SOLO FETCH! Clever Texas Pup Devises A New Way To Play

This dog doesn’t need any help from humans to play her favorite game. She figured out a way to make fetch a fun solo effort!


High-energy dogs are lots of fun, but it’s nice — admittedly — when they can find their own fun, too.

Well, that’s just what this clever pooch in Austin, TX, has done, as you’ll see in this Facebook video posted by Good Morning America.

She’s an active Chesapeake Bay retriever. And in this canine water park known as the Barton Springs Spillway (better known as “Barking Springs” among residents; dogs are allowed here!) she’s figured out a way to play fetch without having to rely on anyone else!

Using the rushing water to “throw” her toy out into the water, she hops in and gets it — over and over and over!

Some people expressed concern for the dog’s safety, but a woman claiming to be the dog’s owner chimed in to let people know the activity was well-monitored.

“That’s my nugget!” she wrote. “She taught herself, and the water is only 2 feet deep and she can stand, so very safe.”

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