Out of the Hundreds Who Walked By, One Person Finally Saved a Dog Dumped at a Train Station

“Betsey was shy and timid. But staff at the shelter had no concerns about her behavior. She wagged her tail, let other dogs sniff her.”

9.6.16 - Dog Dumped at Train Station10


A young dog, clearly used as a breeding machine for as long as she was useful, was heartlessly tied up to a railing at a Brooklyn train station and abandoned.  Hundreds of passersby barely even glanced at her, but one woman finally stopped to help, and now Betsey is safe and comfortable for the first time in probably her whole life.

She’s only two years old, but has been churning out puppies for as long as she’s been old enough to do so.  Her nails are so overgrown that walking is painful, and the pressure sores on her joints show that she has been forced to lie down nearly all of the time.  So being deserted at a bustling subway platform during rush hour must have been terribly frightening.


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Brooklyn’s Atlantic terminal sees thousands of travelers every day, yet only one stopped for a moment to pay this girl any attention.  She was still wearing a prong collar, and her former owner ditched her with nothing but a garbage bag as a bed.

“It was determined that she had been there for at least an hour and nobody had called the cops or animal control,” Marisa Grimshaw of Mr. Bones & Co. animal rescue told The Dodo.  “So we can only imagine how many people walked past her — and I’m sure didn’t think it was normal but also didn’t feel compelled to stop and help her.”


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Sarah Borok was on her way home from work when she came across the trembling dog, and she knew she had to help.  She called the police, who contacted animal control.  Borok waited with the “throwaway mama” until they arrived.  The dog was taken to a shelter in Brooklyn and named Betsey.

“Betsey was shy and timid.  But staff at the shelter had no concerns about her behavior. She wagged her tail, let other dogs sniff her,” Grimshaw explained.


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The next day, Borok came to visit and see how she was doing.

“Betsey was excited to see her again the next day at the shelter and definitely remembered her,” Grimshaw said.


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This girl is in need of some serious rest and pampering.  She appears to have already had several litters, her feet are stained with filth, and she has some kind of grime embedded in her fur.  But now she’s being cared for since being pulled from the shelter by Mr. Bones.

Before going to a foster home, she was able to spend her first night with Borok.  It’s a shame that she cannot adopt Betsey, as they seem to get along very well, but it’s just not in the cards.  She will be up for adoption soon, and needs to go to a home with patient people who understand that she has limited dog experiences:  leashes, toys, and treats confound her.


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“She’s extremely sweet,” Grimshaw said.  “She allows everyone she meets to pet her and she’s always eagerly seeking out pets from everyone. She lights up when she sees other dogs and she wags her tail.”

Mr. Bones & Co.  many truly wonderful dogs available for adoption, including Miss Betsey here.  If you are interested and live in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, please click here to fill out an adoption application.  If you can’t adopt but would still like to help, please click here to donate towards her medical care.


9.6.16 - Dog Dumped at Train Station9

32 thoughts on “Out of the Hundreds Who Walked By, One Person Finally Saved a Dog Dumped at a Train Station

  1. People that do this to such a wonderful creature should be treated as they have the animals. If, I was close to where she is,I would take her in a heartbeat. We (my fiancee & I) have 4 small dogs, They are such a joy. Our little ones know how to make us smile when we are having a bad day. I wish the dog a speedy recovery and pray she finds a loving home.

  2. Whoever abandoned this poor dog needs to be shot on site…what a horrible human being…the dog is beautiful and I hope she has a long and happy life with this woman who saved her.

  3. NY has never been a friendly place since I can remember I lived there for a long time. what can anyone expect from New Yorker they are to self absorb in their mundane lives.

    1. I’m a NYer and I absolutely adore animals. I live in SI, but if I would have seen this dog in the subway, I would have stopped in a heartbeat and helped. Yes, there are many NYers that are self absorbed, many. BUT there are the select few like me and my husband that would do anything to save a dog.

  4. What a shame. Whoever the black person was who abandoned this dog should be punished. The abuse of pit bulls etc. by black people is disgusting. When we all wake up and see the numbers of these and realize it is a race thing we will be on the way to solving the abuse. No one wants to admit it. They are so busy being politically correct so they let these animals suffer at the hands of these people. They feed them gunpowder to burn their insides so they are mean and can be used for fighting and use other small dogs for training them to kill. OPEN YOUR EYES ANIMAL LOVERS.

    1. Dave, you are such a dumb f*&^. Nowhere is there any mention of who abandoned this dog. You are a racist and your post needs to be removed.

      1. Jeanne you are dumb as rocks. Get your head out of the sand. Dave is not a racist. He’s seen the evil.

    2. WoW! I know you’re voting for “DRUMP” again who said this was a black owner. I would love to visit your house and see how you take care of your pets. Real Dumb “AZZ”

      1. 99 percent of the bad shit that goes on is from blacks . they have no skills outside of drinking, smoking , drugs , and not working

    3. It is a dark and evil lifestyle to hurt innocent animals and humans. These creeps will pay their penalties to God someday.

    4. No where in the article did they state WHO abandoned the dog….l.why do you assume the person was black? Voting for Trump huh?

      1. I am sorry. How the race card enters into this is beyond me. Michael Vick???????? How is voting for Donald Trump connnected to animal abuse/cruelty? Do you think that Mrs. Clinton is any body who would be kind to animals? She treats her Secret Service people like dirt …. why would she be kinder to a 4-legged animal???? Animal abuse is not selective to any particular race..or demographic. It is a sad commentary of the condition of the “human race”. God forgive us all.

        1. Absolutely agree Susan! You bizarre people who bring Trump into this conversation need to get the heck OUT of it. Also, to “Dave” who keeps commenting on every dog abuse story about “black dog owners,” needs to just stop and maybe consider counseling. Both groups are ridiculous and just plain sad.

        2. I am white. My brother was also Caucasian. He abused me and he abused each of my three cats. My brother was white, college educated, and was raised in the Christian faith. He was a horrible person. We were born and we grew up right in the USA.He was heterosexual. He was considered a normal, run of the mill person, but he was abusive. Abusers come in every color. He died in March of 2016, God forgive me, but I do not miss him. I miss my pets.

  5. Good thing she was saved, at least she has a chance at a decent life now…Props to the lady who stepped up…and the same to Betsey…some people are the worst thing to come along…instead of controlling the dogs and animals as vigorously as has been pursued…people should be more so controlled…most people have ruined everything they touch…not just some but seemingly the majority….since the beginning of time…I’m ashamed to be a human…to tell the truth…but the way things are…It’s worse to be an animal in this world…or so it seems…THANK YOU to Ms. Sarah Borok for stepping up and doing something that hundreds of other self absorbed people would not do… THANK YOU Ms. Sarah, you restored my faith in humanity,.. though it is still very limited…there is that ray of hope that people like you shed upon such a dismal place… THANK YOU FOR THE PULL UP ! ! !

    1. Out of all the comments made… Your right people are to blame most everything we humans touch have hurt, scared or some how damaged a life of a animal more than helped one. Thank God we have a few people that go out of their way to help the ones that have no voice only a look that asks for help!

  6. Hopefully, this sweet girl finds a good home with people that love her.
    Pets like miss Betsey are the reason I like my pets more than people.

  7. @Dave Really, buddy? Isn’t that a little strong? To try to pin this on a group of people solely because of their race?!? Hateful as it is, I kinda think that white people are also involved – duh! – with dog fighting. Or, are you trying on purpose to add gasoline to the fire (of dog fighting) that’s already out of control? Your passion is splendid but your pointed racism is not.

  8. Dogs either bought or adopted, all come from the same place. It’s what you do with them after you get them that means everything. Dogs are such wonderful animals, and give us human’s companionship and love. I wish my family could take Betsey, but I’m sure that someone will snatch her up in a heartbeat. I too most certainly would’ve saved her at the station, despite the many no’s from my husband =D. At least she was left where someone could find her. Remember all, dog spelled backwards is God.

  9. It’s real sad that some left this poor dog like that at the train station. You have no heart ! I hope Betsey finds a forever home. She is going to need lots of love!!!

  10. Better to be left where could be taken to a safe place than what could have happened . Now she can be spayed and live a good life. Be happy little girl.

  11. I hate people that mistreat animals, especially dogs. Anyone that’s ever owned a dog knows that they have feelings and all they want more than anything is to be loved… I really hope this girl finds a loving home where she can finally enjoy life.

  12. I am white. My brother was also Caucasian. He abused me and my cats. There are horrible, abusive people in every color, every race, and every religion. He considered himself a Christian. He was a horrible person, and I do not miss him. I miss my cats.

  13. How about sticking to the subject everyone. Race and politics??? Really? We can all agree that there are issues with both at times no matter what “side” you choose to The but the animal cruelty continues no matter what. In my opinion, I am happy she made this all out alive and was put in a public place for someone with a little different spirit to save her. Let’s focus on uniting in bad situations and not dividing. These animals need us to stick together.

  14. This is such a sad story, and I really wish this would work out where that beautiful woman and beautiful dog live together. Yes she is in foster care but it’s temporary. I,got my 3rd dog when I was fostering her and I knew after a few months she was not leaving. She so sweet and loving and my other 2 girls except her.

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