Eight Loyal Street Dogs Faithfully Guard the Body of the Woman Who Loved Them

Her perturbed dogs gathered around her from 4 am until 10 am, seemingly the only souls in the world to care about her life or death.

6.9.16 - Eight Loyal Stray Dogs Guard the Body of the Woman Who Loved Them1


It’s a sad day when humans have so little regard for one another that they’ll just pass by the body of a woman who’s died, leaving her in the street to rot.  But dogs are on a higher plane than humans.  These eight dogs faithfully surrounded her and held vigil for several hours.

There are conflicting reports of the woman’s age; the Daily Mail says she was elderly, but a translation of a Chinese news source calls her a “young woman aged 15.”  Nevertheless, she was riding her bicycle near the Jiangxi Institute of Engineering in southeast China with her adopted dogs in tow when she suddenly collapsed and died on the spot.


6.9.16 - Eight Loyal Stray Dogs Guard the Body of the Woman Who Loved Them3


Police and paramedics arrived, but when they realized she was dead and there was no way to revive her, they departed, leaving her body where it was.  She was not moved until much later that night.


Loyal Strays Guard Body Of Dead Owner


­She used ride her bike to collect bottles and discarded items to sell to survive, and adopted the street dogs over the years.  Her perturbed dogs gathered around her from 4 am until 10 am, seemingly the only souls in the world to care about her life or death.

Hopefully someone, or the community, will step in and care for these poor dogs now that they are without the only person in the world who cared about them.


6.9.16 - Eight Loyal Stray Dogs Guard the Body of the Woman Who Loved Them2

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  1. So now we can continue to have our school children informed as to how awful our society is and how superior other societies are; but at least we pick up people who have died in the street. Where are those “superior collective values” when you need them?

    1. if any exist in your area know there is none in china.dogs are better treated than humans.this is a very crazy society.i wonder why God is blessing them more.

      1. Dogs are not treated better than humans in China. They eat dogs! Have not heard of them eating humans. Does seem that the community would have a law about burying dead bodies though.

      2. Whatever entity brought about our creation has not looked back since then. It does not spend time judging or blessing. It could care less about our daily lives and has never communicated with any inhabitant of our earth whether past or present. Your bible is nothing but a collection of myths and legends. It does contain some good life advice but anything claiming to be the “word of god”, “what god wants”, or “god’s plan” is BS written by men for the purpose of bending others to their will.

        1. God will send strong delusion to them that believe the lie . Men who are neither thankful or like to retain God in there knowledge. Why do they not like to retain God in there knowledge ? Because they don’t want to answer to a holy God because they have pleasure in unrighteousness. They want to make themselves the God . They can’t face the fact that there is a creator that made them from the dust of the earth. We will see whether God”s Holy Scriptures are a myth , maybe for you on the judgement day you will have to answer to that Holy God that is a myth . But He loved you enough to die for you have you ever meditated on that ? Or is that to far below your wisdom and knowledge? He will bring the wisdom of this world to nothing .


      3. You have never heard about the Yulin festival where they kill and eat thousands of dogs, including stolen pets? The Chinese have no regard for ANY life.

      1. I know it sounds racist but that has been my observation in more instances than could be explained by chance.- both in my neighborhood and while visiting China..

    2. Please do not take offense, but I don’t really think you understand what you are talking about.

      I grew up in Chicago, In 1995, the population of the US was nearly 300 million. Chicago experienced a heat wave that summer which killed over 700 people within a few weeks. Some of these people were left where they were found for over a week. The infrastructure at the time dictated that semi truck freezers needed to be brought in to bridge the lack of room at the morgue. It seems now, as if this “temporary solution” has now become the GO-TO fix in Chicago as these trucks are now permanent staples.

      Now lets just compare the population of China, which is well over 1,375,000,000 as in 1 billion, three hundred and seventy five million. Now lets just imagine how Chicago would have handled the summer of 1995 with just double it’s normal inhabitants. Are you getting the picture yet?

      Chinese people do not leave their dead in the streets out of disrespect or a lack of compassion, if it happens, it is due to a lack of services. Services which are very lacking in this country are horribly outnumbered by the more than 10x population of China.

      We shouldn’t be so judgemental when we think of other countries and other cultures. When I read your statement, I knew instantly that you have NEVER even been to Asia. Because had you traveled there, you would have understood what I am talking about.

      But don’t worry, you can just click away and get back to your Vente’ Frap while you watch Kardashians on that Iphone that these people made for you. Maybe later you could find more issues to complain about , to which you are completely ignorant.

      Hope you feel more important now that you’ve set us all straight in your pathetic attempt to gain attention for yourself from this poor womans death. Hope you feel special.

      1. I’m from Asia and I worked in China for long years. This is not about the facility. You don’t need an ambulance to show you care for somebody else’s life.
        Btw, other countries have worse situation than they do, but they sure responded well when needed.

      2. I’m from Asia and I’m working in China for quite long years now so I pretty much know about it.

        First, you don’t need facilities to show care to someone else’s life.
        2nd, other countries are obviously poorer in facilities, but they responded well when needed. Things like these has been a trademark for China.
        Seriously, this inhumane behavior is one of my worries here.

      3. Lack of services? So two of the ” 1 billion, three hundred and seventy five million” people that you refer to couldn’t have at least assisted and got her out of the street? You’re the moron who videos the violence going on rather than trying to assist. We get it.

      4. I love how you are calling the author out for being judgmental, when your very next paragraph reeks of judgement. “…you can just click away and get back to your Vente’ Frap while you watch Kardashians on that Iphone that these people made for you”??? Pot, meet kettle.

      5. You say no offense, and then proceed to hurl insults at other posters? The ignorant one here is you. There is absolutely no reason to leave a woman lying dead in the street. They moved her hours later, why? Did the place they took her not exist 10 hours prior?
        This is an inhumane, despicable act, so no ‘offense’ to you, but you are an imbecile.

      6. Chicago is not China and China is not Chicago !
        I dont want to offend you either because just maybe you are a Nice but, extremely Naive individual !
        I have lived in China for years and it would not surprise me for an instant that common disregard and disrespect is why this woman lay Dead in the street or Lack of Money to pay for the storage of her body !
        You don’t have a clue of how China ticks from one day to the next and in many cases the value of a Human life isnt worth much more than 15,000 USD (and thats if you work for a company that pays out insurable Death Benefits)
        Likely the only thing people would have cared about throughout the day while she lay there Dead in the street was how to drive around her in a hurry and grab a quick photo to post on Wechat or QQ !

        1. Well, just like any other thing, we shouldn’t judge something based on one picture. How do we know for sure someone didn’t stop to try to help her, but then realized she was dead. What do you rather a stranger do? Move a dead body somewhere else? I’m pretty sure most these rude comments about the Chinese already had some sort of hatred towards the Chinese to think the worse.

      7. Actually I have BEEN to China and have lived in India. I PERSONALLY have witnesed accident victims laying on the street and no one bothering to to even look at them. That was the biggest culture shock i had when i went there that there was little to no regard for life. There was this one incident where a a person was struck by a train and his legs were severed, but he was still alive on the tracks begging people to help him, hundreds just stood there, while he was still on the tracks, they all WATCHED another speeding train come and run over him again. Now when I travel to countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland it’s the opposite. When there are too many people it effects the way people value life. This is a phenomen of overpopulation.

        1. Yes overpopulation could lead to such attitude(placing less value on human lives).and again culture.

      8. Holy hell, sanctimonious jerks like you make me sick. Get off your damn soapbox and learn to read. The article said that there was an ambulance there and that it just left the body there. So there, there were your “facilities” or whatever to handle the girls body. They just chose not to and to left her dead in the street. Stop criticizing everyone for having an opinion different from your own hippy self righteous ones and shut your mouth. No one cares what you have to say. Ugghh!

      9. sorry but I am from USA and I have lived in china 6 years now and it’s not the lack of service it’s the family’s responsibility to deal with the dead . I have seen this many times , I have seen car accidents they will come then leave if dead then they will take the car but leave the body. This is sad when a smashed car is more important then a dead human .

      10. Very Well Said … People assume they know everything about everything, the ignorance of it is just amazing. I am sorry this woman was left behind for whatever might be the reason. It is truly unfortunate.

      11. Thank God for people like you who can put things like this in perspective. You are a lighted candle in the darkness of ignorance!

      12. The paramedic arrived and when they knew that the girl was dead, they just left it, as is. These people are less humane than a dog.

      13. Its not about facility issue, its about being kind to another human. Picture says it all. A respectful act would be to put a body on a clean place and cover it until help arrives. Animals have more compassion than most humans…..

    3. The Chinese are without a moral code. Everything they do suggests this repeatedly. Horrible place and horrible people especially in the large cities.

      1. They have a moral code. It is the communist party and all that stands for. The United States is on its way there now. Eliminating all conservative, judgmental ideas and their “out dated” way of thinking is the first step. Notice the trend?

  2. Dear God what is wrong with the authorities in China that they just left here there? Is there no human compassion in that country?

        1. The same can be said for many countries. In China some people eat monkey brains and other animals. It’s horrible. In America, there is still discrimination against immigrants. Ive lived here my whole life. Ive seen acts of kindness everywhere but Ive also seen horrendous acts. So what? Tell me a country that isnt like this.

          1. I agree with your statement. People in the USA tend to be damning of other cultures’ inhumane acts, but not the grave acts, in this country, towards people and animals, especially children. Get the plank out your eyes before you search for the splinter in another’s eye.

  3. My question is….How does a young, in shape woman of 15 years suddenly Fall OFF HER BICYCLE & DIE!!!!(?)!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The same way a 15 year old basketball player collapses on the court and dies. Also, there was not a definitive answer regarding her age.

    2. She was probably born with a brain aneurism which is unusual in the general public but it’s a common cause of sudden death in otherwise young & previously healthy people. An aneurism is pretty much like a sort of saggy bag that forms in a blood vessel. It could remain tiny and the person could live a long life without ever discovering he/she had it or at any random moment the sack explodes causing massive bleeding in the brain and the person dies rather quickly. They had a medical case like this in an episode of the Dr. House tv show.

      Another plausible cause could be an aorta aneurism which is a similar sack beneath the aorta. It’s what caused the sudden death of beloved american actor John Ritter several years ago.

  4. In China human flesh has been eaten, at different times, by millions of consumers. There was a great famine in the 1930s in which thousands upon thousands of people were eaten. Naturally, the Chinese and Koreans eat dogs and cats.

    1. Seriously can you stop trolling this thread? Those people died of starvation due to warfare and drought. If you think that is funny then you have problems. I cant believe people like you joke about this. It’s not ok to joke about people dying. It’s simply outrageous that you would use that in a joke against other peoples’ cultures.

  5. Can’t somebody find out what happened to the doggies and let us know? I have signed a Change .org petition several times that indicates an organization is working hard to stop these dog festivals in China..I hope this horrific acts will one day soon be completely eliminated and that the people that persist in doing this will finally have a change of mind and start loving these beautiful creatures instead of gorging on them.

  6. What a sad day for Humanity! As the saying goes feelings and care for others has not gone to “Dogs” but to Humans. That’s what we will have to call it in the future.

    We all know where Humanity is going and going rapidly.. But even with the knowledge isn’t it hard for us to accept this is what we Humans are capable of!!

    On the other hand I’m a Dog Lover and know the kindness and compassion they are capable of.

    Another lesson for us educated mortals!!

    Rest in Peace “Lady” who ever you are.. in this world we live there is still at least Dogs to show what unconditional “Love” is.

  7. What a world of humans. A young black man knocks at the door of a co-tenant IN Dallas and he was shot dead.
    A four year boy enters the “room” of a gorilla .the gorilla did not kill the boy but carries him along as a sign of love. The gorilla was shot dead. The gorilla and a human being who is more humane.
    no wonder this is demonstrated in China too

  8. Its normal in China just to inform you when a Car driver hit a person and it is possible he go and kill him when he is not dead and nobody see it, due the fact when the injured one would go to court they have to pay a lot of money , this is no joke, they have no fear for such things ,
    Its a different culture, this people, they d´ont care .thats. why i refuse to go eat chines as there is only shit in the food, I dort purchase Chinese products .

  9. I think it all comes down to this. It does not matter if it is China, Mexico, or the United States. People,in general, will pass up a dead body and several dying dogs, just to make it to work on time in their self consumed world.
    The day that there are not a number of selfish, racist pigs walking the face of this earth, is the day when there will be eternal bliss and peace in the world,

  10. All the moralizing about which country is better or worse than another is rather childish because all religions and philosophies, all over the world have one thing in common – reverence for life and showing respect for the dead.
    That said, knowing that China is officially an atheist country, there is only one moral standard and that is to follow the Confucian teachings (philosophy) which dictate, among other egotistical things, family first. So, if she had no family, then no one was responsible for her.
    However, anyone who has a driver’s license in China knows to cover a dead body with whatever you can find and be it a newspaper. And some of you are “excusing” her lying out in the street by saying there are “no services” available due to the mass of 1.3 billion population? Did the police and rescue workers not have a driver’s license or couldn’t they find at least a newspaper?
    Finally, for the rest of you innocents out there, the dogs will have been dealt with by now, rest assured – they will have already been caught and killed. because even if there are many Chinese people who love their puppies, they mainly like small dogs and they buy them – there are no dog sanctuaries who take care of street animals, neither cats nor dogs.
    Wake up everyone – China is not like any other country you might have ever lived in, so don’t use your moral standards to explain or understand them. They have chosen to be cut off from contact to the outside world for centuries and consequently, it will take several more centuries before they catch up with the rest of the world and understand any other way or perspective of seeing and evaluating their own doings.

  11. People who scream ” there is no compassion in China, all Chinese are selfish and ignorant” simply dont understand what they are talking about. I have been living in China for the last 7 years and I have been shown more help and compassion than in Russia, my own country. The thing is the LAWS in China are different. The civilians are not suppposed to come up to a body lying on the ground, they are not supposed to interfere in a street fight etc. The civilians when they witness things like that are obliged to inform authorioties but not get mixed into the situattion. Otherwise they will be held responcible both by the police and the victim’s family! Believe me, this what people do. I myself saw a lying body and being familiar with the local law i gave notice to the police but i didnt come up and touch it. I am sure police that day received many callls about this woman from passers-by. To put along story short, dont hurry to blame people untill u know something about their society.

    1. I too am currently living in China and have been here for three years but I am American. The only reason you were shown hospitality and so much graciousness from the Chinese is because you are a foreigner and I’m assuming you are American as well. They openly treat us far better than they treat each other and this, they themselves will admit to you. All my Chinese friend and colleagues admit that this is typical for them to treat foreigners far beyond better than they treat each other. I have seen so much disregard and unconcern for each other here that it is truly heart breaking so while you are sympathizing with them, know that you will never get treated in the disgusting way that they treat each other simply because you are a foreigner. Remember that.

  12. Hey Melanie Where Were You When The Women Collapsed? Why Didn’t You Do Something? You Should’ve Dropped Everything Put On Your Cape And Flew Over To Her And Resuscitate Her! But Noooo You Were Probably Getting Your Freak On! Click On My Name… Cheers

  13. Mr. Darrell don’t forget that they are more than one woman that married rapists and murders that are in jail Mans that they don’t know or been fed by them.
    Please tell me why is a surprise for you the behavior of the dogs after receiving a kind gesture from a person.

  14. This has nothing to do with resources. I have lived in China for nearly a decade and have been a Sinophile for nearly two decades. I cannot confirm this at this time, but I suspect that ambulances only get paid for bringing “paying customers” to the hospital. Sorry, this one is definitely a ‘non-paying’ customer and is, therefore, persona non-grata (not welcome.) That’s life here. If there’s not money to be ;made… then forget it.

  15. I don’t give a FCK about what is going on in China. We have 8 billion people in the world and I am not going to worry about one persons sad story on the other side of the world and if anything this an exceptional situation and not worthy of the wringing of hands and emotional response being elicited by this writer.
    Get a grip people. We are being fed whatever the internet media wants to fed us and 9 times out of 10 it is some emotional sob story intended to make us feel guilty. We are not at all getting a taste of the reality that is going on in the world.
    Americans have been judging the Chinese people for several hundred years now, and like the rest of the west, they rarely ever get it right.

    1. UMMMM dont you mean we have been judging china for 240 years ( not several hundred) unless you are suggesting the indigenous peoples of this portion of the continent have been aware of and judgemental of the sinoasian peoples.

    2. UMMMM dont you mean we have been judging china for 240 years ( not several hundred) unless you are suggesting the indigenous peoples of this portion of the continent have been aware of and judgemental of the sinoasian peoples.

  16. Hey Jewel Jade Flores, I am offended by your comment. I am Chinese-American and I don’t eat everything. What an ignorant comment you posted. Are you saying all Chinese eat everything? What about your ancient ancestors? I’m sure your ancient ancestors probably performed some sort of hideous rituals that the modern society would find appalling. Who are you to judge other nationalities.

    1. Well what are you Chinese or American . Why do people who come here or are born here want to hold on to that Either they are American or they are not . In a war who are they going to fight for America or their relatives of way back. My background is English, Irish , Dutch and American Indian. Who am I ? I’m proud to be an AMERICAN. I don’t need any other nationalities stuck with it God Bless America . The greatest Country on earth .

  17. well im not suprised…why???…coz it happened in china…and for those poor dogs, im not sure if they are still alive…again its in china and we know what happens to dogs in that country…

  18. Thank you for solidifying my thoughts on how society and your views have not progressed despite the fact that we are in the 21st century. Most of you have nothing substantial to say except for a bunch of racist comments. This is why I treat dogs better than humans. Because at least dogs show signs of progression. You are all probably the same people trolling stories like this so that you can spew your hatred and ignorance. Hey…here’s some advice…expend that energy into something productive and maybe you’ll get something done that is beneficial to this world for once in your life.

  19. The problem with people in society is that parents nor the media, and society are not teaching children how to be considerate, compassionate, have empathy… Those video games and crime shows have numb people from reacting when tragic things happen to people. Instead of reacting with a sense of “OMG! lets Help out”…. meaning anyone or any animal against someone that needs help, or an people/ animal hit by a car, or being abused, people just walk by. It is as if they think, “this is not my relative, or friend, just a nobody”… they walk by. People don’t want to get involved. We need to start loving our own kind, be patient, empathetic, and help to the most of your abilities.

    Once a lady fainted right next to me during morning rush our in a train in NYC. The first people did was complain that they were getting late for work. My friend and I were going to work so we carried her out to the train station. A lady just threw her purse into the station. My friend and I stood by the young lady until cops arrived. I was late for work but with real justification, a good deed does not go unnoticed by God. Let alone it is good for the soul to help others without being paid in return. Helping out, whether volunteering or helping a live species (people, animals, plants, all living) is gratifying. You will find happiness if you help with your heart and compassion.

    So people, teach your children, grandchildren and other peoples children to have compassion for others. They will need this someday, perhaps one day, they will run into a situation that you or they will need someday, and what if the same happens to you? or to them?

    If you are thinking that your gesture will not help the world, but one persons actions does make a difference to those who see you doing it… people often feel embarrassed when they are the last person to help… they don’t know why they don’t have the heart to stand up and be the first in response. Just do it! who cares who is thinking of helping, be the first one.

    If anyone too Psychology there was a story I remember of a 9 year old girl who was being raped in a building in NYC.. She screamed for two hours and no one called for help. The rapist left and came back for more. Later they found her dead. When they investigated, the neighbors said, “we figured someone had already called for help…” PEOPLE! don’t think that… Just call. No matter whether you have money, poor, rich, anybody, is not the money that the person needs, is your heart, your willingness to help, honestly and with no reward. The God of the heavens will recompense you for your actions and your heart willingness to help.

    It is tragic that people don’t even place a blanket on her to cover her… I pray people do change. But as the song from Michael Jackson titled, “Man in the Mirror”, http://www.michaeljackson.com/video/man-mirror-video/

    Make a change!

  20. The dogs were waiting around for their next free meal. They didn’t know and could care less that she died.

  21. I have read all of the comments and I think each has their morsels of validity. However, my take is that if we look at just about any sad, inhumane, uncaring ,horrendous, situations that go on every second of every day around the world, we would see that it all begins with our lack of God in each of our lives. I believe we were put here in our gifts of earthly lives to help each other and love and care for not only our own loved ones but, for all (human beings). When we see cruelty of all kinds our hearts should be saddened and if there is anything each of us can do to help another(human) being) or any of Gods creatures our hearts and souls as (human beings) should feel sorrow and pain for all cruelties that are rampant around the world. We don’t see the compassion that as (human beings we should automatically should be feeling. It (all) goes back to being away from and honoring our Lord who gave each of us earthly life and should be living that life instead we pay homage to sports figures, sick antics of self so called celebrities and even murders, rapists, pedophiles, self mutilation. We do drugs to alter our minds, we teach our children to worry about and change their looks, their weight, apparel, hair, skin, features .,etc. We say its ok to drink, have sexual relations with dozens if not hundreds of others, teach them to disrespect their parents, elders ,authorities of all kinds, parents teach that it is fine to murder the most vulnerable of humans while they are still in the womb, that it is fine to mock the handicapped, the elderly, the mentally challenged , the disfigured, the poor. The list is endless. Can you imagine if we taught our children to live and love by Gods teachings and not give support to all things evil and wrong? We are all on the wrong paths in life and it comes down to being able to walk by a human being laying in the street without an ounce of caring or thoughts to try and help in any way possible. Mankind and all the wonderful traits God instilled in each of us has been altered by the very human beings he created and instead we willingly give in to all the evils that surround us daily. We seem to want the easy way out and their are no consequences for the most heinous acts of horror that we now accept and exconerate. and many times rally for. Yes, I believe it all starts with the lack of God in our lives and living by his teachings. We have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis but we sing no praises. Until the human race wakes up and starts going back to living our live in love, compassion, and caring and most of all to the teachings of our creator we will become the soulless, empty, cruel, inhuman beings that we seem to have become. Wake up people. A Genuine Caring Soul

    1. 100% agreed! Godless society results in catastrophe and disintegration of morality! Know God, Know Peace; No peace, No God!

  22. Why did they just leave the body there? What was the pointing of leaving the body? If I were their superiors everyone on that paramedics team would have been fired.

  23. China.. So, over populated, resources spread so thin, that basic human values of common decency are crowded out. No time for anything, but self interest. Why we have any quarter with the Chinese, is beyond me.

  24. reminds me of one of the times back in the early 1960″s when i visited Hong Kong.i saw the dead body of a woman covered with newspaper and people just walked passed her as if she wasn’t there. seems like nothing has changed after all these years.

  25. I do not know about the resources in China but they could have covered her body out of respect. I know the paramedics had sheets. Also, if the paramedics were there and tried to revive her, why not just take her body to the morgue? I am pretty sure the had body bags. Why bother to show up then take off? I understand why the police left her there. Why was someone else able to take a picture of this but not cover her body as well? This is so hurtful to me and I don’t even know this woman.

  26. How nobody played with her feet or played with the body for that long is beyond me. if I came along and say it those shoes would off in seconds!

  27. Im scared to die very worried since most of my life i’ve had difficult health (seizures 0-5 times a year) everytime i have one it feels like a near death experience 🙁 . i hope this young girl was given a proper burial god bless her

  28. For those who saw her there and left her there, do not be suprised when it’s your time and no one is there for you. FOR GODS SAKE.

  29. I’m wondering if there’s any way to do follow up about these dogs and support some effort for their care. Any ideas, Melanie? Please feel free to contact me via email. Thanks

  30. The more human comments I read here, the more I wish there were less of us and more dogs…

    I guess there’s a lot of truth to the saying, “If you want to find out who someone really is, give them a mask.”

    No shortage of cretins hiding who they are so they can say heinous things. Sad, especially in light of this touching story.

  31. The woman died around 4am?? ok….I don’t know about you but If I wake up in the morning and see a person already dead, I am NOT going to remove her from the floor, I’ll call the police, right?! How a psychologist make a post based on a picture and some not so sure info? Everybody knows, only the CSI can touch the body of a dead person, not even the police! I do not agree with her words “…DOGS ARE ON A HIGHER PLANE THAN HUMANS”….I am very worried with who this psychologist will be working with!!!!!

  32. the police have blocked the area and only allowed the dogs to enter while the place is being investigated as a possible murder area … this happens everywhere there is a requirement to document a possible murder … plenty countries don’t document anything and just slip it all under the rug

  33. It’s a shame people don’t have any compassion & how could you call yourself human.
    My sadness goes to her & her loyal friends.

  34. To the author of the article A very sad . poignant, and tragic commentary on the state of humanity A humanity severely needing humanity and compassion towards each other and every other sentient being
    very sad indeed

  35. Oh no, There in china?? Please get those dogs out of that country. There probably going to be sent to the yulin dog meat festival.

  36. Oh my god, I cannot BELIEVE the ugliness of the comments on this page. Racism, hatred, bigotry – what is wrong with you people? Where are your MOTHERS?

  37. Ugh. Such ugly comments. Racism, hatred, bigotry. What is wrong with you people? Where are your mothers???


    1. I don’t care to argue anything.. I just would like to know if we could find out about these dogs… Maybe MSPCA could help get them… I would start a fund to pay for their rescue!! I do know they have rescued dogs from there… !!’

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