocent animals deserves what they did to him. Maybe others will think twice!

      2. I think more people should do that cops do nothing. Animals have no voice. They should have cut out his tongue

    1. GTFOH! Breeding dogs? Loves his dogs very much? Yeah, right… Nobody who loves their dogs has them living outside in mud and worse. Good for those vigilantes. Should have cut off both ears.

      1. And nothing was said about removing the dogs from the property. Even if they weren’t fighting them, they should have been taken due to conditions.

    2. no irony in supporting men who torture a man who breeds dogs in deplorable conditions?
      those who support the mutilation of a another human being are themselves savage beasts.
      people who sympathize with dogs more than other people have a perverted sense of morality.
      there are laws that govern the mistreatment of animals and those laws do not excuse savage violence perpetrated by vigilantes.

      1. No. He got. Justice by a group. Of his peers. You are wrong. This sub human gave up his rights when he started to torture God’s creatures. Don’t you dare preach about he’s a man and they are dogs…

      2. You are not worth the life of any dog or other animal-You are no more important than any other living creature-We have weak pathetic laws-you sound like you probably torture animals yourself-

  1. Good for them! The law doesnt protect these poor babies so let the vigilantes do it! Sorry, but I have zero mercy for people who torture animals!

  2. What about the dogs? Are they still living in these deplorable conditions and being neglected? I don’t feel sorry for buddy at all. Or, rather, I don’t feel sorry for ol’ One Ear, at all.

  3. Hello everyone, Life With Dogs…My IQ score of 125, and u?…
    CdmtDWb ? start now. ~~>

    Tks for this post: A man from Detroit suspected of breeding fighting dogs is reported to have been found tied up, beaten and tortured, and having had one of his ears cut…

  4. As an animal lover can’t help but feel a certain amount of satisfaction on behalf of the poor dogs, even though it is really a crime. Wonder if we could get the perpetrator to come to Aus.

  5. I think we need to find a balance …we need to punish those who abuse animals and we need to do it with significance. If we become the abusers, we lose, in my opinion,

    1. you hope he was really guilty?..hmmm….did you not see the pictures of the dogs that were malnourished? Did you not see the filth that they were living in?….whether he was breeding them to fight or not is irrelevant at this point….how on earth could you even say that….put yourself in those dogs shoes….let’s see how long you last… most people’s eyes they didn’t do enough damage….I tend to agree.

      1. That person just said that they were basically on your sid.. They probably didn’t read or loom at the picturesDon’t be a self righteous uppity cunt.

  6. The best news I’ve heard to-day, only surprised it doesn’t happen more often!! If the law won’t sort this scum out, someone has to!

  7. Good. And the lying ass family should have been beat too. He loves them so much he let’s them live in filth and let’s them get malnourished. You sir, I don’t feel bad for you.

    1. A.l. , I couldn’t agree more. It may make me a bad person…oh well. To the heros that did this, I got extra room at my house in florida. We can take care of some trash here.

  8. Bravo to whoever you are….we support you. 0 tolerance for people who abuse animals…the government isn’t doing a thing about it.

  9. Why isn’t the Humane society or some other animal rescue group there saving those animals an prosecuting tat sob for keeping animals in conditions like that. Stop looking for the vigilantes.

  10. I do not feel one bit sorry for that POS. we need more of these people out there to give the animal abusers a taste of their own medicine! !! Haha

  11. Are the dogs ok. BRAVO to the men that gave this man his do but what about the dogs are they rescued. Please have a follow up story.

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