DIGGY CAN STAY! Charges Dropped Against the Smiling Dog Who Broke the Internet!

Though Diggy’s “happy ever after” was in jeopardy for awhile, the courts have at last ruled that he can stay with his new forever family.

This was the innocent adoption photo that started it all. Look at that smile!
This was the innocent adoption photo that started it all. Look at those smiles!




Internet fame has a price: anonymity.

Months back, we shared with you a charming post-rescue photo of Detroit-area musician Dan Tillery and his new pet, a pooch the Detroit Dog Rescue had originally called Sir Wiggleton (because as we all know, some dogs boast an exceptionally vigorous wag that doesn’t stop at the tail!). We weren’t the only ones charmed by the upside-down selfie, either. The shot went full-on viral.

But it caught the eye of folks beyond the dog-lovers’ community and landed Tillery, and the newly renamed Diggy, in a bit of hot water.

Waterford Township, where the pair live with Tillery’s girlfriend, Megan, is a neighborhood where breed-specific legislation prohibits the ownership of pit bulls. And although the dog rescue did its due diligence, providing a certified statement from a veterinarian classifying Diggy as an American bulldog, local law enforcement folks weren’t buying it.

They wanted the dog evicted from his new home.


Good luck to Diggy, Dan and Megan! We wish you many happy years together.
Good luck to Diggy, Dan and Megan! We wish you many happy years together.





The incident sparked action among area residents perturbed by BSL ordinances. A petition garnered more than 100,000 signatures in the wake of Tillery’s legal troubles. But in the end, justice prevailed.

On Tuesday, courts at last dismissed the ordinace violation. Diggy will be permitted to stay in his new home.

“Thanks for all of the support everybody! We did it,” Tillery said in a Facebook post. “Thanks Kristina Millman-Rinaldi and Detroit Dog Rescue for sticking with us throughout this process. Thank you Bobby Murkowski and Miller Canfield for the Great Job done! Thanks to everyone involved. We get to keep our boy. He’s a good boy.”

DDR Director Kristina Rinaldi was pleased by the outcome.

“I’m overjoyed to know that Diggy will be spending the rest of his life where he belongs -with his family. I can’t thank Dan and Megan enough for loving him as much as we do at DDR,” she said in a statement. “I think the whole world loves Diggy! We, at DDR, are thrilled that we were able to help him find his way to a happy forever. Diggy’s road to forever was a combination of so many great people working together and that’s what rescuing dogs is all about.”


The happy family!
The happy family!





10 thoughts on “DIGGY CAN STAY! Charges Dropped Against the Smiling Dog Who Broke the Internet!

  1. So many haters out there…seriously…its sad to see that we spend our useless time on this when there are sooo many global issues going on in the world!!! Gooo Diggy!!! xoxoxox

  2. So glad this turned out for the best! Congrats Diggy and family! Keep sending us those Diggy smiles!

  3. Congratulations to all you great fighters who saved Diggy”s happiness. Why can’t these busybodies take care of their own problems and leave Diggy and other creatures alone. There are so many animals who need good homes and thank goodness Diggy was fortunate to have a family that loves him. Am so happy for Diggy and thanks so much for not giving up on him, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!

  4. BSL is BS!! I have been around dogs all of my life…. ones that knew me and ones that didnt.. Pitbulls down to yorkies injured and scared.. and the ONLY time i have EVER been bitten by dog it was a %$##** Chihuahua.. So if dogs that bite are to be banned then start with these ankle biters… Dogs are not vicious, just their owners who exploit them.. Put the owners down and rehab the dogs…

  5. I don’t understand. Did the accept that Diggy was a Bull Dog or did the make an exception knowing he’s a Pit Bull? If so, that’s certainly not fair to everyone else who has to abide by the local laws.

  6. If only we could ban the dog fighters but instead the law coddles these losers. Behind every dangerous dog is a dangerous person. Dogs are not born aggressive or dangerous….it takes human interaction to create that kind of reactive fear. I am so glad they got to keep Diggy…and so glad they fought so hard for him. He deserves a loyal and loving family.

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