Cruelty Tip Leads to Amazing Rescue of a Pit Bull Puppy by the Detroit Pit Crew

An animal cruelty tip leads the Detroit Pit Crew to a really great rescue.


When some neighbors in Detroit noticed a puppy had taken up residence in an abandoned back yard, rescue crews were called into to do a rescue. However, when the call went out, almost no one came, except for the Detroit Pit Crew. When they caught wind of what the puppy was going through, they swooped in and did what they do best. Rescue pit bulls.





This hope for paws dog rescue and animal aid is part of the Rescuing Rogue series with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue featuring Terri Sumpter. Produced by WA2S Films:



Neighbors had been trying to get help for a dog in the back yard of a vacant East Side Detroit home being squatted in for weeks, when Terri Sumpter and Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were called when no other authorized agents in Detroit apparently responded – this footage is graphic. An investigation into the death of the first dog is under way using the raw footage from this film shoot.




Highland Park Police then called Terri and DPCDR to come and rescue a severely injured puppy with head trauma. Courage as he is known survives – barely…




Stay tuned to VET RESCUE – another new series from WA2S Films – look for updates from the Vet about COURAGE, and we will also be checking in with other rescued dogs.




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Tom McPhee

14 thoughts on “Cruelty Tip Leads to Amazing Rescue of a Pit Bull Puppy by the Detroit Pit Crew

        1. These dogs are all born innocent. Yes they are very. Strong. Any dog that is lg. Or has a bad rep. Needs to be in an in closed area that is secure. A 4-5 ft fence won’t do. Be responsible people. I am sick of hearing about vicious pit bulls. It just isn’t so if they are trained and loved like a nail dog. I love my animals too much to take the chance of them getting out and I also keep a chain lock on the gate. No I don’t own a pit bull but I don’t have any issues with them either. I hate it when people and animals are harmed. But if u don’t have control of your pets u shouldn’t own any. Any one who harms an animal needs to do hard time and if they allow their pet to harm others the same applies. After all, they are animals. How can we expect more of them than we do a human.

    1. I think the people that do these cruel things to helpless dogs should get a taste of what the poor dogs have gone thru and see how they like it.

  1. Kathy, you might want to consider qualifying that. I feel as you do. I hate those who abuse animals. BUT many are like you and I, and detest the cruelty exhibited by some humans. I hate cruelty to humans or animals. Sadly, animals have to depend on us. Its just a shame that there are among humans, monsters who think nothing of abusing others, including animals. It is a sad statement for humans, that they sometimes fail to act like a human.

  2. We have been following the story about courage and are so grateful that he was saved and is on his way to recovery. We love you courage. There is another story about a pup named Caleb in Ga that we are also following but he was unable to survive the abuse he suffered.

  3. I hate to see a dog suffer like that. its wrong. people need to not get dogs if they are not gonna take care of them correctly. don’t do that to them they very good animals and lovable.

  4. People who do this to a dog will do it to a child. They must face consequences, or at least be on the police radar.

  5. I Don’t no how anyone Could be so heartless I have 2 dogs myself so love both of them, thank. God for everybody who helps rescues.

  6. My heart bleeds for these poor animals, I prey with all my heart these people that do these things to these innocent babies don’t have children of their own

  7. People like Animals imprint on their parents. We need to do better in teaching compassion, and respect for God and Dog and every living creature.

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