End the Horrifying Dog & Cat Slaughter in South Korea: BOYCOTT THE 2018 OLYMPICS!

Guardians of Rescue has been working tirelessly to save as many of the dogs as they can, as well as raise awareness to what their future will be without our help.


We know you don’t want to think about animal torture. None of you want to see a photo of dogs fighting to get out of a pot where they are being boiled alive. But ignoring their suffering because you can’t handle it won’t make it go away. South Korea’s Bok Nal – dog meat – festival has just begun. Maybe we can help end it by petitioning the hell out of them and boycotting the Olympics.


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I don’t know about you, but I always loved watching the Olympics.  It was one of those things that my mom and dad liked, for their various events, so we looked forward to watching them every two years.  It was neat getting to see people from all over the world – to see what they looked like, and what kind of clothing they’d wear to represent them.  But now I refuse to watch, and I’m not alone in my decision.

I didn’t know about the Yulin dog meat festival in China when the Olympics were there in 2008.  But I did know about the persecution of gay people and the culling of street dogs in Sochi in 2014, so I didn’t watch.  And I know about the torture of dogs and other animals now, so I certainly won’t be watching when the games are back in Beijing in 2022.  And in 2018, I definitely will be boycotting the winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea.


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Just as in China, many South Koreans brutally murder dogs and cats to eat.  The Bok Nal Festival has just begun.  Yes, meat is eaten in most areas of the world, but the slaughter of the animals is nothing in comparison to what these poor creatures go through.

The name of the festival means “dog meat eating days,” and it takes place now because these are the “dog days of summer.”  So ludicrously, these people believe that inhumanely butchering and boiling dogs alive will magically lower the temperature in their country.


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This is absolutely heartbreaking, and thousands of people are petitioning and protesting.  (But Americans have no problem eating lobster…)  And now there are petitions to boycott the Olympics that will be taking place there in two short years.

Guardians of Rescue has been working tirelessly to save as many of the dogs as they can, as well as raise awareness to what their future will be without our help.  If you would like to donate to help them save as many lives as possible, both locally and globally, CLICK HERE.

To sign GoR’s petition, please click here.

There is also another petition to boycott the PyeongChang Olympics, which can be found by clicking here.


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Guardians is also urging people to send letters directly to Korean officials, letting them know they will not be attending or watching the games as long as this tradition continues.  It’s easy to ignore a petition, but it’s hard to overlook a mountain of mail!  Here are some of their addresses:

Honorable Ambassador Choi Young-jin
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
2450 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
TEL: 202-939-5600
FAX: 202-797-0595




President Park Geun-hye
President of South Korea
Blue House
1 Cheongwadae-ro
Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-820
Republic of Korea




The Honorable Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
760 United Nations Plaza
United Nations
New York, NY 10017


7.14.16 - South Korea Dog Slaughter - Boycott the Olympics3

49 thoughts on “End the Horrifying Dog & Cat Slaughter in South Korea: BOYCOTT THE 2018 OLYMPICS!

  1. Actually I do have a problem with eating lobster. (And no. I’m not a vegetarian). I didn’t know Korea did this. Thanks for the information. I will not be watching the olympics. Is there somewhere we can get a list of the advertisers?

  2. BOYCOTT all things china. This torture of animals must stop. I have been boycotting **china and all things made in china for years because of their disgusting and inhumane treatment of animals. I will not watch any ***olympic events. I will also boycott all products advertised during the olympics. It is shameful and unconscientable that the US is even a part of the olympics…. being a part of the olympics condones the conduct of the hosting country and this horrific treatment of animals should never be condoned. I will make NO donations to any olympic fund for athletes. The olympics are dead to me….as is china.
    **lower case deliberate to show my my disgust and complete lack of respect for this country
    ***lower case deliberate to show my disgust and lack of respect for this event

    1. I know China does a lot of things that bother me but before you go bashing it for its food practices, you need to only look at your backyard and see how animals in the states are raised and slaughtered for our edible entertainment. It’s so easy to point a finger but less so to see our faults.

      1. I hear what you are saying and I am a Vegan to clear things up right from the start. Dogs are different to animals bred for human consumption, though I don’t agree with that either, but dogs are our closest companions, they also help us so much, they smell out cancer in its early stages, they see for the blind, hear for the deaf, smell out drugs and explosives, keep the lonely company, millions of dogs are service dogs to both young and old, and the list goes on and on – that is why dogs are different! Cats are also tortured and eaten in China, South Korea and the Philippines to name just a few of the guilty countries!

      2. It’s not. Food culture it’s a pathetic attempt to increase virility and strength by tapping into the animals absolute fear whilst it is tortured to death. If you post about cruelty to farm animals in abattoirs i wouldn’t dream of diverting attention away from such an important cause by saying ‘what about the dogs in Asia?’ so why do it here? Diverting attention away from these animals means you do not care for them so kindly scroll on.

  3. I agree with all of these comments that this is a horrific and heinous practice and a crime against these animals and must be stopped! I join with all of you in protest and boycott.

  4. I agree with all these comments that this horrendous and heinous practice against these animals must be stopped! We should never let up until it is ended. I stand with those who boycott and protest for the sake of these tortured animals.

  5. How can anyone with a shred of humanity participate in these ınhumane acts?I for one will never visit this country or buy any of thei products.

    1. Yet u go to your grocery store to eat the bacon, beef, lamb chps and chicken. Ever wonder how they are slaughtered?

  6. We picked up Grace, a Tosa Inu, at Logan Airport in 2014. She was rescued from a Seoul Korea butcher shop in 2012. The Tosa Inu, also known as a Japanese mastiff, is a beautiful and regal dog, the sacred dog of Japan. This breed as well as the national dog of Korea, the Jindo, is farmed for slaughter. The slaughter must involve terrorizing and torturing the dog, or cat, to render the meat tasty and tender. The release of massive stress hormones do this. Grace is aptly named. She is calm, intelligent and has a good heart. She continues to recover. These rescues suffer from disease, malnutrition, PTSD. This horrific treatment of these animals and others (horses in the US) around the world must stop. We humans have an uncanny capacity for unspeakable cruelty and depravity.

  7. Just another reason why I feel, China, Korea (both), Vietnam and a few of those other Asian countries suck…. they are into shark fin soup, bear bile farming, ivory trade, etc… It is one thing to kill an animal for consumption, and in the wild it is a part of the life cycle, but we are the only species that not only kills animals for amusement, but we also torture them… I try to live a non-killing lifestyle and avoid animal products if I can…. but to cut off the fins and throw the shark back in the water, to contain bears to abstract their fluids, and the ivory trade etc… is all sick, these Asian countries are the most guilty of all…

  8. These pictures are disgusting and aren’t necessary to show us dog and cat lovers. The way we slaughter animals in this country aren’t much better, including horses, and for this reason I am a vegetarian almost vegan. This slaughter of dogs and cats is particularly brutal/barbaric/heinous/horrific however – I don’t see how the photographer could take these pictures – to be right there and not try and stop what’s happening. These are ignorant and yes, evil people doing these deeds. Boycotting the 2018 Olympics in pyeong chang, south korea is the least that we can do. We should also have the list of advertisers to boycott their products also. The 2008 Olympics in beijing china should have been boycotted also.

  9. Any reason why all the pictures are not from Korea but all from China?
    Very dishonest article/reporting.

  10. Any reason why all the pictures are not from Korea but all from China?
    Very dishonest article/reporting.

  11. I think we need to start collecting these people and put them through what they put these poor animals through! If for some reason the need to kill an animal arises, there are humane ways of doing so. I believe in doing unto others as they do unto you or in this case innocent animals.

  12. Hahaha okay, this article itself is beyond insane. I’d call it propaganda.
    I myself have never eaten a dog before. Neither did all of my friends, nor my families, nor anyone I can relate to here. Korea doesn’t actually chow down on these pets as much as you think. Back during the seventies when Korea was extremely poor, some people used to find food to eat by taking some extensive measures of using dogs as their meal, sure. However in the current world this jeered tradition is nearly completely dying out, so what, boycott Pyeongchang 2018 cause of their former dog-consuming tradition? This author is clearly demented. It’s not gonna happen, and their argument is just fanatical. What the news media reports about Korea eating dogs is overbloated and biased- I don’t understand how these folks are being very gullible to this.

    1. And you expect us to be gullible enough to believe you? There are many sources in which to gain the truth. Don’t take the “only the poor partook because they have nothing else” bull! The cruel barbaric dog and cat meat trade has become a booming corrupt business with no regard to the lives and suffering of the victims that have no choice but to be there, many of them stolen pets! And of course you would have everyone believe that the number of dogs killed are few, another piece of bullshit along with the horrific torture to achieve the mythical and superstitious belief that slow torture makes the meat tastes better and that consuming it makes one more youthful and have increased strength and virility. This mythical belief is so backward and primitive that it is actually laughable!

      As for boycotting that WILL happen because we are already sharing a worldwide boycott with so many things made in Korea and China along with poor ratings to tourism of any kind, universities, restaurants, hotels, cars, and electronics and also the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics!

  13. how anybody could stand by and permit this unspeakable cruelty is beyond me. I hope the pain these animals suffer is transmitted to the persons who eat them or torture them. . I cannot understand why this is tolerated by the governments over there. special place reserved in hell for the sicko who puts dogs in boiling water and watches them suffer horribly just to make themselves a buck or yen or whatever. from the enterprise. truly disturbing , i cant remove the image of that poor wretched animal being boiled while still alive. please everybody do what you can to inform others and to help stop this practice, these dog eating festivals and dog farms in s.korea. disgraceful behaviour from humans with no humanity. lets hope the pen can be mightier than the sword where this is concerned. gotta try…

    1. There are petition sites where you can start a petition and I don’t know much about it —–but imagine getting millions of signatures. Can’t recall the name of the site I’m thinking of….but a general search might find it.

  14. This is unbelievable. What human can do this to dog or cat or any animal for that matter? Must Stop the inhumane treatment !!!!!!! Boycott the Olympics!


  16. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THE AUTHOR OF THIS POST.! It has and will create a lot of awareness WORLDWIDE about this EVIL EVIL TRADE which lives very firmly in Korea as well as many other countries like China, Vietnam…even countries like Switzerland ! I notice we have the usual people claiming racism, what about all the other animals! what about the other cruelty in this world ? type of comments…..! We have been in this battle against EVIL for a long time now and we are very AWARE of what the FACTS / TRUTH IS and we actively boycott ALL dog and cat meat eating countries…and will continue to do so until this EVIL STOPS ! For all those people with a big heart that want to make a difference and HELP your very best friends to make a difference and stop this EVIL worldwide…then please join our WORLDWIDE ACTION GROUP WEBSITE which is http://www.stopthedogandcatmeattradeworldwide.com Here you can learn about the FACTS about this EVIL TRADE, help by taking various ACTIONS ( there is something EVERYONE can do….young or old …you can be part of history and the end of this EVIL TRADE!) THANK YOU #BOYCOTTCHINA #BOYCOTTKOREA #BOYCOTTVIETNAM #BanDCMC *** MANY of the people in our own group on Facebook are Koreans and Chinese …..these are the good people that admit / fully acknowledge this EVIL EXISTS, don’t make EXCUSES ABOUT IT !!!!! AND most important take ACTION & FIGHT AGAINST THE EVIL to make CHANGE HAPPEN ! THANK YOU TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THESE BARBARIC, SADISTIC, DOG & CAT MEAT EATING COUNTRIES !! . YOU can also join us on :- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1477398962574778/Facebook

    1. There is cruelty all over the world and everywhere animals suffer. The cruelty of the cat and dog meat trade is different, worse, more terrible. It does not matter that these animals are cats and dogs, no living creature should meet its end in this terrible way. This should have ended long ago, please end it now.

  17. The cruelty inflicted upon the dogs and cats in Korea is neanderthal. It’s way beyond any civilised persons comprehension. Psychopathic behaviour. Your ‘face’ is lost the the civilised world. Yes, every country has cruel people, however most have laws for inhumane behaviour. You are corrupt and a shame to the world. Evil does not even come close to what you are. You will all be going to hell if you allow this to continue.

  18. Please stop and end the barbaric torture of these dogs & cats in the dog meat trade. Your country will be boycotted until the evil stops. Horrendous cruelty and suffering in agony is not acceptable in this modern world and the outside world is watching you with disgrace

  19. God this is making us sick, this is Psychological Warfare….. Sick people…. give them back their opium…. I will never forgive them I will die hating them.

  20. No more ‘Please’ from me…. We should not trade with them, they are having a laugh, taking money and ransacking this Planet.

  21. I read the article very carefully and I fully support this petition. However, I am in doubt if the big name companies will listen to our petitions against animal cruelty. They profit from this barbarity. I shall continue to give support and sign as many petitions as I can and share as much as possible. This evil cruelty slaughter of animals won’t go away but we must stand firm and fight against it. China is a country of billions. We need ”billions” of opponents to this barbaric practice in Asia.

  22. this is so sicking,,its beyond words,,please stop this sicking act of terror and pain on these innocent souls,,yes souls,,,says in the BIBLE all living breathing animals and humans are SOULS,,they have a right to life as those doing this act of disrecept for GODS creations.

  23. This is a Holocaust for animals!!! This is just pure discusting evil! I can’t get over this!!! End it now once and for all! Most discusting people on earth!!! Boil them!!!

  24. Animals are a gift to be loved
    As they love unconditionally
    We must be theeir voice
    End all cruelty immediately

  25. Everyone should post about this on their social media account(s) to help RAISE AWARENESS. Spread the word and tell everyone you know (and their momma) NOT to watch the Olympics in Korea 2018. Also don’t buy ANY of the products from the sponsors/advertisers. Americans need to send a very clear message about animal cruelty and pressure the Korean government to enact laws that will forbid such primitive barbaric human behavior.

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