Life With Dogs began as a personal blog but has since grown into an incredible online community that entertains millions of dog lovers around the world.

Plus, we fetch…!

…the most informative and entertaining articles, videos and photos on the Web, that is! But we don’t hog that ball. We drop it right at your feet.

And while we’re running around for stories, whether these are amazing tales of survival, touching reunions, incredible feats of compassion or just plain, old fun stuff (all amid between life with our own dogs!) our followers are right there on our Facebook and Twitter pages, building community and sharing those stories that need to be heard (especially when a homeless dog needs to find a new family!).

Speaking of Facebook, we LOVE hearing from you, so keep up the comments and posts of your own adorable and amazing dogs!

And if you have a great story, video or photo you’d like us to consider sharing feel free to contact us. Yours may just be our next favorite post!

LWD’s Staff Supervisor and Good-Boy-in-Chief, Finnegan (aka Finn, Finny, Woobie, Woofbear and a few other aliases). He is a 4-5-year-old rescue dog and Irish Wolfhound mix. He sheds even more than he smiles. And he’s spoiled even more than he sheds.


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49 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m sitting here with one eye after having surgery for a torn retina. I am surrounded by my three Jack Russell Terriers who have come to accept my covered eye. I was feeling sorry for myself and so I searched out Life With Dog. I love you guys and your two legged companions who make me laugh and remind me what is important in life. Even if I’m blind in one eye, I’ll still be able to view Life With Dogs and laugh my ass off. Thanks, You are the best. Jill

  2. Aaahhhh..This site feels like home to me. I’ve been on it for hours,trying to absorb every word,picture and video. It’s encouraging to know that someone else shares my love and passion for animals. In other words, I’m not the only crazy dog fanatic who eats, sleeps and breaths everything dog. Literally, I have dog hair stuck on my lip and my goopy lip gloss is making it impossible to remove. I guess it would help if I could just peel myself away from the computer and get to the mirror. Ooh! but this site is just too good!! Lol. Thank you for the entertainment and education. Much appreciated!

  3. I don’t think all dogs or color blind because one day my girl friend and I wore in are yard picking lemons and avocados and my American pit Bull named Cyclone saw us and wonted to play ball so he went and found one it was a yellow tennis ball I throw it a twice for hem and went back to work picking then a short time later I notes he had a green one then out of the corner of my eye I saw hem drop the ball in one of the buckets so I went over to get the ball out of bucket because he was standing there shaking tale looking at me so i went to get the ball for hem and I notes he dropped it in the avocado bucket then I thought ware is the yellow one so I looked in the other bucket and there it was in the lemon bucket so that convinced me he can see in color.

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