Life Would Be EMPTY Without a Dog in it…

There’s simply no way we could imagine a world without dogs. That would be just awful, and life would just be so boring!

Can you imagine NOT having dogs in your life?!?!  We tried doing that for about 30 seconds before it started to hurt our brains, and we needed to STOP and IMMEDIATELY go find a dog to play with.  Don’t worry, we’re doing just fine now!








Can’t live without a dog <3

Posted by Cool Animals on Saturday, July 8, 2017


1 thought on “Life Would Be EMPTY Without a Dog in it…

  1. I totall agree!! I have 3 pets and just the thought of losing them one day makes me sick and heartbroken. I always take care of them and buy them toys from here, they love the products and seeing them happy just takes all my sadness and stress away.

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