Vicious Tiny Dog Relentlessly “Attacks” Dog Ten Sizes Bigger!

With tiny, bitey-floofs like this running around, why is anyone afraid of pit bulls?!?

WARNING!  The VERY scary, and utterly terrifying mini-floof is on the loose!  Lock up your dogs, unless you want this to happen to your dogs!





3 thoughts on “Vicious Tiny Dog Relentlessly “Attacks” Dog Ten Sizes Bigger!

  1. Jerry –I think Gonzo worried too much about chemistry(i.e making Harvey happy). Willard should just play the guys that deserve the playing time — The competetion should be good for the team.As for RU, before making them the favorites for the Big East in 2011, lets make sure the kids all get into to schoool and are as good as the experts say. I hope Rice does not turn out to be like Gonzo, good with lesser players but unable to rise to the next level with the big boys.P.S. How is fatherhood? Is the kid toilet trained yet?

  2. At 40, I prefer to sit back and let God whisper to me about my next move. I am a strong independant woman. There is no doubt that I am capable of taking care of myself. But God wants to take care of me even better then I couldWHOA

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