Buddah Is a Special Needs Senior Dog Looking for Love

Remember, DON’T SHOP! ADOPT! There are plenty of excellent best friends in waiting at your local shelter for you to come and take them home!

Along with bringing you the latest in dog news from around the world, Life With Dogs also likes to do what it can to help dogs in need.  There are many dogs out there just waiting for a forever family to come and take them home, and wouldn’t it be great if you found your new best friend here with us?!  So, we’re planning on bringing you an adoptable dog, every day!

Today’s Adoptable Dog of the Day is Buddah!


6.19.16 - Buddah 2



Although Buddah is blind, as one approaches his cage he becomes a wiggle worm and all he wants is love and a home to call his own with his forever family. Give Buddha a chance for a happy life and you will see how wonderful he is. Buddha deserves a miracle, are you that wonderful family that will create that miracle for him? Please contact us to come and meet Buddha, call us at 305-674-7387.

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