Happy Ending For The Special-Needs Dog Left Behind After “Empty The Shelter” Event

Some 49 animals were adopted out at the “Empty the Shelter” event, a record for this facility, but Eastwood was left behind … until staffers shared his story.


It was a sad ending for Eastwood, though the weekend was mostly happy at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society shelter in Michigan. Their annual “Empty The Shelters” event was a success, but Eastwood, a lab-mix with a leg deformity, was left behind after all the other animals found homes.

Eastwood has been at the shelter since being found on the side of the road in December. It is believed he was born with the defect and staffers surmise could be the reason his original owners abandoned him. They were sure, however, it was the reason he wasn’t adopted during the event. He will need surgery in the future; the shelter was forthcoming with the information, and the surgery will likely be quite expensive.

Workers at the Humane Society, who know the wonderful dog Eastwood is, posted his picture and story on social media after the event and his story went viral. Applications for the pup poured in. More than 80 people applied to adopt Eastwood.

What a face! Eastwood will get the home he deserves after his sad post-event story went viral on social media. More than 80 applications were submitted. Photo: Little Traverse Bay Humane Society


Eastwood was officially adopted by a family from the Detroit area on Tuesday and will move in with his new family next week. The Humane Society says the new owners came highly recommended and have a great history as pet owners.

We wish you and your new family all the best, Eastwood! <3

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