Well-Behaved Dog Waits in Line for Ice Cream Cone

Reggie is not only a big fan of ice cream, but he’s such a good boy about it, too, waiting nicely in line for his turn.



Reggie is a big fan of a nice, cold ice cream treat.  Who isn’t, right?  So, when the ice cream truck rolls into his neighborhood in Cardiff, Wales, there is no one more excited than he to know it is ice cream time!


5.13.16 - ReggieFEAT


The three-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier isn’t a rude or impatient dog.  In fact, anyone who knows him, knows that it’s completely the opposite with Reggie.  He waits for his human to tell him to go get in line, which is exactly what he does.  He goes over and patiently waits his turn.


5.13.16 - Reggie2


Ryan Thomas is Reggie’s human, and obviously has him very well trained.  His video is going viral all over the internet, getting view after view.  It’s not every day that you see a dog with this much patience and restraint.


5.13.16 - Reggie3