Marine & SPCA Crew Rescue Abandoned Dog From Drain

Locals say this dog had been on the street for about a month, left behind by owners who moved from a nearby home.


When Adam O’Brien heard there was a dog trapped in a drain in east Houston, the former Marine sprung into action.

People living nearby said the dog had been on the streets for several weeks, ever since the tenants living in a local home moved out about a month ago.

When people heard a noise coming from the sewer, they realized it was that same dog.

“It seems like the dog has had a rough life,” O’Brien told reporters for KTRK.



The Texas ABC affiliate was at the scene when O’Brien embarked on the rescue and captured numerous videos. At first, a food lure was attempted, but the dog was too spooked to respond.

With some persistent cajoling, eventually the dog peeked out and made its way toward the workers trying to help.



A Houston SPCA rescuer climbed down to help O’Brien pull the dog out.

The dog will remain in the care of the SPCA until they can find it a forever home.

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