Dogs Separated by Fences Formed the Sweetest Friendship

Messy would comfort Audi when it seemed he was sad to be alone in his yard. And when the moment they met was captured, the pic went viral!

Until this day, Messy and Audi had never met in person, though they communicated via barks from their respective backyards. Photo: Oranit Kittragul


Messy and Audi have enjoyed a long through-the-fence friendship as neighbors in Thailand, but until fairly recently, they had never met face-to-face!

Audi (the husky) could often be heard crying when left alone in his yard, so his neighbor, Oranit Kittragul (who owns Messy — the Lab) would send out her dog, who is friendly and sweet, to provide their neighbor a little canine camaraderie.

Messy would bark. And it seemed to help Audi feel better.

“I don’t know what they are communicating,” she told The Dodo. “But he stops crying.”

One day, though, Audi got loose, and he was able to make his way over to the fence of Messy’s yard. He immediately took the opportunity to say hello in person. And Messy was delighted to finally make his friend’s acquaintance.


Messy’s owner was on-hand to capture the moment the dogs finally met face-to-face! Photo: Oranit Kittragul


“He ran to my dog and they hugged each other,” Kittragul said. And what’s more, she was able to snap a few photos of the sweet moment! This actually took place back in February, but more recently, it has become a bit of an internet sensation.

While she said her purpose in sharing was just to bring the sweet story to the rest of the world, she wasn’t at all surprised that Messy gives Audi comfort, as he is a loving and affectionate dog. The viral fame, though, won’t go to his head.

When Messy isn’t comforting the neighbors, he enjoys hobbies that include sitting in tubs of water. 🙂 Photo: Oranit Kittragul


“He’s an animal, I don’t think he will respond to this spotlight,” she said.

Sadly, despite a now-famous moment of connection, Messy and Audi haven’t actually had the opportunity to just get together and play.

“Not yet,” Kittragul said. “But sometimes I bring Messy to visit Audi in front of Audi’s house.”

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