Dog Escapes Wildfire: Jumps into Firefighter’s Arms

The dog, whose family had been evacuated, showed incredible survival insight, staying safe and hidden until it knew rescuers were on the scene to help.

It was a joyful moment amid so much destruction in Southern California, one that inspired the brave men and women fighting the raging blaze, when a dog ran from a burning home near the city of Phelan — and straight into Cal Fire Battalion Chief Mike Mohler’s arms.

“Seeing that dog run out of the flames was pretty amazing,” Mohler told CBS. “Really, that dog sheltered in place until it actually saw help, and it didn’t have to be a firefighter. It could have been a civilian – lucky nobody was back there – but it just wanted help.”

The dog was treated for minor burns, given food and water, and taken to an animal shelter to wait to be reunited with the family.

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