UPDATE:  Caitlyn’s Abuser Will Spend the Next 15 YEARS Behind Bars

William Dodson made no apologies for what he did, and Judge R. Markley Dennis Jr. told the abuser that he wished the sentence could be longer.


By now, you’ve likely heard about Caitlyn, the dog whose muzzle was taped so tightly that she risked losing her tongue and suffering permanent damage to her nasal passage.  She’s absolutely thriving now, and her abuser was sentenced to five years in prison for what he did to her, to be served concurrently with a 15-year sentence for other crimes.

The 15-month-old chocolate pit bull mix was found in June 2015 on the porch of a South Carolina resident who called 911 after seeing what horrible shape she was in.



She was taken to the Charleston Animal Society, who got her immediate medical attention.  The blood flow had been completely cut off from her tongue, making the situation quite delicate.  When the tape was removed, Caitlyn screamed in excruciating pain.

“It was 36 hours of torment,” CAS spokesman Alwin Roman told the court.



Caitlyn’s former owner, William Dodson said he taped her snout shut because she wouldn’t stop barking.  He was charged with felony ill treatment of an animal, and was indicted in February 2016.  He will serve 5 years for what he did to Caitlyn, but it will be served concurrently with a 15-year sentence he received for a federal drug and weapon conviction.

Dodson made no apologies for what he did, and Judge R. Markley Dennis Jr. told the abuser that he wished the sentence could be longer.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn is doing wonderfully in her loving new home.  She has fans all over the world and is an ambassador for animal welfare.


72 thoughts on “UPDATE:  Caitlyn’s Abuser Will Spend the Next 15 YEARS Behind Bars

  1. Thank God for the neighbor who called the police. Everyone who sees abuse should get involved like that.

      1. Hes not humanm.people like yhat Are something d8fferent all in all..he is from the maggottl family i beleve

      2. When I see stories like this, it reaffirms that good and evil DO exist There are acts like this that defy civility so horribly-evil exists in our world and that evil manifests itself in wicked people like this scumbag. Eye for an eye, if only proper justice could be served. Thank you God for saving this dog

      1. Put duck tape around his mouth for a few days!
        The pup is better looking then that piece of shit. Karma will get him in the end, and I hope he suffers to death

        1. I agree. These people keep saying GOD please give him cancer or thank you GOD for saving the dog but have people beat him up in prison. He needs to be punished but the people posting don’t understand GOD and certainly aren’t Christians or at the least don’t understand the teachings of Christ.

  2. Amen. Can’t even imagine the pain she felt.. I hope they wrap duct tape around his balls and neck

    1. i agree also he should have his mouth taped shut to.see how he likes it. more jail time and no parole

  3. I truly believe this man should suffer to the extent of this poor pup. But I am also grateful for the fact that this dog probably found an amazing home full of love and warmth after this happened rather than being tortured his entire life by this horrible person. Whatever happened to the man in his life to make this okay completely saddens me. Abuse, neglect and hate are often learned and are so ugly for the world.
    Thank God this amazing dog was rescued!!!!

  4. I like that’effing rectum debris’ ERD for short … gonna use that? OK? Sometimes POS gets old cause there are TOO many POSs in the dog abuse arena … & this ERD CRETIN is one of the WORST!!!

  5. I like that’effing rectum debris’ ERD for short … gonna use that? OK? Sometimes POS gets old cause there are TOO many POSs in the dog abuse arena … & this ERD CRETIN is one of the WORST!!!

  6. If u can’t care for a dog as if they are a family member… then u shouldn’t get one at all..,., fur babies have feelings too ?

  7. like the guy said earlier, i would like to tape his scrotom as fn tight as i can with super duct tape !!!! fn pc o shit needs more than 5 fn years. if he dont like the dog barking, give to a good home who would give the pooch the love he deserves !!!!

    1. John, I’m glad to see that someone read the article and knows that it was only 5 years. How dare they post a headline that says he got 15?

    2. why would you want to even touch his junk? yuck! you’ve heard of karma? what goes around comes around and its coming around to him. i think all people who abuse animals are the scum of the earth and should get the exact punishment they inflicted on the poor animal. betcha there would be less animal abouse out there

  8. Damn lenient judges! His sentence should not have run concurrently with his other sentence!! It should have run consecutively. Meaning the time would be added to his existing sentences and also making it harder and longer to achieve a parole. The way the judge did it the two sentences run together at the same time, virtually eliminating the animal cruelty sentence!! Stupid judge! Sickening person deserved a longer sentence!

    1. AMEN, Debbie! I agree. He should have gotten more than 5 years, and it should NOT have run concurrently with the drug and weapons charge. He really isn’t serving any time for hurting the dog. 🙁

      1. At least hes actually serving,on record
        Most animal abusers get nothing at all! Now this shows people,we will protect the animals,you will be punished!

    2. slice the bastards tongue, pour alcohol on it every day and BLAST A TAPE RECORDING OF A DOG BARKING DAY AND NIGHT FOR FIVE YEARS NON STOP !!!
      haha u piece of shit. signed, his running free being loved enjoying life ex-puppy !

  9. SO he’s not really serving any time for what he did to her if the sentence runs concurrently with the sentence for other charges. Judge should have at least added one month to be served for his torture to this dog.

  10. This sub human animal should have his nose and tongue removed who wants to hear him may he die and burn in hell?

  11. 5 years? He should have the tape wrapped that tight around his fat neck then be pushed off a cliff

  12. Here’s a comment I haven’t seen yet! I hope that someone who knows this disgusting waste of our oxygen, waits for his ass to get out of prison, and blows his fucking brains out!!! That’s what should happen to him!! We all know he’s gonna do the same shit when he gets out!!!! He should never be allowed back on the streets and because the law will allow him to eventually, somebody should take one for the team and kill this fucker!!!! Yup, I said it!!! And I’ll say it again!!! If he EVER sees this message, if I lived there you fucker I would do it myself!!! But I live in Miami FL , come find me fucker and you’ll get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! How’s that for karma?

  13. Thank God that wonderful person that saw her called 911?? so happy she is
    doing well and in a loving home!!

  14. I felt such intense grief for this poor dog I wanted to weep.
    I will never understand how anyone can commit these viciously cruel acts. This man has no soul. No humanity. He Is a heartless abuser.

  15. I hope this asshole meets a couple of good friends in jail that love dogs and they decide to torture him tie him up Cut off his blood circulation and his balls and then I would pull everyone of his fingernails out of him son of a bitch hope he dies

  16. i DON’T THINK HE SHOULD GET ANY TIME AT ALL. They should just tape him around the neck, just like he did the dog.

  17. Melanie–HOW DARE YOU post this click bait headline for this article??? The man did not get 15 years for hurting the dog. He got 15 years for drug and weapons charges. He only got 5 years for abusing the dog, and you know it. Five years to be served concurrently with the 15 for drug and weapons. So it’s like he’s not doing any time at all for animal abuse. STOP the clickbait crap. Or is that the only thing you post?

  18. He’s going to be more of a monster when he gets released. He will probably abuse again. hopefully he dies behind bars. POS

  19. I would like to make a small contribution to Caitlyn’s new owner to do what ever. Makes them happy

    [email protected]

    Please email,me an address

    This story amazes me So angry, I cry every time I see it,


  20. I don’t want him to die in prison I want them to make him wish he were dead for the next 15 years


  22. Thank the good Lord for the person who called in first and foremost. Now on the pos that did this to her should have had his time to run consecutive. There’s nothing worse than someone who harms children, old people, and animals. They should’ve given him the electric chair. I’m sorry but he should’ve had the book thrown at him. Smh

  23. I agree that he should be punished. What is sadder is if he had done this to a child he probably would have gone to jail for it.

  24. What a scum bag and evil to that poor animal. Glad he’s safe now. Poor thing don’t know how people can do this to a animal

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