Dog Left to Starve to Death in a Trailer Is Now on the Way to a Happy Life

Faith was found by a Humane Society Police Officer in the nick of time.


The lab-terrier mix shelter staffers have named Faith is lucky to be alive after being rescued from truly horrendous conditions in Coal Center, PA.

She was rescued by a Humane Society Police Officer, who found her starving, trapped in a crate that was filled with animal waste. An investigation has been opened to determine who is responsible.

Faith weighed in at just 20 pounds and a Facebook post on the shelter’s site said she was “a 1.5 out of a 9 on the body mass scale.” Clearly, it said, Faith had been starved.

A dog of Faith’s size should weigh more than 20 pounds. Vets say she was most certainly starved. Photo: Washington Area Humane Society

She has since been thoroughly bathed and given both fluids and a feeding tube.

Faith was found amid filthy conditions but is now getting the care she needs. Photo: Washington Area Humane Society


The Washington Area Humane Society has a funding page set up. Donations will help cover the cost of Faith’s care. You can also follow her progress on their Facebook page.


A clean, rested Faith was reported to be doing very well after her first overnight having responded well to fluids. She is on the road to recovery! Photo: Washington Area Human Society


An update Wednesday morning said that Faith had done very well in her first overnight. Her care will continue at the shelter until she is adoption-ready.