Dog Rapist Mercilessly Dragged Out of House and Beaten by Outraged Mob

The man was arrested for distributing pornography. His dogs were removed and are now receiving proper care.



A dog rapist in China who shared videos of himself beating and raping dogs in his “dog brothel” was found out by animal activists.  They mobbed his home, stripped him of his clothes, and beat him out in the street for his revolting deeds.

The Chengdu man had been livestreaming himself sexually abusing dogs on QQ, a social media site.  Site members alleged that he was offering for people to come rape his female dogs for 50 yuan ($7.50).  Disgusted animal lovers pretended to be fans of his videos and contacted him to participate.


9.5.16 - Dog Rapist Beaten by Mob2


Instead, the activists arrived at his home, tore his clothes off of him and dragged him outside.  Neighbors joined in and began beating and kicking the repulsive man while filming the incident for others to shame him.

The man was arrested – not for animal abuse, as such laws are rarely enforced in China – but for distributing pornography.  Two of his assailants were allegedly arrested as well.  The dogs in the man’s home were removed and are now receiving proper care.  They will be put up for adoption when they are well.

7 thoughts on “Dog Rapist Mercilessly Dragged Out of House and Beaten by Outraged Mob

  1. They should all deserve to be raped and beaten up! Cruelty to animals is a felony. And must be severely punished. EVERYWHERE !

  2. I am so glad the mob beat him up and am glad the dogs were removed from the household. I hope this man is so shamed that he commits suicide before he rapes another dog. Can’t imagine there will be may women wanting him

  3. Thats good but I fear that the poor dogs that were saved are still going to meet their demise. If I had to guess whats next is : poo poo platter K9 Mongolian BBQ……….. they probably only beat him to take the dogs away make it look like they’re righteous for animal rights and begin prepping the dogs for poo poo platter.. There are no ethics in CN, . just millions of dog eaters who honestly donot care about dogs,to them dog make good FLIED RICE & HAPPY MEAL

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