World’s Cutest Wrecking Ball: Dog Destroys Apartment

Note to folks considering a Golden: these dogs need exercise and stimulation.

This video of a 9-month-old pup systematically wrecking its owners’ apartment is surely proof enough. Submitted by YouTuber Justinas, it showcases the destruction possible at the hands of a well-intentioned, if slightly bored, pup left to her own devices.

We hope no one had a yoga class planned for that afternoon!

45 thoughts on “World’s Cutest Wrecking Ball: Dog Destroys Apartment

  1. They sure do as any big dog does.They nee at least 6 hours of run time and play to ude their energy up.So people need to know this if you are getting a pup and it is of size.A walk every day also to see and get out to explore.Lot of work and time.

  2. A flat/apartment is no place for a big dig that needs exercise and stimulation. I have two labradores at home and they will wreck things if they don’t get their hike or run in the morning.

  3. Why is a dog of that size or any dog for that matter living in an apartment that small!? They need a yard to play and run around in and to be exercised also!!!

  4. First of all, he is absolutely adorable and it has nothing to do with the size of the apartment and being left alone. He needs a buddy or more importantly doggy daycare. I had pne dog for a few year and she tore up things once in a while but as soon as I got a second dog it all stopped. I hope this lady isn’t too hard on that beautiful puppy…he just missed her.

  5. This was a daily occurrence for me Jo used to dread coming home lol but have to say he is finally getting better !! What was so frustrating was telling him off for trashing the room and he would just constantly wag his tail lol xxx

  6. Most puppies will do this because they are amusing themselves . I knew a lurcher who did £2500 worth of damage to a kitchen in 25 minutes. Train to a crate , keep door closed for short times after exercise, (never use as punishment) do not use toys or treats, get dog used to sleeping in it, keep to a routine. Simple.

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