Hoppin’ Mad? Kangaroo-Dog Standoff Stops Traffic in Australia

This dog brought the thunder down under when an alien from the outback invaded his suburban territory. Who will win the standoff? Check out the video!


Here’s one we in the States aren’t used to!

Traffic slowed in north Melbourne, Australia, on Monday when a roaming ‘roo and a local dog stared one another down on a busy street. The video was supplied to 7 News Melbourne by a viewer/witness. Other motorists honked in an attempt to chase the animals off and continue their commutes.

Both dog and kangaroo seemed relatively stubborn and undeterred by one another. Neither wanted to give way. Although the posturing got a bit aggro, no punches (literal or figurative) were thrown.

Eventually, the pair parted ways, hardly friends but at the least — without casualty.

Good on ya, Mates!

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