Internet Loses Its Mind Over Yogi, Dog With Human-Like Face

Yogi’s owner shared the photo on Facebook back in December but it only just hit Reddit last week. Since then, Yogi’s been all over the Internet!

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–This adorable soft-brown mug belongs to Yogi. And Yogi belongs to Chantal Desjardins. The 1-year-old Shi-Poo (a shih-tzu/poodle cross) has pouty lips and pale eyes so soulful that many people find his face to appear extremely human.

When photos of Yogi began circulating in cyberspace, folks on the Internet went wild.

Desjardins told ABC News that media outlets then started sharing the picture “and it got crazy really fast.”


Yogi (left) has garnered lots of attention for his human-like face. Photo: Chantal Desjardins


Though folks all over the world seem to see it (she’s heard comparisons to actors Nicholas Cage and Sean Astin), Desjardins doesn’t see it.

“But I get why people see it in some pictures,” she added.

Desjardins said she “wasn’t expecting” the reactions and has “never had so many people reach out” to her on social media.


CREEPY? Are these people crazy?! We think he’s adorable! Photo: Chantal Desjardins


While some folks find the resemblance creepy and others say the images look photoshopped, Desjardin couldn’t care less — and took down naysayers, confirming the images are 100 percent real. And that Yogi is a perfect pup!

“He is the fluffiest most playful puppy and we all love him,” she said.