A Boy and His Dog: 2 1/2 Years in Photos

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Submitted just five days ago, reddit user bleed-black’s post called “My son and dog’s 2 1/2 year friendship” has already received about 130,000 views.  Posted below are many of the photos from this post, chronicling the dog and baby’s budding friendship.


7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog1

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog2

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog3

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog4

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog5

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog6

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog7

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog8

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog9

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog10

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog11

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog12

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog13

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog14

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog15

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog16

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog17

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog18

7.21.13 - Boy and His Dog19



22 thoughts on “A Boy and His Dog: 2 1/2 Years in Photos”

  1. i love the pic of your lil boy and his best friend, it is great that you let them be together like this, i lost my lil buddy to cancer last yr and he seen most of my grandkids born and two of them were never able to be around him cause the moms my daughters didnt want him to slobber on them, well i hate to say it but they caused them to miss out on a love that was so true, my lil grandson with autisum poured his self on him and his mom loved it, and he knows the love of a bullldog. it hurt me the others was like that but its ok, i love my bully slobbers. id give my rt arm to have my best friend back today.

  2. This child may very well love the dog. However the behavior that i see in these pictures, while cute and endearing to some, are a recipe for disaster. A child should not be allowed to crawl all over a dog and sit on his back like the dog is a horse. The child needs to be taught how to pet a dog nicely and respect the dog’s space. I hope that the parents are aware of stress signals in a dog to avoid a tragedy. Love can be shown in ways other than allowing a child to maul a dog. Should the dog respond to this behavior with a stress bite, it’s the dog who will lose his life.

    • Oh Lord, Debbie Downer. I knew even before I read the comments that SOMEONE would make a post like this.

      Get real – do you think EVERYDOG is going to bite?

      We had a boxer for many many many years and our kids pushed, pulled, crawled, layed on him and NEVER did he bite!

      Enjoy the pictures and lighten up!

  3. My Great Dane let my little boy crawl all over her and she would have died protecting him. The only time she ever growled or showed her teeth was when she thought someone or something was threatening my son in some way. We were always careful with him around her. But he was HER baby. He is grown now and will tell you that he never had a better friend than HIS Lizzie.

    So virusgal, get your facts together before being holier than thou.

  4. There is nothing like the love you receive from a dog, unconditional love. Thank you for sharing these photos, that are beautiful!

  5. Un ejemplo para el mundo de respeto, amor, lealtad y nobleza por ambas partes, da esperanzas comprobar que hay personas que saben educar a sus hijos en estos principios, estoy que ellos conseguirán para si mismos un mundo mejor, FELICIDADES.

  6. Really!! No wonder your name is Virusgal… Every dog should be so loved. I’m sure the dog loves the attention. OYYY!


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