Mother Dog, Pups, Rescued by Police in North Carolina

Live near High Point, NC? This sweet momma dog and her two puppies are looking for a happy forever home with the help of a kind-hearted police dispatcher.


Puppies took over police HQ in High Point, NC, for a time this week, after an anonymous call to 911 alerted officers and dispatchers to a family of dogs abandoned on the side of the road.

Thursday night, dispatcher Beth Smith told FOX8 that a caller said there were three dogs alone on the street in High Point.

High Point police officers took the mother dog and her two puppies to the communications center. Instead of taking them to the animal shelter, Smith, a lifelong dog lover, decided to take them home.

“Had that anonymous caller not seen these dogs, they probably wouldn’t have been here today as cold as it was last night, this box is not insulated and it’s just plastic,” Smith said. “Last night was so cold and our Guilford County Animal Shelter after-hours is just an open cage, I don’t know if they would have had the warmth or would have made it.”

Now she’s caring for them until she can find responsible owners to adopt them.

Smith advises people who are interested in adopting to call the High Point police non-emergency number at (336) 883-3224.

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