45 Dogs Rescued and 11 People Arrested in Ohio Dog Fighting Raids

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A raid took place in Columbus, Ohio today, and saw the rescue of 45 dogs, and the arrest of 11 people so far, all wanted in connection with a dog fighting ring. Columbus Police and Franklin County Deputies descended on four separate properties today in the raid, and there may be more arrests on the way.

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The police became involved in investigating the fighting ring after an investigation was launched by the Capital Area Humane Society.  According to Sergeant Rich Weiner, the humane society found about 15 dogs before law enforcement was involved.

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The property on Clarendon Avenue alone had 20 dogs removed from it.  Rescuers said that the dog in this location were in decent shape medically, however dogs taken from the other properties were not so lucky.  Many of them showed scars consistent with fighting, and were in general poor health.

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Blood was found inside the home on Breezedale Place.  It appeared to be dog blood, and where it was found and the patterns it made were also consistent with dog fighting or training fighting dogs.  Three children were also taken from this property, and put into Child Protective Service’s care.

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As is often the case, there were a great deal of drugs, guns and money taken from the properties as well, all thought to be connected with the criminal enterprise taking place.  Be sure to check back with us, as the story is ongoing, and we’ll have more updates as they roll out.

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223 thoughts on “45 Dogs Rescued and 11 People Arrested in Ohio Dog Fighting Raids”

  1. Bless all of you for this rescue. It makes me sick to know that these dogs were used as they were. If I had my way these idiots would be thrown in prison and hung by their balls. To use these sweet fur kids to obtain monetary gain is truly appalling and totally unacceptable. I realize that they will only be fined and probably start up another ring in a more secure place which makes me want to scream. I hope and pray that these dogs can be rehabilitated and get a home where people can show them love. This is a job well done and I commend you all.

  2. Can you imagine what those sweet innocent children have heard before they go to sleep at night the sad dreams they must have had and those poor precious animals.these scum welfare people are as bad as Chinese people on Chinese yulu day in China where they drag and TORTURE ALL ANIMALS CATS KITTENS DOGS PUPPYS TO DEATH, then the Chinese will ALWAYS STAY POOR FOR THE REST OF THERE MISERABLE LIVES,because of what they do.

  3. Based on the words shar s here , anyone who owns a dog is guilty as no actual convictions have been placed nor has the writer of the piece seen 1st hand any of what they write about. Shameful


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