That Magic Moment When a Dog Meets a Dairy Cow?

They’re meeting for the first time ever here, and magic seems to be in the air!

You never know who your best friends in life, but every once-in-a-while, you meet someone you just seems to really hit it off with.  That’s what we have here when Piggie The Boston Terrier and Suzanne the Dairy cow meet for the first time!









2 thoughts on “That Magic Moment When a Dog Meets a Dairy Cow?

  1. This is too cute. I just moved to farm life and just love it! This is why. I live where there are many farms and animals and believe me they are easier to deal with than a city full of stupid people.

  2. The cow is NOT playing with the dog. She is protecting her hind quarters from being attacked by what she perceives to be a predator. Dog = wolf to cow. This is just instinct.

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