A Dog’s Purpose:  A New Movie All About a Dog… Rather, One Dog as Many Dogs

It hits theaters on January 17, 2017 – think you’ll be going to see it?



Have you heard about this new movie, A Dog’s Purpose?  It’s about a dog who, when he dies, comes back again as another dog, learning new lessons in every life he lives.   Watch the preview, and tell us what you think – would you want to see this, or would it be too upsetting to watch him die, even knowing he’ll be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes?




7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Purpose:  A New Movie All About a Dog… Rather, One Dog as Many Dogs

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  3. I loved the preview…it would be sad to see the dogs die, but so happy when they were reborn. I loved when they said that when we rescue dogs, they rescue us! So true. All of our dogs have rescued us for sure. Cant wait until January – I love the title too.

  4. (About the movie, A Dog’s Purpose) I think almost ANYone would be saddened by the death of a beloved pet,BUT I also think it would be comforting to think that they weren’t REALLY gone….that somehow they lived on…..to bring love and joy to others who need it (which is usually what they LIKE best, and what they DO best!!). I will definitely go to see this movie, with a fellow dog-lover!

  5. I have seen the viral video of the german shepherd that was forced into the pool when he was highly stressed and full of fear and the cameramen laughing about it and THE DOG NEARLY DROWNED and all you hear is CUT THE TAPE..CUT THE TAPE. This peace has been shown through worldwide german shepherd and dog lover groups and we are NOT SUPPORTING THIS MOVIE. Shame on you.

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