All “Bark!” Off-Duty Troopers Rescue Pup Stuck in Tree Trunk

Perhaps on the hunt for a groundhog, this little dachshund found himself in need of help. Luckily, two off-duty cops (& one fireman!) stepped in to lend a hand.

Rocco became lodged in the tree after doing some dachshund-style investigation into a nearby groundhog hole. Photo: Kentucky State Police


Rocco is one lucky little dog.

After the small dachshund found himself in a pickle, two off-duty Kentucky State Troopers stepped up to help him out.

Kentucky State Police, in a release following the rescue, said that Sgt. Michael Williams and Trooper Gerick Sullivan were mowing grass in a cemetery in Salem, KY, when they heard barking.

Upon investigation, they found Rocco. The itty bitty pup had somehow gotten himself stuck in a tree trunk! It appeared he’d crawled through a nearby groundhog hole and unwittingly wedged himself into the tree.

Firefighter Daniel Newcomb arrived on scene to help rescue Rocco. Photo: Kentucky State Police


Williams and Sullivan called the Salem Fire Department, and firefighter Daniel Newcomb arrived to cut a hole in the tree with a chainsaw.

Post-Rescue Relief: Rocco was returned to his owner following the incident. Photo: Kentucky State Police


“The opening in the tree was made larger, should Rocco or another dog find themselves inside the tree again,” state police noted.

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