Heroic Woman Saves a Pit Bull Being Mercilessly Beaten on the Street

“I grabbed some food… and I wrapped him up in a couple blankets I had in my car from my dog, and I just waited for the rescue to come help him.”


Brianne Smith was at work when her attention was drawn to what was going on outside:  a man was savagely smashing a pit bull up to the point that he was covered in blood.  She couldn’t stand idly by, and rushed out to stop him and demand that he give this dog up.  The man took off, but a couple hours later, she found the dog, and is now hoping to adopt him.

“I was very, very, very high emotion after seeing him kick the dog, and his head got slammed in the door of a car… I freaked out,” she told Fox 2.

She begged the abuser to relinquish the dog to her, but he didn’t.  When she threatened to call police, he took off with the dog in tow.  The guy either realized that he should just give him up, or that he would be more likely to be caught if he had the dog, or else the poor thing managed to escape on his own, because the dog was spotted hours later in the same spot where the abuse took place.

Someone alerted Brianne, who was determined to save him for the second time that day, and this time for good.




“I grabbed some food, and brought him back all the way to this gate, and I wrapped him up in a couple blankets I had in my car from my dog, and I just waited for the rescue to come help him.”

While undergoing surgery, a bullet was discovered to be lodged in the dog’s nose.  He was named Diesel as a testament to the tremendous amount of strength this dog has showed in the face of true hardship.  He is currently in the care of Detroit Dog Rescue as his case is being investigated.  Hopefully the person responsible for his abominable treatment is identified and prosecuted.

Michigan Anti-Cruelty did a fabulous job of wiring Diesel’s jaw and that wire will remain in his jaw for the next 6-8 weeks,” DDR said on Facebook.  “A bullet did enter through Diesel’s nose and then exploded leaving fragments in his head and neck. Those fragments are causing extreme swelling and we are going to determine whether it’s safe to take those fragments out.”




Brianne is hopeful that she will be chosen to adopt him when the time comes.  When a dog makes the news, there are often dozens, if not hundreds, of people clamoring to adopt them.  But there are plenty of other wonderful animals in need of homes that should be considered, too.  However, as Brianne has saved Diesel twice now, it would seem right for her to save him a third time by giving him the loving home he deserves.  She would need to be screened, and as she has one dog already, they would have to meet to make sure they can get along.

However, a man with the Facebook name Elliot Ness says his name is Elliott Woods, and that he is the real dad of Diesel, whose name is actually Blue.  He says that Blue and his other dog, Cookie, were stolen from him, and that it wasn’t until he saw the news that he found out what happened.  He says that he had gone to different shelters looking for them, and though he is very saddened by what has happened (Cookie has still not been located), he understands the process that must be gone through to determine true ownership.

We will keep you updated as progress is made known by DDR.


15 thoughts on “Heroic Woman Saves a Pit Bull Being Mercilessly Beaten on the Street

  1. Thank you Brianne for stepping up and saying something. I hope you get to adopt this cute boy 🙂

  2. The myth that all pit bulls are aggressive is just that, a myth. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive with enough brutal training and lack of care.

    1. Well i love animal by if ypu look up unfortunately pitbulls are aggressive by nature or tend to be just like german shepherd and some others

      1. I’ve had pit bulls and a German Shepard. No matter what, they allwere very protective over babies & children and even when playing hard, not one bite, plenty of love & affection. I’VE NEVER HAD SUCH SMART, LOVING PETS. THEY’RE BEAUTIFUL SOULS. NEVER HAD BETTER!

      2. by far, human is the worst animal of them all……along with bullshit reports and statistics that are drawn up by fucktards that never owned or cared for these breeds……a Dalmatian is THEE worst breed for biting children……so keep the misinformation train rolling…… ignorant cunts

  3. this makes me so annoying ing so many aspects the first is what hi done to this poor animal
    and how they get such bad press .and if this poor animal had damaged a kid or another adult it be straight to the death camber , so what will happen to this bastard , no let me guess oh yes a slap on the wrist and a small fine and he will be free to harm another animal . him doing this is no different to hurting a child stop him before he strikes again and lets pray the lovely animal gets the lovely home with his angel

  4. Thank you Brian for saving this dog. And I hope that n***** that was beating him and shot him in the nose gets beat and shot in the nose too. I am certainly not an advocate of violence. But some idiot just deserve the same thing that they give. I’m trying to get back to tears is a key in this message. And I have a knot in my stomach but bless you for saving that’s sweet.

  5. What a wonderful person you are
    I would have been just like you
    I hope they get get that evil man it breaks my heart when I hear how things like this but thank god you were there there I would give you a big hug for what you did you saved his life well done and god bless you xxx

  6. bri i love you and you are amazing. you deserve to adopt this dog. with you he could be dead right now…i hope they find that man and he is prosecuted..

  7. Brianne, you are my family’s and my new hero! Don’t think what you did anyone would do–because they wouldn’t. Especially in a dangerous part of one of the most dangerous cities in America. You are a warrior and an incredible person! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! My daughter says I should buy you lunch! 🙂

  8. What happened to this dog? Did Brianne adopt the dog or was the dog given back to the purported original owner? In any case, it seems that this dog will have a loving home so a good ending either way.

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